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Destiny 2 Solo 1250 & 1280 Perdition Lost Sector easily By: n8_xo


Hey, I thought I’d post this guide to hopefully help anybody struggling with doing this. I’m around 1225 on all my characters and so far I’ve done the 1250 version with ease on my Hunter and Titan, multiple times using these weapons and method. You can use this method on the 1280 version as s couple of my Clan member have tested it, you just need to be a higher light level before starting. You really don’t need many things to be able to do this, but do need one weapon in particular, Anarchy.


Helmet: Resilience Mod, Grenade Launcher Ammo Finder x2

Gauntlets: Resilience Mod, Scout Rifle Overloader, Pulse Rifle Anti-Barrier

Chest: Resilience Mod, Grenade Launcher and Scout Rifle Reserves

Legs: Resilience Mod, Grenade Launcher Scavenger x2

Class Item: Resilience Mod, Surge Eater, Thermal Overload


Sacred Provenance Pulse Rifle: Back-Up Mag

Royal Chase Scout Rifle: Back-Up Mag (From Season Pass)

Anarchy Grenade Launcher

Now, you don’t need to use that Pulse Rifle, but any primary one will do. The reason I picked that Scout Rifle is because it hits super hard and deals with Void Minotaurs, it also has Auto-Loading Holster which is perfect for when you stun an Overload Champion and swap to Anarchy and back. Thermal Overload is used due to it giving you another avenue to stun Overload Champions, it teams well with Surge Eater because that gives you your grenade back whenever you use it to stun a Champion. The reason for the other armour mods are because you need as much Resilience as possible and also enough Grenade Launcher and Scout Rifle ammo to get you through.

The best way I found to do this Lost Sector is to do it methodically, spawning enemies in waves and bring the enemies to you. You can clear almost the entire first room by spawning the enimes and then running back up to the cat walk and head peaking. You can also repeat this method in the second room at the top of the large staircase and once more at the boss room by head peeking the right most staircase or using the top of the larger staircase earlier in the Lost Sector if you get pushed. Don’t be afraid to run away completely, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

To deal with the Harpie shields you shoot an Anarchy bolt at the floor around them which will take away their shield and if they are in a group, multiple at a time. You use this method for the Harpies throughout the Lost Sector. I use the Scout Rifle to take down the snipers with ease from a distance, and to also deal with the Wyverns and Void Minotaurs and the Scout Rifle can stun an Overload in half a magazine or less. Feel free to use an Anarchy bolt on a Wyvern, but remember you can finish them when they’re half health. There are multiple Overload Champions, so I kill them by throwing a grenade to stun them, swap to Anarchy and fire 2 bolts, swap to the Scout Rifle and chuck my new grenade again, whilst still shooting the Champion with the Scout just to make sure. There also multiple Barrier Champions which are tougher, the best way to kill these is to use the Anarchy to put 2 bolts onto them, keep your Pulse Rifle on them for when they pop, then break the shield and use Anarchy again. You should have to do this twice over for each Barrier champion. You can save a lot of ammo for both types of Champions by finishing them, but you must be close and quick or you’ll run the high risk of dying. The boss is killed in a similar manor, use Anarchy to stick some bolts onto him every now and then, it’ll take down his health fast. You can also plink away at his health with your other weapons if you’re running low on Anarchy and need to save some rounds for the Harpies. For any enemies that spawn during the boss encounter, kill them using the same methods as listed above, and you’ll come out with a shiny new Exotic.

Edit: Don’t forget to use the Anarchy and Pulse Rifle to kill the Hydra. It’s a quick way to despawn him in the first room until he spawns in the second part of the Lost Sector. Additionally, keep in mind if you die by an enemie and you have Anarchy bolts on any enemie the bolt will despawn which will waste your ammo, so be frugal. My Xbox Live Gamertag if anybody ever wants to play, have fun and chill is ObiWanMaHomie


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