Aphelion’s Rest Ascendant Challenge. It is egg and lore time. Let’s go. I suggest finish the event first and doing the eggs after as I use the exit portal as a reference in this video. First egg is very easy. Looking at the front of the main statue in the center, you’re gonna take a couple of steps to your right, turn around 180 degrees and look slightly down. You should see this egg off in the distance. Second egg is actually down the path that the portal is in front of, so get behind the portal however you can, I just go off to the right. Then, when you’re behind it, you want to be close to a patch of grass, check the video for reference.

When looking at the portal, turn about 90 degrees to your right and look slightly down. You should be able to see it behind some floating rocks. Third egg is to the right if you’re facing the statue towards the outer part of the map. Take this path right and just keep going forward. You’ll jump onto a plate with a little hut on it and then have a very short grass path that leads to a perpendicular path. Go to the right on said path and over the left edge should be the egg right in front of you. The lore is on top of a statue close to the center of the area. If you’re looking at the main statue, look left 90 degrees and slightly up and you can actually see the sparkle of the bones on top of the head of the statue, that is where we are heading. Go towards the big circle plate that THAT statue is on and towards the back right of it will be a little building attached to a staircase.

Go through the building and jump on the rocks at the end, then turn around and jump on the building. Go through the building, jump on a statue’s head, then jump to the next for the lore. We’re done here, thanks. .

As found on Youtube