Destiny 2 simple guide to obtaining Reckoner solo


Over the weekend I grinded out all 4 notorious sets and was able to finally pick up the reckoner title. Had done some of it a long time ago but quickly gave up. Here are a few tips to keep it as simple as possible.


  1. Use arc subclass and Riskrunner. You’ll obliterate every wave and quickly pick up motes. Pulse grenades work well for activating Riskrunner’s chain. You can literally get massacre medals on the first wave with this thing = lots of motes.


  1. Titan sentinel with bubble and tractor cannon. Bubble on the bank for draining motes, and rush players with tractor for easy shotgun kills. The rest is cake.


  1. Lord of Wolves or 4th Horsemen + Falling G for the locksmith medals. You cannot die until 3 banks have reopened so watch out for invaders if you’re at 1 or 2.

  2. Scout rifle for marking targets



At first massacre medals seem impossible. I was struggling to get them with crown of tempest (top arc warlock) AND doomfang (bottom senti titan). I’ve seen guides saying to use Xeno but honestly it’s too difficult to get enough ammo – had several games where the prime evil was up before finding a single brick with mods.

  1. Again, Riskrunner with arc subclass is a must. I used top tree arc titan with double pulse. Throw pulse grenade down near a spawn entry which procs Riskrunner, then turn and go to town. Focus the majors first as the chain will kill the red bars. I was able to get 10 after struggling for 30+ matches prior.

That’s basically it. Massacre medals and locksmith were the only real challenge and Riskrunner and 4th Horseman made them cake.

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