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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Flawless Garden of Salvation Run (and Tips)


Hello everyone, this is my clan Math Class running a flawless Garden of Salvation, which is needed to get one of the raid shaders. The wording on the flawless triumph this time around is much different than previous ones, it is sort of a checklist of encounters instead of just “do the raid flawlessly,” and that’s because there is no button to activate flawless. You just go in and do it. The game will not kick you to orbit either, you have to manually do it. I dunno why there isn’t a button. I get a lot of questions about completing the flawless raid, mainly in the form of: any tips for flawless? And besides the usual “don’t die,” I really don’t have much to say most of the time because it’s just a run of the raid without careless mistakes. However, the best tips I can possibly give is to set up everything ahead of time and communicate as much as possible. You need to take the run somewhat seriously, so that means full callouts and full awareness.

Using the best items certainly helps. You’ll notice during the run how much we call out stuff, especially in the final boss. Also, you’ll see me switch off of a grenade launcher into a machine gun. Accidental grenade launcher suicides are definitely possible and I’d refrain from using weapons that you can accidentally kill yourself with. In the first encounter, deaths will happen most likely because of 1) cyclops, 2) missed Voltaic Overflow pick ups and 3) dying to the boss teleporting. Cyclops need to be killed immediately and you need to know where they spawn, overflow charges NEED to have a set order in which players pick them up and players should know where to not stand for when the boss teleports so you don’t instantly die.

Otherwise, play it safe. You can ease the pressure of the team during the platforming section by having one person go ahead and pulling the rest of the team forward by starting the encounter. You won’t be able to rally, but considering what the second encounter is, that’s not a big loss. Sending everyone through isn’t a big deal since you’re only 1 encounter deep though. And yes, this is the closest thing to cheesing something that I’ve posted about in the past 4 years.

In the second encounter, deaths will happen most likely because of 1) supplicant harpies, 2) missed enlighted buffs, causing vex sacrifices, or 3) dying to angelics. As long as people are on the ball with refreshing enlighted buffs, you should be fine. Supplicant harpies can spawn towards the very end of the encounter, just be aware of them, you can use the pillars in the center to stay away. In the third encounter, deaths will happen most likely because of 1) supplicants, 2) minotaurs killing people, 3) missed voltaic overflow, 4) dying to platforming, 5) standing in the middle when the boss spawns in. Supplicant spawns happen whenever you dunk motes, so make those callouts every time, they will spawn from the lane where you dunk said motes. Minotaurs hurt, do not take them lightly. If running a 5-10-10-5 mote strat, you should be getting all of the motes as the team is grabbing their 3rd overflow. If you need a 4th, have a plan beforehand.

The next section is all platforming. Watch out for the pistons launching you, make your jumps, I don’t have a lot of advice here because you just need to make your jumps. You can also teleport forward here, but you’ll need more people towards the 2nd half of the platforming section to help people cross over. A missed rally isn’t terrible here, but it hurts a bit more than missing the rally in the 2nd encounter. In the final encounter, deaths will happen most likely because of 1) cyclops, 2) boss damage, 3) plates getting destroyed or rebuilt, and 4) missed portals, causing a delay in enlightened buffs, causing vex sacrifices. You will hear every single cyclops being called out. Both sides will be helping each other out. There will be Wells and Wards everywhere. There is no reason to play risky here, you are at the end. Keep in mind that you don’t get the flawless triumph until the chest at the end is opened. That means there’s still one chance for you to die, so please don’t chance this drop either. Otherwise, that’s all the advice I have.

You need to know the fights in and out and I would not attempt this until your team has a good grasp on everything going on. The rest of the video is our flawless run from start to finish with no cuts. Also, it’s uncensored because it’s 1am and I’m really tired and don’t wanna sift through the whole thing. (The rest of the video is just team chatter. I am waiting for Youtube to make auto-generated captions.) (We’ll see how good they end up being.).

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