Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: The Consecrated Mind Encounters – Garden of Salvation Raid Guide


Hello and welcome back to this 3 minute song on loop. Oh, also, we’re gonna do the raid guide for Garden of Salvation, so, you know, there’s that. Should probably start at the top, let’s do that. Team composition for the first encounter, aka the bunny hop or the leap frog, is flexible. You’ll be doing a fair amount of killing adds, but you won’t really be fighting a boss, so focus on enemy slaying weapons instead of boss weapons. The only requirement, and I use that term loosely, are Overload rounds to stop Overload Minotaurs. However, those can be killed pretty easily without them if you’re at the proper power level. The lower the level of your team, the more you’re going to want to bring Overload Rounds.

Izanagi’s Burden has proven to be quite the success story early on in Garden of Salvation’s life, able to one shot key targets in this encounter and future encounters, on top of being a good boss damage weapon. These key targets are Vex Hydras, but I’ll talk about those in a couple of minutes. In terms of subclasses, you’re pretty free to pick whatever you want. Tethers aren’t terrible, but not necessary. The main mechanics for this fight are Voltaic Overflow and the tether. Voltaic Overflow is pretty simple: the boss is going to float over to a spot and barf up a blob of energy on the ground. 30 seconds later, it’ll barf up another one and so on. You pick it up and you all don’t die, as this is the wipe mechanic. If the energy stays on the ground too long, and by too long, I mean like 3-5 seconds, you all die. The debuff from picking up the overflow lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

It doesn’t really do anything to your character, but if you’re debuffed already and go to pick up another overflow, you’ll just die. But, if you die, you lose your debuff, so you could pick up another one. Dying and being ressed to pick up another overflow is used in situations where someone who could pick up a charge isn’t close by, but you should never have a situation where you HAVE to have someone die to pick up a new charge. The other mechanic is the tether. The tether spawns out of a box that is floating in the air. You activate the box by shooting it once and deactivate by shooting it again. When active, the box will tether to a nearby player. If that player is near another player, it will tether to that next player and so on.

Once you’re too far from the box or another tethered player, the chain breaks. You can stretch the tether pretty far: once you see a red line instead of a blue line, or in future cases a very thin black line instead of a thicker one, don’t move too much more. You also need to keep pretty strict line of sight, any breaks will kill the chain. You have full movement controls while tethered, but you can’t shoot your gun. The objective of the tether is to break down the barriers blocking your path. This usually requires 3 players to chain together from the tether box to the end node, which looks like a weird 3 dimensional plus sign.

For example: to start the fight, players should tether from the box to the door’s exit node. This will break down the door. Every spot where you need to set up a tether in the entire raid can be done with 3 people, however, some of them might require hovering jumps or weird angles, so if you need to pull a 4th person to help, that’s fine, just make sure they go back to their team.

As I mentioned earlier, this boss is a game of leap frog. The objective is to keep opening doors by killing Angelics to break the shield blocking the tether box that you need to use to break down a door to progress to the next area. Angelics spawn after killing adds in whatever the farthest room that is opened is. For this raid, killing Angelics is vital in 3 of the 4 encounters for various reasons. Split your team into 2 groups of 3. 3 people can hit every tether to door node in this encounter, just be sure to stretch the tether to its limit and/or make sure your angles are good. One of those teams is going to stay with the boss to pick up its hairballs, I mean Voltaic Overflow, so that you don’t wipe. When you pick up a Voltaic Overflow, there isn’t really a reason you need to stay in the room anymore, but for the purposes of staying organized, you should just stay until your team gets the hang of the fight.

Otherwise, the only thing that happens in this starting room is that fanatics and Minotaurs will spawn in that should just be killed. Be on the lookout for Cyclops as well, they’ll spawn on pillars in the middle of the map and they WILL one shot you almost regardless of power level. The boss WILL shoot back at you as well and hurts if you’re too close, so just stay out of line of sight.

The adventure team will start the fight by tethering to the door and running forward. Your team of 3 will go through the doorway, killing all enemies in your way as fast as possible. When the Angelic spawns, you’ll want to kill that as fast as possible, Izanagi’s Burden with Honed Edge x4 will one shot it at proper levels with a crit. The Angelic’s death removes the shield from the tether box that your team will use to tether to the next door to break it open. When this happens, the boss in the first room will teleport forward to the second room and now the team in that second room will be the team cleaning up Voltaic Overflow, while the team in the first room moves to the third room. The team now in the third room will do what the team in the second room just did, kill adds, spawn their Angelic, find the tether box, unlock the door, then the boss will teleport to the 3rd room and players in the 2nd room should move to the 4th room. If you’re killing things super fast, then the boss should only drop 2 Voltaic Overflow on the ground.

