Destiny 2: So, You STILL Suck at Gambit – 7 Tips for Gambit Prime


Gambit Prime is here and I think it’s time for a follow up to my You Suck at Gambit video. And while it’s not TOO different from regular Gambit, there’s still some tricks to maximizing your potential. Today, I have more tips on how to conquer Gambit Prime in this edition of me explaining advice to you: the video. Number 1: Banking first isn’t always the best. With the new siphon mechanic, the timing of when you bank relies more on how many motes you get in the first wave, you’re trying to race to that first invasion, but also trying to siphon or minimize you getting siphoned. If your team has 25 motes combined and the enemy team doesn’t, you should absolutely try to bank first and invade.

But if both teams have under 25 motes, try to avoid banking first. The reason is because if the enemy team sends a bunch of small blockers after you’ve banked and moved on, they’re just going to siphon your hard work away. Let the enemy team bank first and clear the middle of blockers, this way when THEY have gone off to fight other stuff, you can siphon a few motes and potentially get an invasion from said siphoned motes.

To clarify, you should let the enemy team bank first assuming they have 24 motes or fewer total, if they have 25 or more, then you need to bank to get the first invade or not lose any motes when you are invaded. If you happen to enter a stalemate where both teams may be holding off on banking, then you need to hit 25 as fast as possible, drop everything in and be the first invader. Number 2: The blockers you send are much more important. Bungie changed around the blockers that are sent compared to last season. A Phalanx for 5 motes used to be pretty good, spamming them was annoying to deal with and was one of the best things you could do. But the phalanx is gone and now we have the goblin at 5 motes. There’s a considerable difference between sending 3 goblins vs. a goblin and a captain. 3 Goblins are not threatening whatsoever and are killed very easily, without cooldowns, sometimes without special ammo. A goblin and a captain or 2 captains on the other hand are not easily killed targets, giving you a way more threatening presence upon invasion.

Captains require special ammo or cooldowns if they’re being solo’d, Knights as well. This also ties into saving until you have 25 motes for that first banking: sending junk that will be killed immediately is not worth it, if you can help it. Sure, if you’re about to be invaded or if you all have 5 motes to drop in the bank to proc an invasion, drop them in, but otherwise, planning who gets motes will go a long way. Number 3: WATCH YOUR FRIGGIN BANK. In week 1 of Gambit Prime, I can’t tell you how many times I drained an enemy bank to zero because of the siphon mechanic. It is crippling to lose so many motes to something that the other team doesn’t even actively need to keep track of or doing anything substantial to make happen. The Sentry role, even if you’re not wearing the armor, is so important. Consider hanging back towards your bank when the enemy team has a large stockpile of motes to quickly clear your area.

Goblins should be the priority target. People don’t even know this is a mechanic. However, just permanently staying at the bank is not a good idea because time spent idle is juist wasted time. Stay within line of sight of the bank at the very least, but don’t just stand there. Number 4: Because of siphons, just stalling the enemy team is now considered an even more successful invasion. You should always try to time your invasions with a siphon opportunity. A lot of people really like to hide in Gambit and it is even easier to do in Gambit Prime, at least on the Mars map, because it’s so big. But, if they’re not challenging you as the invader, that means they’re probably not challenging the blockers at their bank, which means you are stealing motes for free.

You need to be a bit more aggressive as the invader on the Prime maps since they’re larger, aka easier to hide on, but with how rampant machine gun usage is and how much ammo you can get, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But, if you’re not slaying out, that’s ok, as long as you’re siphoning. If you’re not killing and not siphoning, the enemy DOES have the opportunity to kill PvE enemies for motes while you’re invading, so you gotta do one or the other.

Number 5: Timing your invasions is still really important in the boss phase, even more so in Prime. There is significantly more back and forth with the whole invader vs. team trying to deal damage to the boss situation. Ideally, you’ll be invading as their third wizard dies and they start to deal damage. Remember, the well for damage only lasts a short time from the moment you kill the 3rd wizard. A well timed invade will disrupt damage for most of that time, either giving you a team wipe or causing the team to lose their damage phase. A guaranteed way to pop in on an enemy damage phase is to just look at the health bar of their primeval: when it starts to drop, invade. While this is guaranteed, you’ll still be popping in a bit late since they’ve already started damage and sometimes, it might be too late. To try to counter this invasion, you just need to wait to kill your 3rd envoy until after the invader has been dealt with.

But, if they don’t invade for a while or are trying to hit a timing, try to use that to your advantage by using a lot of cooldowns to deal a chunk of damage. The biggest tip for invading I could give is: just because you can invade right now, doesn’t mean you should. If they have no motes, or just summoned their boss, sure, you might disrupt them, but you’ll be able to waste more of their time by invading when they have resources to be destroyed. Number 6: It’s ok to skip a Primeval damage phase (or two). While it is still possible to super fast burn a boss in as early as 2 phases, most groups are not going to do this. The first stack of Primeval Slayer doesn’t really do a whole lot for you, so if you try to burn a lot here, it very well may be completely undone by one solid invasion and then you’re left without your big damage cooldowns and ammo. Skipping the first phase to get your bearings is totally fine and often times, my group will ignore the boss for that first wave simply to get onto the next wave where we can actually deal some damage.

However, there doesn’t appear to be a reason to not just immediately destroy the first two envoys that pop up. These should be killed immediately to have the 3rd one spawn in. Then, you wait for an invasion, invasion ends, kill the 3rd wizard and damage the primeval worry free. Number 7: STAND HERE. Here, in this circle. Yep, right there. You stand there to damage the boss. BUT, you can leave and still deal some damage to the boss, because the buff lasts for a few seconds. This is important because if you get invaded on, it’s generally not a great idea to stay stacked up when an invader comes in because you’re incredibly suseptible to just getting supered or melted by Thunderlord, which kills 20 seconds of time and heals your primeval.

Number 8: Pick the right weapon for the job. Cabal, Hive and Vex are the 3 enemy types you can encounter thus far, this may change in the future. But Cabal have solar shields, Hive have arc and Vex have void. Having the correct element is really going to help you kill those annoying targets like Centurions, Minotaurs and Knights way faster. A great weapon for clearing the blockers, along with being a great Gambit weapon in general is Jotunn, from Black Armory, obtained RNG style by completing powerful frames at Bergusia. Its damage is pretty high, can take out envoy wizards in 2 shots, invaders with an overshield in one shot on a direct hit, although I’m not sure if it’ll kill in one shot against someone with the improved overshield, and is also probably one of the most fun weapons to use in the game.

Loaded Question is also good if you abuse the main perk for big targets. Lord of Wolves and Wardcliff are incredibly strong damage dealers and are great for shredding Primeval bosses or HVTs. Also, how about Malfeasance? You know, that gun you worked hard to get only to immediately stow away? It can 3 tap invaders with some headshots, can contest them from long range due to the perk it has, and does considerable damage to the Taken blockers if you’re a Sentry. The difference between using Malf to kill a Taken Knight and any other primary weapon is night and day. Not to mention that it’s probably the best primary weapon against the primeval in terms of damage output. Making sure you’re optimized for your role and optimized against the enemy type will go a long way.

IF YOU have tips of your own, drop them in the comments, but that’s what I got for you guys on Gambit Prime. A lot of what I’ve said in the previous Gambit video also applies to Gambit Prime, but these are just a bit more specific. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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