This is a guide on how to increase your win streaks as a solo player by manipulating matchmaking into matching solo players with better team mates.
This used to be something that was ignored by the majority of the player base, but Bungie let the cat out of the bag with Gambit so now the average player is starting to notice: win/loss preservation.

(see post from a couple of years ago, unfortunately the video has been deleted)

How this works is taking advantage of good players by matching them with less skilled team mates, expecting them to carry them to victory and vice versa.
You may notice in competitive you get a win streak of two or three and then go into a match that is basically a guaranteed loss.
This is easier to notice in quick play where two or three good players are always matched with bad players.
You can bypass this by convincing the game that you are a bad player. Choose a load out you are not planning on using in competitive and jump into quick play. Play a couple of games and miss most of your shots on purpose and wait until you have lost two games in a row, performing in the bottom of your team.
At this point the game will decide it is time for you to be awarded a win. When you load up competitive, start matchmaking with the load out that the games considers to be your worst load out and don’t change to your real load out until you are in the loading screen.
The game will give you team mates that are much better than you and all you have to do is play as you normally do.
This doesn’t work 100% of the time and the only way to truly bypass this system is to play in a 4 stack, but I have done this and managed to get a 6 win streak going.
Don’t play more than one or two competitive games in a row or the game will assume you are good enough to carry worse team mates or that it is your time to lose.
If you do lose a competitive match, turn the game off. The matchmaking is programmed to keep player retention so if the game thinks you will quit if you lose too much it will up your win/loss percentage.
Please upvote this whether you believe it or not. This has been going on for too long, hurts the longevity of the game and I’m sick of good players being punished for losses that matchmaking decided they should lose.
I’ve also tried this in Iron Banner. After I was top of my team for ten matches in a row, I started playing very badly on purpose and started winning more.
If you don’t believe it then try it.
I don’t think Bungie needs to change how the matchmaking works, if valor worked like xp and loss penalties weren’t so punishing nobody would care. They shouldn’t emphasise and reward wins if losses are rigged.
I hope this helps you solo players get some good win streaks going. This is my last post for a while and will not be responding to comments but please do leave your thoughts below.
Like I said I got to 1800 using this method, and generally didn’t lose more than one game at a time since I started using it (losing two is an anomaly) . But I’m having a break from the game for a couple of weeks. I’m not interested in stomping people in quick play with a gun much better than theirs any more.

Edit: I’m adding a video link so ya’all can understand why I’m thinking this way. It was a couple of weeks ago, I was on a 2 win streak and my last match I got 32 kills with a 1.45 efficiency. Then long story short it was my time to lose.

Matchmaking could have done its best to give me a chance with team mates at my glory rank, at my skill level. You can debate all day whether that thermite nade should have one shot me, why my handheld supernova didn’t kill him, why the hunter appeared out of nowhere, why my trust shot to the left and then the right of the warlock that was one shot, and how his uriels gift killed me in 0.3 seconds when he wasn’t hitting head shots. Either way it wasted hours of my time trying to get those points back. Please watch and comment below.


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