Destiny 2: Spire of Stars Raid Lair – Val Ca’uor Strategy Guide


Val Ca’uor is the final boss of the final, well, probably final, Leviathan raid experience, the Spire of Stars. And let me tell you, this is one of the, if not the hardest day 1 raid I’ve ever done and one of the, if not the most mechanically challenging encounter in Destiny’s history. Settle in, this is gonna be a long one. There is a part 1 to this encounter which I will likely make into another video along with the very beginning of the raid lair, but I imagine a lot of people are stuck on this encounter and this is what I wanted to cover first. Raid composition is somewhat flexible depending on what you are struggling with. Nearly all subclasses are viable. Sunbreaker Titans are quite good for reasons we’ll see later, along with any roaming supers like Arc Staff or Dawnblade. Nighthawk Golden Guns will become more valuable due to very short damage windows you get on the boss and once you get a handle on add control, you may want to swap your Hunters to Nighthawks.

Speaking of add control, Orpheus Rig Nightstalkers are also solid. There are not a lot of shielded enemies in the encounter, but those that do have solar shields, so use solar damage if possible. As far as weaponry goes, preliminary tests show DARCI as a very good heavy weapon for boss damage if you’re looking to expand your weapon horizons. Otherwise, Sleeper Simulant and Sins of The Past/Curtain Call are also good. Top tier primaries like Midnight Coup are encouraged in their use. This is the first time that I’ll make a power level recommendation in a raid activity. The average player is probably going to want to be around 370 power before even considering trying to tackle this encounter in a serious manner. At specifically 373 light, mobs will no longer appear as red bar enemies. A full group of players below 370 will struggle unless you are a top tier team with perfect execution.

Even at 370, you will likely struggle in this encounter without some serious practice, more so than any other encounter I’ve done a guide for. The goal of part 2’s encounter is obviously to kill Ca’uor, presumably because he along with the other Vals stole the Vanguard’s limited supply of vowels. The steps involved require you to play a round of hot potato, destroy 2 of his ships outside, followed by energizing 3 energy balls that you will alley-oop to a broken Calus robot who then doesn’t even dunk them on his head, he just kinda falls down next to Ca’uor, what a missed opportunity. Anyway, that is as complicated as it sounds, so let’s go through an entire cycle of the fight. First, let’s talk about the boss arena real quick. The arena has many plates and important locations. There are the 4 tractor beam plates, the 3 weapon door plates, the 3 buff ledges and finally, the tractor beam. The 4 tractor beam plates will activate a tractor beam in front of the boss when all 4 are being stood on.

The 3 weapon door plates are closer to the boss on the left, middle and right sides of the room. My team ended up calling them tree for left, ring for middle and sword for right, but you can call them whatever you want, eventually you’ll just call them left middle and right. All 3 plates must be stepped on at the same time to activate all doors. Next are the 3 buff ledges above said weapon doors, this is important for the energy orbs that will be thrown around during the encounter.

Finally, the tractor beam is right in front of the boss, which you’ll need to utilize often during the fight. You’ll want to make sure you’re full health for this as going into the beam triggers an AOE stomp from the boss. The first person up doesn’t need to worry, but if you’re the second person and you’re late, you might be killed by this. The boss himself is not particularly lethal during most of the encounter.

However, during the encounter, he will launch flames at players that have a pretty small radius. But, given how many times you need to be standing around on plates, this, combined with legionnaire grenades will make your life a nightmare. You should ideally have 2 groups of 3, 1 group left and the other right and use a triangle formation to have people cover each other’s plates without having to sprint across the entire room, although there may be times where you have to do that anyway for whatever reason. When you first start the fight, you will be fighting many, many dudes. Lots of them. This is where an Arc Staff will come in handy if you have one. If not, then just kill adds, you’ll have some Centurion majors spawning here as well who will really hurt, so be careful. After about a minute or so, regardless of if the adds are dead, the next part will start, where your entire team will be debuffed with “engulfed” and an energy orb will spawn. You’ll be able to see which plate the orb is being sent to by looking at the cannons in the back of room, but ideally you should have everyone on the 4 plates ready to catch the orb.