However, if the boss drops a 3rd and you only have 2 people, one person just needs to grab another one and be ressed after they die. Again, this shouldn’t be part of your normal strategy and should only be used if no other option is available. The 4th room has 3 nodes that you need to hit in order to unlock the door, but otherwise is the same experience. The hydra spawns by the locked door. After the boss teleports out of the 3rd room, the team should group back up by meeting in the 4th room and moving on together into the field. The field of Cyclops. The boss will also be there, dropping Voltaic Overflow on the ground. Your team needs to motor, running as fast as possible to catch the Overflow, while also killing the Cyclops so that you’re not killed. Again, Izanagi’s Burden stacked to 4 will one shot them on a crit. You’ll also have Overload Minotaurs in this area. The boss will drop 3 of these charges on the ground that you’ll need to pick up. Once that is done, the boss will teleport away and you’re done. Before we head to the next encounter, here’s the location of a secret chest in the platforming section.

Boss encounter 2 is all about controlling the state of the field and killing Angelics that spawn in. Again, you will not be fighting a boss in this encounter, so team composition and weapons should be focused on killing adds and Angelics. Izanagi’s Burden works well for Angelics, while a machine gun will do work on adds. You will also need Anti-Barrier rounds for early in the fight. You won’t be fighting a LOT of enemies in this, it’s very manageable, but let’s talk about a new mechanic needed for this fight called Enlightened. Enemies in this fight will eventually start spawning with white shields around them, usually immediately after you visit a relay at a corner. The white shields do nothing special, but you need to have the Enlightened buff in order to destroy them.

You destroy shields by attacking the enemy in whatever way while you have Enlightened. After the shields are down, you can kill the enemies. Once a shield is destroyed, it won’t regenerate either. Breaking these shields is important because if the Vex are allowed to sacrifice themselves too often, you will wipe. We’ll talk about how to get Enlightened in a moment. You’re going to assign 4 people to corners, 1 person for each corner, along with 2 roamers, who will help out the corners when needed. The objective of the fight is to prevent the vex from sacrificing themselves to the relays at the corners of the map, while killing Angelics to steadily break down the center wall.

Players will start at one corner of the square and kill adds to start the fight. An Angelic will spawn in the center path which when killed will remove the shield on the tether box. The purpose of the tether box is to give the Enlightened buff. Anyone in the tether when it’s connected from start to finish, finish being the relay, will get Enlightened, which lasts for 45 seconds. You need at least 2 people in a tether to reach the end. On this very first one, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to just tether everyone so that everyone has Enlightened, as when you go to the next relay, you may have shielded enemies already spawning. After the Angelic dies, you should send all but 1 or 2 people down the left path to the next relay, so that they can activate the next relay. Activating this relay will activate a portal that links back to the starting relay, where you started the fight.

As you go around the map, activating relays will activate these portals, which enable people to teleport back and forth to each other. This is important for 2 reasons: 1) players can go to each other to refresh enlightened and 2) roamers can help kill Angelics when they spawn in. After all 4 relays have been activated and all of the portals are active, the fight is purely about management. Players should call out whenever they need help with Angelics or need to rebuff. Note that Angelics will disable the tether box when they spawn in and there is no reason to not constantly reapply the Enlightened buff whenever you have time.

Eventually, the middle of the room will break open and all players should converge into the middle to fight off waves and waves of vex enemies and Angelics. Be sure to rebuff as a team whenever possible and just keep killing. Supplicants will join the fray towards the end, these are self-destructing suicide harpies, so just be careful because they will one shot you if you’re too close. You should only need about 1 and a half to 2 minutes of fighting in the middle before the encounter is over. Once you grab your loot, a tether box will spawn. Chain this to the middle relay to start the next encounter. So, you’ve been chasing and tracking down the Consecrated Mind for half the raid. The 3rd encounter is where you take it down. Team composition matters a little bit here, as we’ll actually be dealing some boss damage this time around.

