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Destiny 2 Take Back Trials: PVE players guide to PvP activities By: thedodging6


Trials is going to come back and if it is to be believed it’s gonna be easier for the average player to reap the rewards from the height of pvp activity. I mean that’s good news, right? Bigger pool of player means that your less likely to run into the gods of guardian murdering.

But you will still meet them.

Still, there’s no reason to make their win easy. Most people have the tools they need to take on other guardians but lack resources or direction to implement them.

So while there is still time to infuse the equipment and prepare yourself to dip a toe into these playlist of absolute barbarians I thought I’d share what I’m doing to prepare various bodily orifices. And hey, if there’s a good tool that would help others in pvp, put it in the comments.

  1. Find your gear

Weapons! Go in with PvP focused weapons. My favorite resources for taking an entire view of my vault and equipped weapons is destiny checklist

Once you link an account you can go to the gear table and type is:goodrollpvp or is:godrollpvp to get a few suggestions on what to use. These weapons don’t guarantee your success alone by the idea is to do the most damage quickly and it’ll even give you the details on what perks on the weapon to equip. Great tool, shame more don’t know about it.

Armor! Less of a magic recipe in my experience but honestly what I try to do is find the stuff that requires the least amount of mods. Intrinsic High recovery is always good because increasing that stat takes more energy, more resources and if you’re a baller on a budget, spider is always an option but if you’ve got gear that’s high in recovery it’s just one way to offset cost.

The current meta appreciates an aggressive and fast past game in crucible and people will tell you that high mobility and melee is good. I’d make the argument that you don’t need to be as fast if it’s just 3v3 and tend to favor higher resilience and recovery but I’ll talk more in strata about why. In summary id look for decent builds for resilience and recovery.

Exotics! As far as guns go in PVP I love a catalyst on a Crimson. High range, 3 round burst hand cannon that reloads on a precision kill and begins regenerating health on any kill. It’s toxic and it’ll make people made when you kill with it but survival is the name of the game in trials. Less toxic are the Ace of Spades, Thorn, Lorentz Driver. Sorry, hand canons are pretty decent. I have trouble finding a better alternative exotic gun for crucible.

As for armor I’d ordinarily advocate for Hunter Stomp33s, Warlock Transversive steps, and Titan Dunemarches. All mobility exotics, all about going fast. Trials tends to appreciate a peaking but cautious fight across the map though so I’m gonna make the recommendations of Hunter Wormhusk (yeah I know so original), Titan Crest of Alpha Lupi and warlocks can do Ophidian Aspect, karnstein Armlets, verity’s brow, claws of ahamkara, or if you’re using void contra verse hold.

(A brief moment to steam about Warlock’s getting the most useful exotics)

Wormhusk and alpha lupi let you get health back when you really need it and since warlocks already get that with their ability they get more options for damaging. Ophidian is my favorite because it makes reload for brrrr.

  1. Talk

Single matchmaking has arrived in Trials! Which is great for all you single people out there. Go get em.

If your put into a single playlist you most likely won’t find yourself paired with open mic teams. I could be wrong and I hope I am. See if you can enter a voice chat to coordinate your attacks.

If you’re going in with a group talk about where you want to go, how you want to push or bait.

You’ll always have an advantage if you communicate. That’s why those 6 stacks of clan members are rolling through control and crushing everyone.

  1. Strats

You can take your pick. Push, bait or flank.

Pushing it (real good) is about getting aggressive. Move on the enemy fast before they can make a plan and go for one guardian. Once it shifts in your favor go for the next guardian together again. Then go for the last guardian who is probably trying to frantically revive the first one. Aggressive strats are great but they fold easy as soon as one of your guys die. So then you gotta get plan b ready which you could instead use for plan a.

Bait. It’s nice to be wanted. If you wait, your enemy will try to come to you and you can lay a trap. I like a shotgun for my close quarters personally. Get on their radar and Find an enclosed space, one where you can predict their path and hit them with something that kills them in one blow. Could be a melee shot gun trade, a grenade, team shooting works too if you set it up right. There’s a couple issues with this. They can get the jump on you and take you out with them so now it’s 2v2 and they know what you’re up too. Even successfully it’s no likely the other team’s gonna fall for that shit twice. If you wait too long you’re game is gonna want you to grab a control point and it might not be close to your trap area. Baiting is a gambit, risky and you can’t fool them all the time.

Flanking is the last strat I use. Whether two of your fireteam are baiting or just pulling the Agro, send a team mate a different route to hit the enemy from another side. By they time they realize it, the game turns into a 2v3 and it’s always easier to win with the upper hand. This plan is built on denying enemy kills though. The two teammates holding the fort need Titan barricades or Wells to keep them safe or need grenades to deny access. It’s all about buying time. If your flanker gets noticed then they will be team shot and suddenly the tables have turned.

There is no set formula for how to win, even with all the tools to help your endeavor you can still lose. But maybe this we’ll ease your entry into the high intensity world of PvP. These are methods that worked for me and the tools I use help me find the weapons that can three tap an enemy, or out maneuver them. Having people I can talk with and not have to worry about flawless is gonna be nice. I hope this helps you.


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