To get rid of the debuff, you need to touch the orb, so you’re going to pass this around to your entire team to clear the debuff. The final person will throw the orb at Ca’uor to trigger the next part of the fight. You may notice a debuff called “Greed” as well, we’ll cover that later. If you don’t hit the boss with the orb, another one will spawn if it expires, this is one of the few things you can mess up once without it being a wipe. If you fail again though, then you wipe.\par The objective of the next part is to scout, arm and destroy. At this time, 3 people will be buffed with Superior Retainer, what that means, we’ll cover in a minute. Shortly into this phase, 4 gladiators will spawn on the 4 tractor beam plates in the room, which should be killed as fast as possible.

Make sure you’re not standing near the plate, otherwise you WILL be crushed. The first part of this phase is to scout. You need 4 people standing on all 4 plates to activate a tractor beam in front of the boss. Only people with the Superior Retainer will be able to survive going up the beam to scout the ships. Once in space, the scout will report the symbols shown above the ships. These are the doors that must have energy orbs thrown into them in order to arm the weapons you’ll use to blow up the ships.

And by weapons, I just mean you throw a ball at them, but you get it. So, scout the ships. You can assign a person to this, you can have someone just call it out each round, it is up to you. In one group I was in, we had someone who was retainer buffed on left be the scout every time so that there wasn’t any confusion, in another, we just had people call it out as we went along and both worked. 4 people hop on plates, scout goes up the beam, says which 2 of the 3 symbols must be activated. Shortly after, 2 energy orbs will spawn in and be flung at 2 of the 4 back plates. Note that any player can do this next part, it is only the Retainer players that can go into the tractor beam. After getting the call from the scout, 2 of the buff plates above the doorways will be active.

The 2 people throwing the bombs will need to grab these buffs, 1 each, in order for their orb to work on the door. You’ll grab the buff and then head to the doorway that you need to go to, while a 3rd person will stand on the remaining plate so that all of them can open. It is very important to call out where you are headed during this section because it can be pretty hectic with everyone running around and a bunch of dudes everywhere. People who aren’t standing on plates should focus the areas where the orb runners are since they can’t kill adds and throw the orb at the same time. If you’re gonna be 1 of the 2 people to throw the orb into the doorway, when you are looking for the buff, the left most plate should grab the left most buff, and the right on the right, so if it’s middle and right plates, with left and middle buffs, left should grab left and right grabs middle, this way you minimize the amount of running around.

You can also have 3 non-orb players stand on the plates to activate them, again, the strategy is open, it doesn’t matter WHO stands on the plates, but that the plates are stepped on at all. When the doors are open, throw your orb into the slot to activate your weapon, you will see a message saying you did it if you threw it into the correct door. Keep in mind that this portion of the encounter needs to happen quickly, otherwise the ships will fire and you will wipe.

During this entire time, you will have many, many dudes spawning at a near constant rate. When both weapons are activated, you’ll need to send in 2 Retainer players in with charged, aka buff plate orbs in order to destroy the ships via the tractor beam. 2 more orbs will be thrown into play, these need to go to the retainer players asap so that they can buff and go. The 4 other players will stand on their plates to activate the beam, the retainers will go up and throw their orbs at the ships to destroy them. It’s recommended to send one retainer player from each side of the map, if possible, so that people don’t waste time rotating all the way to the other side of the map to cover for someone else’ s plate if needed.

Once 2 are destroyed, the next phase starts, yes, there’s more to do. In THIS phase, you’re going to need to essentially dribble and trade energy orbs back and forth so that you can charge them up for Calus. One orb will be flung into the room to start, someone needs to grab it, then go to the buff plate to buff up. Grabbing the buff first and then having someone throw the orb at you also works. One mechanic I haven’t spoken about yet is Greed, the debuff when you’re holding a buffed orb. Greed will stack up to 10x, after which you will just die if you’re still holding the orb. This is why you need to trade back and forth, so that you don’t die and yes, Greed does apply for every other stage of the encounter as well.

Having designated partners to trade the orb with can make handling the Greed debuff easier while you wait for the next phase. You need to grab the buff somewhat quickly in order for the next orb to be thrown into play. If you don’t buff, you won’t spawn the 2nd and 3rd energy orbs that you’ll need to continue. Again, you can handle this however you want, you can makeit a free for all where people are just trading to whoever is open, you can assign 2, 2, 2, whatever.

