Destiny 2: Shuro Chi, the Corrupted Raid Guide – Last Wish


The last level of the last wish is a chase against Sulochi. She is a very talented singer, but the last thing you want to hear is that she finished singing Because then you are dead. The team configuration is similar to the previous level, but the priority of cleaning is higher. After all, the number of mobs is very, very large. Other offensive moves to clear the monsters, One or two wells of flame will be useful for output, But strengthening the print and adding moon shoes or changing the shield is also sufficient. As for the weapon selection, it is recommended to use the insect gun to worsen the spray, because it is a close-combat relationship, Use long-range weapons to pay attention to the position, because Suluo’s hands will disturb the view. Since most of the blame is cleared with a big move, Therefore, the main hand can bring his own handy weapon and the deputy can be freely selected according to the needs of the team. The only enemy with a shield is the captain with a fire shield. At the beginning of this level, Suluo will sing and apply a 4-minute countdown Debuff to the player.

If the countdown reaches 0, it will be destroyed directly. Your goal is to chase Sulow to stop the countdown to 0. Have her reset the countdown after every two blood losses and after completing the puzzle, There are 6 tubes of her blood strips. The reason will be described next. 10,000. Mobs will welcome you after the first door opens The first layer is a melee mob and the second layer is a range mob. The third layer is a ranged mob that summons the eyeballs. There will be four knights spitting fire, including a new monster named Eye of Raven. The eye of Raven will drop after death. The Essence of Essence will disappear after 45 seconds. After clearing the first monsters I will brush. Two more monsters Then trigger the first mechanism. Clearing the monsters quickly is the most important because many mechanisms are triggered only after the monsters are cleared Instead of fixed time After the blame is cleared, Suluo will speed up the tempo of the song to double the countdown speed. There will be three tables around Sulo, Crystals will be on the table. Standing on the table can launch crystals, but also quickly deduct blood.

All you have to do is shoot the right teammate with the crystal Form a triangle. Until she interrupts her rhythm, It is necessary to interrupt as soon as she speeds up So as to get more time After the interruption of the rhythm. The countdown speed returns to normal, and then the output can be performed At this time. You need to use the essence of the puppet dropped by the eye of Raven. You need to interrupt her new song with the essence, Because she will sing a different song when you output, If you do nt interrupt it, will directly kill. There are two ways to avoid group destruction. The first is to kill a tube of blood before she finishes singing. The second is to interrupt this song. When you pick up the puppet essence, you will become a puppet with a gun. The gun has infinite bullets and does a good job, but it is not higher than the bugs. There are two other functions in this state.

One is a bomb attack similar to Captain Puppet. The other is to release the grenade state by pressing the grenade button. When Suluo is about to sing a new song, she must show her skills Interruption mechanism. It should be noted that you will continue to get Debuff layers, while in the state You will die when this Debuff reaches the 10th floor. This Debuff adds a layer every 5 seconds, which is a total of 50 seconds.

It can be said that it is very sufficient. At the same time, there will be a countdown of 1 minute and 30 seconds with each layer of Debuff. Refresh Debuff layers will stop stacking after you leave the state. But as long as you have this Debuff, you can’t pick up the essence again. Debuff layers have no other effect after leaving the state After killing a tube of Suluo blood, continue to chase and continue to clear the monster to the next location and output. Again At this time, a big-eyed monster will be brushed to be disposed of in time After the second output. Is the puzzle link In this room? There will be 9 tables in a 3×3 distribution. There will be 3 3×3 split pictures on three walls. The picture will only light up some of the remaining 4 parts. If you guess you want to stand on the corresponding platform, then you are really a clever ghost. The table you are going to step on is related to the orientation of the wall. Like the picture on the left wall, then the table on the bottom left when you first entered the room For this picture on the left wall is its top left. The orientation of different tables on the wall must also be changed.

The jigsaw segment is fixed clockwise from the left wall. I will actually demonstrate this part when the process is summarized later. However, the platform has two points. The first is that they detain blood as quickly as a table with a crystal stand outside. The second is that the same player cannot stand on the same platform a second time And try not to get close to the table when not necessary. What you can do is stand on the same platform. For example, if you stand at the bottom left of the left wall, Then you can still stand at the bottom left of the middle wall because they are essentially different platforms. But just the same “ position” Remind me once again don’t get close to the table to avoid accidentally standing up, Because the pace of this session is relatively fast. The password of the platform must be decisive. At the same time.

Fortunately, the success prompt appears relatively quickly and does not need to stand on the stage for long Melee, mobs and shields are swiped between each success. Tip Pay attention to handling The shield, soldiers can push people up or they can disrupt the whole process. After completing 3 puzzles, Sulo’s song will reset back to 4 minutes. Then you can move to the next area. There will be several hemispherical platforms on your head. You need to jump on these platforms and go to the next level, But every time someone stands up, these platforms will rotate a week, So try to work together to save time The rest of the link, interrupts, Sulu and then puzzles Will still brush. The knight still has the eye of Raven. The only thing that changes is that the melee mob becomes a range mob, and then it will become a range mob that summons the eye. When the last tube of blood is reached, the output stage will also be brushed.

At this time, the blood-recovering ability of the Flamewell is really useful Can also be suppressed, with Nether Hunt or blocked with Titan’s Shield Wall. There will be no third puzzle link after that. If you want to assign responsibilities, you need 3 people to interrupt Suluo with a crystal. There must be 2 people to specifically interrupt Sulu s regiment Because there is a Debuff one person will interrupt on the 1st and 35th output and the other person will interrupt on the 2nd 4th and 6th output Can also assign fixed people when jigsaw, But due to The fast pace and limited platform Everyone should be ready to stand. The process of this level is as follows. After the monster is opened, let the void hunt open as much as possible.

Prioritize killing knights, if possible, The countdown will be accelerated after two more waves of strange monsters around Su Luo After the last monster dies quickly. Take the crystal to interrupt Sulu’s rhythm and then output, Strengthened, prints and wall. Changes can be useful here When Sulu begins to prepare for the regimental destruction mechanism interrupt as soon as possible while continuing to export. But if the output is high enough, you don’t even need to interrupt it manually because it will be interrupted automatically after you finish. A tube of blood Here is a practical demonstration. After outputting two tubes of blood, the puzzle link is reached. It’S also very important to keep clearing the puzzles during the puzzle, Because people on the platform can die easily One or two shield soldiers are swiped in the room. Every time a puzzle is completed, Prepare some melee mobs in the entrance channel to be ready After completing all 3 puzzles jump to the previous layer and repeat This level ends. When you kill the last tube of blood, You will go to the next level. The minaret guardian, Moggs, See you then

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