Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Armor 2.0 Explained & My Thoughts


Bungie has just done their reveal on how Armor 2.0 is going to be working in Shadowkeep. It’s not really that far off from how I thought it was going to work based on some images that we saw in the ViDoc, but we’ll cover everything you need to know. First off, Strength, Intellect and Discipline are returning, back from Destiny 1. They will do the same thing that they did in Destiny 1, strength gives melee cooldown reduction, discipline gives grenade and intellect gives super. Each one of these, along with Mobility, Recovery and Resilience goes up to a maximum of 100, with them broken up into 10 tiers.

10 points gets you one tier. The higher your tier, the greater the effect of the stat. For example, moving from tier 2 discipline to tier 3 will reduce your grenade cooldown, but that means the difference between having 41 of a stat and 49 of a stat is zero, since you’d still be in tier 4. You NEED to hit the next tier to upgrade your stats. Honestly, biggest thing here is that Bungie has finally decided to tell us what these stats actually do in terms of percentage values. Thank you! Next up, armor mods are replacing perks on Armor 2.0 armor. All armor earned during Shadowkeep and beyond is Armor 2.0. Cozmo clarifies on reddit: “If you can still earn it, you can get it as 2.0.” Planetary sets, Vanguard, raids, name it.

Each legendary and exotic armor piece will come with a random element assigned to it, along with an allowance of points to spend on armor mods. The allowance is based on the level of the armor. You increase this allowance by upgrading the armor piece with legendary shards, enhancement cores and new materials, like Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards for the higher upgrades. It seems like you’ll be able to exchange materials for prisms and ascendants shards at the gunsmith, but this is potentially subject to change. This armor allowance can scale all the way up to 10 energy points per armor piece.

The more capacity you have, the more armor mods you can equip. Each armor mod has a value assigned to it which determines how much energy you need to spend in order to equip that mod. If you don’t have enough energy, you can’t equip it. For example, if I have 7 energy on an armor piece, I can equip 2 mods that cost 3 and 4 energy per, or I can equip 1 that costs 1 and 6. As for how to get mods, they will come from a variety of sources. The gunsmith will be the most common source, dropping them from packages and selling them. Mods will also come from world engrams while enhanced mods can come from Iron Banner, the raid and other pinnacle reward sources. Old mods from year 2 will not be going away and you can still use your old armor if you want, but I imagine most people will graduate to armor 2.0 when they feel comfortable doing so.

If and when that time comes, you can dismantle your old mods for components and use those to buy new 2.0 mods, which are permanently unlocked. Mods will NOT be consumed upon use: you just need to unlock the mod and you can swap it as many times as you want for 500 glimmer. Legendary and exotic armor will come equipped with an element as well, solar, arc, void, you know the drill. Certain mods have certain elemental statuses that can only be equipped in matching elemental armor. Solar armor can only hold solar mods, etc, although all armor can accept non-elemental mods. Non-elemental mods include stuff like, stat mods like strength or recovery, along with major and boss resist mods, plus any others we may not know. Void mods seemed to include grenade launchers, hand cannons, scout rifles, sidearms and snipers. Solar mods seemed to include auto rifles, fusions, linear fusions, submachine guns, and rocket launchers. Arc mods seemed to include machine guns, bows, pulse rifles, shotguns and swords.

All of this is subject to change and there are some things not mentioned here, but for the most part, this is how it seems it’ll work. A lot of the mods will feel familiar and go in similar slots that they do now. For example, unflinching mods will go in the chest slot, scavenger perks in boots, etc. Ammo finder mods have been split into their respective weapons, placed into the helm slot and the game will actually highlight ammo boxes that were generated through ammo finder mods. There are also mods that we don’t know about yet, so there is still more to come. Fully masterworking an armor piece will give you +2 stats to everything, so masterworking is actually a little bit important now. Upgrade materials, like enhancement cores will drop from more sources. Universal ornaments are only for legendary armor pieces, exotics will retain their appearance on your character and can’t be changed unless you have the respective exotic armor ornament.