Just be aware that Greed stacks up faster than it falls off. You can also just throw the ball on the ground, but it’s got a timer, so, you know, pick it up quickly. After a short time and preferably after all orbs have been spawned, Calus will start to float above Ca’uor with his hand in the air, in a “pass me the rock because I’m about to posterize this fool,” kind of way. Once he starts to glow what I call aggressively purple, that is when you throw your 3 charged orbs at his hand, or hand area, in order to give him enough juice to break Ca’uor’s shield. The orbs all must be charged, but it doesn’t matter if you have any Greed stacks when throwing the ball.

Make sure that you are throwing the ball at the right time because many runs have been wiped by throwing the ball too early and having the ball go right through Calus’ hand. Many, many dudes will be spawning during this part at a near constant rate, are you seeing the theme here? If you manage to break Ca’uor’s shield, congrats, seriously, because just getting here is hard enough. Now you get to do damage, hooray! Except there’s one issue: Ca’uor will be launching incredibly deadly missiles towards random players in the raid that you need to avoid. Note that it is possible to shoot down these missiles if you so choose, I know one group that has one person designated to killing them, whereas many other groups I know of simply ignored, dodged or hid from them.

A small amount of dudes will be spawning during this time and any still on the field will stick around, they do not get paralyzed or instakilled or anything. Again, you only get a short amount of time to do damage, after which this entire process starts over again, so make it count. When Ca’uor gets his shield back, you start over again. Note that you only get 3 total damage phases against Ca’uor and if you don’t kill him by then, it is an instant, unavoidable wipe.\par Damage is going to be something that you will struggle with depending on your power level due to the lethality of the boss.

Therefore, you may want to employ the help of Melting Point from a Sunbreaker Titan or a boop from a Tractor Cannon. Melting Point does indeed work on the boss, but there are some consistency issues with it actually hitting. Not to mention that if you Melting Point the boss any time after the first 2 seconds of him becoming unshielded, he will stomp and you will probably die. Therefore, it is basically required that you have your super ready to go so that you can melee, then immediately super to survive the ground pound, but hammers are still pretty good for damage. Masterworked armor is encouraged. When hitting the Melting Point, try to go higher on his body rather than lower. If he turns his back to you and you go low, you won’t get the debuff to proc. Even if you do go high, sometimes the game will just not give you the actual melee hit on the boss, so be prepared in case that happens. As for where to stand, it’s better to spread out. Stacking up outside of a couple of very, VERY specific spots will result in a near immediate death.

Spreading out means that you can more easily hit his crit spot, which is NOT his head, but rather the backpack on his back. Again, DARCI is good, but if you’re standing in a spot where it’s hard to snipe, Sins of The Past/Curtain Call is still solid. You do not want to be out in the open without being in a super. Speaking of which, supers. They’re good to use. Hammers, Dawnblade, Nova Bomb, Nighthawk especially are all good, partly because you won’t instantly die when using them, at least the roaming ones.

In addition to that, make sure to use the raid gauntlets with the Striking Hand mod to do extra damage during the damage phase. There are plenty of mobs spread around the room so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one to melee, just be wary of standing out in the open. Anywhere you can get bonus damage is going to be helpful and chances are, you will need to employ one of these methods for your first kill. If you do manage to get to a final stand situation, a bunch of orbs will explode out of him, which you should go pick up and throw at him to deal significant shield damage. Grab every single one. Use your guns, supers, everything you have, because this is a THICC shield. It will be very tempting to immediately run out and grab orbs.

Make sure the skies are clear of missiles before running out to grab the orbs to throw. Definitely not speaking from experience on this one. Destroy his shield to win.\par I really want to see what this fight is going to be like at 380, because day one was very difficult. I don’t think this fight will be EASY at 380, but I do want to see how much easier it ends up getting at the proper levels. Again, I strongly encourage you to be at least 370 at a minimum before going in to tackle this encounter, it is tough. But that is the Spire of Stars. If you enjoyed this video, a positive rating is appreciated, thanks for watching and good luck..

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