Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to Get Deathbringer – Exotic Rocket Launcher


Hello everyone, Shadowkeep is here and that means new exotics and that means I’m gonna tell you how to get Deathbringer right now, let’s go. I would highly suggest being 900 or higher as this rewards a +5 powerful drop, as in it’ll drop 5 power levels higher than whatever your highest potential power is, and getting this before 900 would be a waste of a powerful drop. If you don’t care, then just go get it.

First thing: you need to have completed the main Shadowkeep campaign, that needs to be done because you’ll unlock some weekly bounties from Eris after the campaign. Lunar Spelunker is the bounty you’ll need, where you will go visit 3 of the 4 Lost Sectors on the moon and complete them for the Firewall Data Fragment. The 3 Lost Sectors are the ones NOT in the new area, Sorrow’s Harbor. You should also have the quest Memory of Sai Mota, where it tells you that you need the Firewall Fragment. You will go to the final Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor and drop that fragment where it needs to go. Instead of taking the main exit out of the Lost Sector, you’re gonna take the right side path, which will lead to glass doors where you’ll plug in the Firewall.

You’ll then hit another switch inside the room, which gives the Memory of Sai Mota necklace, which you’ll need to charge up by killing Nightmares on the Moon with arc abilities. Sorrow’s Harbor is going to be the best place for this, just roam around to the plates looking for Nightmares. After getting 20 pieces, you’ll head back to Eris at Sanctuary, except she’ll be in the portal area, so head in there and give her the necklace. She’ll let you open the chest next to her, which contains a +3 power upgrade item and the start of the Deathbringer quest line. The first thing you’ll do is head to the quest start banner in the Circle of Bones.

If you’re familiar with Destiny 1, you can get there by running the route you took for The Summoning Pits strike, or you can just watch the screen. You’ll start the mission, go towards where it tells you, kill everything in there and pick up the quest item, the Silent Skull, which will start the next part of the quest, Tainted Lullaby. You will go back to Eris to grab the next step, which requires you to complete a Public Event in the Hellmouth, do the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor, and kill a Bone Collector. The first two are easy, wait for a public event and do that Lost Sector. The Bone Collector is located in the Anchor of Light.

I don’t know EXACTLY where it spawns in as it just kind of walked into me when I was afk, but I’ve been told it will spawn near a Fallen spawn area to the left of where you come into Anchor of Light from Sanctuary. I think there’s also a message that alerts a Bone Collector spawn. After those steps are complete, you’ll load up the Scarlet Keep strike to kill the High Conductor. You can load this strike from the Director Menu, it is not a special version of the strike. This enemy spawns during the elevator section towards the end. When you make the second stop on the elevator, that’s where the high conductor spawns. After you kill this enemy, you’ll be going on a killing spree, as you’ll need to kill I think 400 red bar enemies, about 50 orange bar and/or weaker yellow bar enemies and 10 boss level enemies. You make more progress while on the moon. For the red bar enemies, running lost sectors got this done pretty quickly.

I was able to get around 20-25% per run of a lost sector killing everything by myself. For the yellow bar enemies, killing the Ogre Nightmare enemy in Sorrow’s Harbor is probably going to give you the fastest results. They spawn pretty often and if you roll with a group, should only take you a few minutes. The lesser yellow bar enemies that spawn with them, the thrall and acolyte, don’t count for this, but they do count for the middle enemies you need to kill. The orange bar and/or weaker yellow bar enemies are sort of a toss up. I got a chunk of them done when doing the Nightmares and then my team tried out Escalation Protocol to see how well that would work. For red bars, it was ok and I’d say it was ok for the orange bars as well. Progress will be slower, but you can spawn a lot of orange bar enemies.

If you had your own good spot for these mobs, feel free to drop it in the comments. After that step is complete, you’ll be on to the final part: Choir of the Damned. Go back down into the Hellmouth where you picked up that initial quest in the Circle of Bones. The Choir quest is very close to it, towards the edge of the Hellmouth pit. Note that this is a 920 mission. This mission will send you back into where you got the Cryptoglyph to kill some named Wizards. They will sing their Deathsong and after a minute… well, I’m honestly not sure what happens, but I’m guessing you die.

To stop their song, shoot their shields completely off and they’ll stop. You’ll move from section to section killing Wizards until you’ve killed a Deathsinger. After Toland talks a bunch, you’ll head back to Eris, who will grant you the Deathbringer rocket launcher. This rocket launcher is very different to a typical launcher. You hold the button to fire and release to detonate the blast. When the blast is detonated, it will release void orbs that will track down enemies and the further a void orb falls, the most powerful the detonation. So, you basically want to find a group of enemies, shoot a round above them and then detonate it high above their heads to essentially rain down void orbs on them.

I don’t know how GOOD this weapon is just yet, but it’s definitely a more skill oriented rocket launcher to say the least. I don’t think you’ll want to directly impact enemies with this rocket, although I didn’t try. Definitely a fun weapon, but it’s place in any sort of meta is still up for debate. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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