Armor pieces now have an appearance tab that you’ll use to adjust the look of your armor. DMG on reddit says, “Y1 Crucible and Vanguard will be available at Shadowkeep launch to earn from their respective vendors. The ornaments you earned in Y1 will also be available to apply!” This is the first we’ve heard of non-Eververse armor ornaments returning to Destiny in the current year in some way. He also said that Faction Rally and Trials gear will not be available as 2.0 since those activities are not in the game. Some more minor changes we saw were the following: the glimmer cap has been increased to 250,000 and the level 50 icon next to your name has been replaced by your current class.

We also have this bit of information related to “leveling up” in Destiny. Normally, pre-Shadowkeep, you would get a Bright Engram after level 50 after leveling up. Bungie has not said if you still get a Bright Engram after leveling up in Shadowkeep, but new information shows that, “power grows as you gain XP and is applied to all Guardians on your account. It resets with each new Seasonal Artifact.” You can see this character has a +1 bonus to their power. More on this will be explained soon. Exotics claimed from the collection tab after Shadowkeep will come in a 2.0 variant, but will come still with a fixed roll. Next, with regards to the sandbox, it seems that void subclasses were getting some adjustments. An example given was with the Hunter bottom tree on Nightstalker, aka, Quiver. The subclass was given more synergy with its grenade and melee, where the using one can recharge the other.

Quiver was also given a buff. As for Titans, Weapons of Light is back on Ward of Dawn itself, giving a 33% damage buff, lasting for 15 seconds, refreshing every time you enter the Ward. Those were the only notes on specific sandbox changes that we got. Thoughts? Overall, not too surprising given what we saw from the ViDoc, but I like it. I like being able to customize my armor set, I like that stats are back, I like that stats are actually explained in the game. Currently, if I want to run different loadouts, I need tons of armor sets that accommodate the weapons that I want to use, grenade launcher loadout, sniper loadout, PvP shotgun loadout, I got a lot of armor. With Armor 2.0, it seems like I won’t need as many armor sets because I can just pick and choose what weapons I want to use, change the perks, aka mods, with some glimmer and can be on my way.

It sounds like I’ll just need 3-4 of every armor piece, 3 helms, 3 gloves, and so on, for every conceivable loadout. The element systems seems a little restrictive at first glance, but I don’t think it will be as restrictive as we might think. Hopefully these new mods will promote build diversity a little bit more than we’ve seen in the past, not by a ton, but definitely more than we’ve had. It looks like grinding for armor sets and maximizing those stats is going to be the new hunt, similar to what we had in Destiny 1, where people were hunting for tier 12 stats.

I think the only thing that really threw me was Weapons of Light. For those not in the loop, Weapons of Light in Destiny 1 is a buff that increases your damage and refreshes every time you step into the Ward. My first reaction to seeing Weapons of Light was, “oh god, please no.” Luke Smith will be talking about new damage stacking rules and all of that in his next Director’s Cut coming very soon and I would HOPE that Ward and Well don’t stack. I don’t think there’s a chance that it’ll stack and it would be really dumb if they did, considering stuff like Empowering Rift and the Empowered buff do not stack on Warlock, plus all the things Luke mentioned in his first Director’s cut related to damage.

My worry is that Titan will be once again relegated to using Ward of Dawn for Weapons of Light for all eternity, a similar Well of Radiance fate. We need more information before coming to any conclusions, but it does worry me. I really don’t want to be a Ward of Dawn bot after being a Melting Point bot for who knows how long. The only thing that gives me any sort of solace is that since this weapon damage buff is being spread to multiple classes, you don’t need to have just one class pigeon-holed into being the buffer. Warlocks can maybe do something else else while the Titan provides damage. Again, we still need way more information on how damage stacking and all of that will work before coming to conclusions. That’s all I got on Armor 2.0 and the Bungie reveal stream. We have 2 more parts of Luke Smith’s Director’s Cut commentary still to go and I will be making videos on those as soon as they’re done. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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