The Ascendant Challenge in the Harbinger’s Seclude has 2 Taken Eggs. They are really annoying to find. Today we will find them. Do yourself a favor and clear the challenge itself first, not too hard, just gotta sword some knights down. Anyway, the first one we’re gonna get is in a tiny crack in a mountain. When facing the main arena, with platforms on the left and right, just orient yourself the way I am now, you’re going to just run straight ahead up the stairs into the little building thing.

Looking left at a far away mountain, you will see a tiny, tiny light. This is the egg. It is very difficult to shoot from downstairs, so, what you can do is get on top of this little building and shoot the egg from super far away to get a better angle. You can also sword dash over there by getting super high up and then just spamming sword over to where the mountain is if you really want to do that, but you don’t need to. The next one is BEHIND a similar looking mountain. Again, orient yourself the same way as last time, this time you’re going off to the right into this small building, then on some platforms going to the left, bring the sword.

Some of these platforms will disappear from under you so move quickly. When you get to the second platform, go to the right to the small rock platform, then the circle plate. When you get to the big circle plate, turn right about 90 degrees and look for a mountain. It will be hard to see, wait for some lights to flash to give you a better idea of where it is. You will then sword dash over to this mountain and climb up it going to your left or otherwise straight up. When you get to the top, you will see the egg in a corner, very tough to miss.

Gonna hit reddit user Gingerstick13 with a “damn son where’d you find this,” because this one is pretty nuts. If you’ve gotten the other 3 in the Seclude, you should get a lore unlock from this egg. Important to note that if you die, sometimes the Ascendant Challenge platforming parts change, so worst case scenario, you just jump off, have the place change to the way it is in the video and go for the eggs. We’ll also do the LORE location. You’re going to go to the right again like with the second egg and when you get to the building, look down to your left. Assuming you are Ascendant, which you need to be to get in here, you should see a small platform. Fall onto it and just take the platforms all the way down until you reach the lore.

I jump to this green patch, you don’t need to to go to the next plate. A couple of these are leap of faith jumps, just keep going down in a circle and eventually you’ll hit the lore. Thanks for watching, see you next time. .

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