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Destiny 2 [SPOILERS] 2nd part of the guide for all catalyst caches for Dead man’s tale By: BlitzTheDust


Please go read the 1st part if you haven’t, gives tons of context to what I’m talking about and what I found:

Cache 9: After the second restricted zone near the hung cabal ship.

Cache 10: To the right of the door to the scorn experiment room.

Cache 11: In the vent maze area, so from the spore you go to the right vent then left and you should see it.

12th cache(?): At the very end of the mission, behind the dead guardian.

The 12th cache seems to open 1 or 2 doors that lead down below to a room with the crown of sorrow. It seems that the crown of sorrow is somewhat tied to the catalyst or a mission variant, and maybe will be the last room to complete the catalyst/get it (remember these are only presumptions).

12th cache possible door.

12 cache doors leading to a room with a pile of dead scorn surrounding the crown of sorrow (found through OOB).

The crown of sorrow (found through OOB).

That’s the end of the guide, hope it helped!


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