Ascendant Challenge in the Chamber of Starlight, Taken Eggs, you know the drill, here we go, get in there. First egg, very simple, it’s right as you spawn in. Start walking towards the very first bridge and look over the right side edge, then look down. You should see this one pretty easy. Second egg is by the spiral staircase section, but before you start going up. You’re going to navigate the winding S style bridge and then when you drop onto the circle plate that connects you to the next part of the challenge, look up and to the right about 45 degrees. Should see this one pretty easy too. For the lore, keep going forward a little bit and when you get to 2 path options, go left inside of right.

All the way at the end of the path is the lore. Finally, the 3rd egg of the challenge is at the very end where you fight the boss. The egg is actually underneath the platform itself on the opposite of the plate from where you enter the “arena” so to speak. I don’t think it’s possible to jump back up to the boss arena, so you should probably do this one after the boss, just saying. Those are your eggs and lore, thanks, cya. .

As found on Youtube