Destiny 2: So, You Suck at Gambit – 7 Tips to Get Better At Gambit


Now that Malfeasance has been released upon the world, a lot of you are going to be playing Gambit. Some of you are good at Gambit. Some of you could use some assistance. In today’s video, I wanna go over some gameplay tips on how to improve your Gambit skills. Most of this is going to be for those in solo queue or maybe duo queue. I would say the number one wrong thing I see people doing is going for 15 motes when it’s either not necessary or just horrible timing. Now don’t get me wrong, a well timed or well coordinated 15 drop can be very obnoxious for the other team, especially when it’s solos vs. solos. But I see too many people with a complete lack of awareness trying to go for 15 motes just because they wanna drop a big guy on the other team.

Spoilers, it dies to a melting point and 2 shotgun shots, it’s not that hard to kill on its own anyway. You need to be able to read the game state and plan accordingly. You will be much more effective as a solo player who drops in 5 or 10 motes, than someone trying to constantly go for 15 and dying to an invader or worse, PvE. It’s also ok to deposit 8 motes or 12 motes if the amount of time it’ll take to bank them means you won’t miss your chance to bank, specifically for invasion timings. If you go for those extra motes, but then the enemy banks first and invades, you can potentially lose all of those motes. If you have 9 and your team has 16 banked, it’s ok to miss out on that medium if it means you can beat the enemy to an invasion. There’s no real way to know how far along the enemy team is in terms of physically putting motes into the bank, you dunno where they ALL are on the field, you just need to be faster than they end up being. You can generally tell if they’re in the middle of killing adds though if their white bar is moving up somewhat quickly.

If the white bar is NOT moving, then they are likely in transition to deposit. However, you don’t want to just constantly go for small amounts either. Grabbing 5 and then running back every time, again, unless coordinated ahead of time, will leave your team vulnerable to the PvE part of the game, especially in the mid game when there are invaders showing up. This means adds are dying slower, which means your next wave isn’t spawning as quickly, which means you might be falling behind. Phalanx are annoying, but they’re not super hard to kill by themselves. I actually think the Knights are the most annoying by themselves, but Phalanx always have the ability to just insta-kill people too. Be aware of who has motes around you. If you just reached a mote threshold, 5 or 10, let other people pick up the motes around you. You’re a lot better off with a 7 and a 5 as opposed to a 8 and a 4.

People really like picking up motes in gambit and I will frequently just stay in the back killing adds and picking up nothing to ensure that at least 3 people get 5. Spreading motes too thin early is bad because you want your first wave of motes to send a bunch of stuff to the enemy. Next, always be watching the scoreboard to get a feel for when invasions will happen. If your team has banked 17 motes and the enemy team 0, but both of your white bars are the same length, that means if you don’t drop another 5 motes at the least, they are going to drop a lot on your team at once, invade, and slow you down.

The opposite also applies: if you’re getting sent a ton of stuff, you need to make a big clear of everything in the middle and slam in 25 motes to get the first invasion. The start of a match will often set the pace for the rest of it. The white bars tend to matter a bit more than the total banked because there’s not a whole lot you can do about motes already in the bank. Enemy team has a small white bar? Maybe hold off on the invade for a few seconds to bait them getting some motes. Invading when they have nothing will slow them down, but it won’t waste it completely. Speaking of invaders, they are not invincible. Yes, you might find Sleeper annoying, but you can bait them and kill them. You should constantly be looking at the scoreboard to check the status of an invasion. If your team is holding a lot of motes and the enemy just banked, you can bet that they are coming with an invasion. Use this timing to your advantage and spread yourself to another part of the map.

The invader typically does not spawn spawn on the same side where PvE is happening, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an invader spawn that way, so you know they aren’t going to spawn there, meaning there are only 2 places where they will be spawning in. If PvE is on the right side, move towards an area where you can look at both mid and left at the same time. It’s harder to do this on some maps compared to others, but you should never be caught off guard by an invader timing while you’re building up motes. Realize that an invader is coming and get to cover. If your bank is open or you’re able to quickly drop in your motes before the invader has a chance to do anything, then go for it if you get a chance, otherwise, it’s better to try and fight or at the very least, run away behind cover. The majority of invaders I’ve fought will plant themselves with Sleeper and keep firing, not moving.

Use this to your advantage. Bait their shots, try to keep moving back and forth to bait them into shooting you and HOPEFULLY someone else from your team will come along and get them from another side. Try not to fully peak unless they actually take a shot at you because they will be pre-firing you. You want to bait that shot, then peak out for some damage. If they’re not using a long range weapon, then you need to play things a little differently, but making sure your positioning is good should be priority one. Next, don’t be afraid to use your super in PvE to catch up or get ahead. With things like Sleeper currently dominating the invasion side of the game, supers are not as important for invading, although they’re still good. If Sleeper is ever nerfed to where it doesn’t one shot headshot someone in a super, this will probably change and I’ll just say right now, if you think Sleeper is bad, there are other weapons that just may be even worse.