A Well of Radiance isn’t bad if you want to run Lunafactions, but Rally Barricades work just fine and aren’t SUPER necessary. Weapons of Light will actually be very good here because of how boss damage works, along with tether to slow the boss down. Again, Izanagi’s Burden will be a good weapon, this time for boss damage, along with grenade launchers. Something like Wendigo is pretty good here if you can get orbs, otherwise a GL with spike grenades and auto-loading holster is solid. Nighthawk is good here for Hunters looking for more damage on the boss, while Warlocks could run Nova Bomb for instant boss damage purposes, or something for killing vex if that’s a problem. The goal here is to kill the boss by luring it to an overloaded relay. To overload a relay, you must pick up motes that are dropped from Minotaurs and then drop them in the relay, 30 in total. If you’re thinking, “this sounds like Gambit,” it is, but with a bit more going on.

Before you start, you’ll split your teams into 2 groups: team voltaic overflow and team gambit. 3 and 3 is fine, as team gambit probably will not struggle to kill adds, at least when at the proper level. Team Voltaic Overflow will be chasing the boss around as it drops Voltaic Overflow in 4 different spots in the arena. For the purposes of the video, we’ll say that the tunnel with the rotating platforms is north, so overflow will be dropped in the north, south, east and west sections of the map. Voltaic Overflow works the same way as it did in the first encounter, except this time when you pick it up, you’ll become detained. The boss will then start charging an attack that will one shot you unless you stop it. To stop it, you must shoot the 3 red eyes that light up on its 3 fins, one on each fin.

The problem is that it’s very hard to do this by yourself, so you’ll need teammates to help. Problem there is that if you’re not detained, all of the eyes are red, so the detained needs to tell the team which eyes are red, as shooting the wrong eye is instant death. The eyes are only ever in 2 patterns: inner or outer. The eyes are set up in a way where each fin has 2 eyes and one of them is closer to the middle. If all of the eyes that are red are closer to the middle, that’s the inner call. Otherwise, it’s the outer call. The person in the detain should shoot the eye in the top fin, then have the other 2 players go to the left and right of the detained person. Left shoots left, right shoots right. This entire sequence is only about 5 seconds long. After stopping the boss, it’ll float back to the middle of the arena, shoot some people for a little bit and then float off again to repeat this process. If team gambit is going quickly, then after the third time this happens, it should be time to do boss damage.

However, if a 4th overflow is going to be dropped, then someone from team gambit needs to rotate into the group and someone with the overflow debuff should rotate to team gambit. Usually, this will be someone who is in the center who has no motes. Team Gambit will be grabbing motes and defending the relay. Motes are dropped from Minotaurs, 5 at a time, who will be spawning and running towards the middle of the arena. The relay that you need to drop them into will be shown in game and it’ll also have a giant beam of light shooting up from it.

When you bank any amount of motes, you’ll be given Enlightened for 45 seconds, which you will use to defend the relay from constantly spawning goblins coming from the sides. You’ll need 30 motes in order to trigger the damage phase, but if any goblins get sacrificed, you may need to drop in more motes. The strategy for the motes is 5-10-10-5.

As in, player 1 will grab 5 motes from 1 Minotaur, go to the relay and bank, then player 2 will grab 10 motes from 2 Minotaurs, go to the relay, bank and replace player 1, then player 3 grabs 10, replaces player 2, then player 1 grabs the final 5 motes and drops them in the relay to trigger boss damage. The first Minotaur will spawn in the aisle where the relay is. Try to let just one person scoop all the motes as splitting the motes will just slow you down and the motes are on a timer once picked up.

You will also spawn Supplicant harpies whenever you bank motes, so keep that in mind. While you can do a 10-10-10 strategy, this timing is much tighter to pull off and isn’t as rookie friendly. When the boss is drawn to the relay, ALL players should run there to get ready for damage. The boss will open up a LOT of red eyes, you need to shoot all of them to make the boss vulnerable. When done, the boss’ weak point will be the white spot in the center of its body and you should fire away.

You want big burst because the boss will channel an attack that will kill everyone if not damaged hard enough. The boss will also be floating quickly back towards the center, so you need to chase it down a bit. This is why Weapons of Light is good: the buff lasts for 15 seconds as you chase the boss and you can actually drop it in the hallway in order to scoop a buff while running. Shadowshot will also slow down the boss a little bit, so use that here too.

After the boss returns to the center, the process repeats itself until the boss dies and you have 4 boss damage phases to kill. Note that upon returning to the center, you may need to rotate people from each team to accommodate for the Voltaic Overflow that might still be on players from team Overflow. That’s the fight, it’s 2 teams doing their own thing to make sure that no mechanics wipe the raid. After the Consecrated Mind is defeated, you’ll take a beautiful scenic route to the the Sanctified Mind, where all the mechanics you’ve learned so far merge together into one. Before we go, here’s the location of the 2nd secret chest. I’ll see you at the final boss..

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