If you have a super and a good opportunity to kill a lot of adds, you should probably just do it, especially if you haven’t been invading. Every second you aren’t using your super is another second that you could be building towards another. If you can chain supers, your ability to clear adds just goes through the roof and a lot of the time, you can generate a minimum of 4 orbs, which if they’re big orbs, will fill a large chunk of a super meter. If you’re running tether, then you can easily get to the point where you tether almost every wave. If you’re starting to get close to the primeval, maybe save it for something I’m gonna talk about soon.

For example, in this clip, my teammate pops Arcstrider at the start of the round. Always let the super do all of the killing so that they can generate orbs. They’re going to kill everything in the area anyway and this frees up your time to go collect motes. We now have an overall mote lead and I plant the first small blocker. The enemy team realizes that we’re ahead and try to overcompensate by burning all of their motes with nothing in reserves. This means that at a minimum, they need to traverse to the other side of the map, kill some dudes, get 5 motes, run back and bank before we back anything else. However, this is where greed can become a problem. Instead of going to bank their motes, this player who has 14 wants to get a 15th for a large guy. This is the wrong play. Due to this delay of banking, the enemy team was able to collect enough motes to get them to 25, allowing them to invade first.

Not only this, but the guy with 15 goes to attack the invader on their own. They are fortunate that they get the kill, because if they didn’t, we would’ve been set really far back. This invasion also delays our next spawn wave because everyone gets scared, plays passive and does not kill any enemies, allowing the enemy team to potentially invade us AGAIN back to back had they been fast enough. If the guy with 14 banked those motes, WE could’ve invaded first and maybe gotten a lead. However, even though it worked out, that is still not a play I would recommend to anyone. The enemy team pulls ahead after we had a lead, but when we get OUR invasion, our invader cleans up 19 of their motes, putting us back in the lead. You can’t count on these things happening though. If the guy with 15 motes dies, that’s a set back, if our invader dies right away, that’s a set back. In the wise words of Artosis: when you are ahead, get more ahead. When you’re winning, win more. Listen to the Drifter. If he says “you can summon a Primeval,” odds are you need to drop what you’re doing and just bank your stuff.

The only time I think it’s acceptable to delay the drop of the Primeval with regards to motes is if you can hit the next tier of motes within a couple of seconds of the call out. Otherwise, just drop those motes in right away. Do not wait for the next wave to spawn, do not run around looking for enemies, bank them, especially if you’re first to summon because the catch-up mechanic is going to beat you into the ground much more than an ogre is going to mess up the enemy team. With regards to the Primeval boss, focus Wizards first and do not use big cooldowns on the boss right away. The main boss is very strong when it first spawns and supers will not do a lot of damage.

Use them to shred the wizards away instantly because they hurt WAY more than the boss itself does. Also, be aware of the other enemies that spawn in during the waves. You’ll likely have some form of sniper, acolyte or thrall coming with the boss wave and combined with an invader, can really hurt you. Take a couple of seconds during this intro to kill them and get them out of the way. As for the boss, you don’t need to wait until 6 or 7 stacks. With a team that has some idea of what they’re doing, even as a stack of randoms, you can shred the boss with only 2 or 3 stacks.

See this clip here, a Warlock drops their Well of Radiance, which is the international sign for “it is time to nuke the everloving crap out of this boss right now,” especially considering that there are no other adds on the field. If done correctly, you can burn the boss as the enemy invader is entering your side of the field. In terms of build and loadout, it depends on what you want to be doing. It is very difficult, if not impossible to solo carry in gambit. You can go all in on an invader build, Sleeper, sniper, pulse rifle, but your enemy killing potential is not as high. You can go all in on a slayer build, hand cannon, shotgun, tractor/Whisper or maybe something like Riskrunner or a Skullfort Striker Titan, but that leaves you vulnerable to the PvP side. One Eyed Mask is a great PvP item, but Hallowfire Heart is a fantastic PvE item. It’s all about what you excel at.

Again, you will NOT be able to solo carry, there are simply too many roles in Gambit for you to do them all at once, this is not regular PvP. As for bows, stop. Stop using them. Just stop it. Do not use a bow. 99% of people should not be using a bow. I don’t care if it’s your highest level item, I don’t care if you got the most kills that one time, do not use a bow. Right now, pulse rifles are really strong all around, PvE and PvP. They can contest at most ranges and best of all, can compete with a Sleeper at most ranges. If you’re solo, you’re probably thinking that you’re going to need to do a little bit of everything and a pulse rifle is definitely going to help you, at least while they’re really strong.

Anyway, those are all of my tips on Gambit. If you have your own tips, drop them in the comments. Good luck on your Malfeasance quest hunt, thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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