Destiny 2: The Best Beyond Light/Season 12 Legendary Weapons & Perk Rolls


Hi everyone. Check out if you’re interested in buying some merch. This second drop of mine will be closing the moment it hits December 2nd on the west coast in the US, so you only have a couple of days left. Got some good stuff over there, so don’t forget in case you waited this long and then forgot and oh yeah I forgot about the merch, lemme go grab some thanks Datto, man you’re so he– Whether you’re brand new to the game or you’ve been playing since day, you probably have thought of this question since Beyond Light came out: Are there literally any good guns left in this game, what guns should I even go get now? Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, there are still a lot of good guns.

Today, we’re going to go over some of the top options for legendary weapons in Beyond Light and Season 12 for PvE purposes mainly. Let’s start with some weapons that were brought back, Seventh Seraph weapons from Season 10. Warmind Cell builds are very strong, but in Season 10, the weapons themselves did not have the insane perk rolls we were used to, so Warmind Cells didn’t gain as much popularity. Nowadays with mods having way more freedom, Warmind Cell builds are much more easily accessed. The Seventh Seraph weapons include: an auto rifle, submachine gun, hand cannon, sidearm, shotgun and machine gun. All of these come with the same rolls as they did in Season 10 and that is to say, they’re ok. Again, the power comes from the Warmind Cells that you generate. However, Ikelos weapons can also make Warmind Cells, and those weapons are ALSO back. At this moment, anti-barrier SMG is completely broken, staggering enemies an insane amount, so until that is fixed and even after it is fixed, it is tough to not recommend the Ikelos SMG.

While it doesn’t have absolutely insane perks, there are still a lot of great combinations based on your goals. Disruption Break works on Barrier Shields, Surrounded is good for add clear, Vorpal also good for champions although it doesn’t feel AS important this season because it feels like barrier shields die way easier, Demolitionist is great overall, Pulse Monitor even for champions too. All depends on what you’re going for and how versatile you want it to be. As for other Seventh Seraph weapons, the machine gun is gonna be chased simply because we don’t have a lot of machine guns out there. However, this is a gun that I think you’re going to be using for add clear and for killing majors, not so much champions and bosses.

Good perks include Auto-loading Holster or Field Prep, Clown Cartridge is ok, mid tier for me. Second perk eh, I’m not really vibing too much here, Firing Line is potentially overrated because of the strict requirements and you’re not gonna be using this in the new raid for DPS, same with Vorpal. Disruption Break could be good for arc shields. The Season 11 weapons had a LOT of bangers, most notably Falling Guillotine with Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade, although Surrounded also works if you can get it to proc near a boss. We also have: Gnawing Hunger with any combination of the top tier perks like Subsistence/Rampage or Swash or Demolitionist, maybe Field Prep and a reload based damage perk. The Ikelos sniper with a mag extension perk, Triple Tap and High Impact Reserves is gonna be great for rapid fire sniping. Fourth Time’s the Charm simply doesn’t have a substantial enough benefit to get over Triple Tap, not to mention Triple Tap has more global usability thanks to only needing 3 crits instead of 4.

Cold Denial, the pulse rifle, with Feeding Frenzy and Multikill Clip or Swashbuckler, also a great workhorse weapon. If you can somehow find a Distant Tumulus Sniper with Clown Cartridge and Firing Line, you hit the jackpot. New to the scene is First In, Last Out, thanks to how strong slug shotguns are for the final boss of the new raid. Auto-loading Holster and Vorpal Weapon are gonna be the go to perks here, especially if you’re only running 1 shotgun, although some people are running double slug shotguns. If you’re looking for a scout, Night Watch can come with some really top tier stuff. The curated actually drops from doing the New Light 2.0 campaign, it has Overflow and Explosive Rounds and that’s pretty good. If you’re looking for something more traditional, you got Rapid Hit or Outlaw and Rampage or Multikill Clip, any combination is gonna do you real well.

But how about NEW stuff? Europa guns? Season guns? Raid guns? Let’s take a look at those too. As I’ve mentioned in a previous video, it looks that Bungie is moving away from your guns being the main factor when it comes to builds. The ability to get classic perk rolls like Outlaw/Kill Clip will be exceedingly rare on new weapons, to the point where I believe it’ll be phased out completely over the next year. As a result, not many new guns will have these perk combinations available, which means that you may just want to stick with guns from previous seasons that DO have that perk combination available to you should you so choose. Again, we are in a dire machine gun situation, so let’s look at Thermal Erosion. In terms of classic perks, first column, I’m looking at Field Prep and that’s really about it. Second column, Demolitionist is always gonna be solid and Wellspring looks to be good too, since it serves a similar function. Bonechiller is another slug shotgun, so if you can’t manage to find a First In, Last Out with a good roll, this is the next best thing.

You can get Auto-Loading Holster, but you could also get Triple Tap. With an extended mag type perk, that brings your shot total from 6 to 8, but you will have to reload. Alternatively, Dual Loader crams in 2 shots into your gun at once, although with a slower reload animation. In the second column, there is almost nothing that helps your gun do more damage to a boss target, technically Threat Detector would let you reload faster, but that’s about it. However, if you’re able to kill 3 trash mobs before fighting a bigger target, then One For All might prove to have value. Otherwise, most of the other primary weapons, the auto Arctic Haze, the pulse Hailing Confusion, don’t come with anything that I would call remarkable. Arctic Haze can do Subsistence and Thresh, Vorpal or Dragonfly if you’re into that, again, depends on what you’re using the gun for.

I do think that Subsistence will become more noteworthy as time goes on as a premiere perk, not that it wasn’t already, but just more so. Stars in Shadow can roll Outlaw/Kill Clip, but it’s very rare considering the perk pool is massive. Xenoclast, the shotgun, lemme tell you, also a LOT of perks here. In the second column, the strongest are one-two punch, trench barrel or Vorpal and again, it all depends on what you’re going for in terms of a build or loadout here. In the first column PvE wise, I’m looking at Dual Loader, Auto-loading, Field Prep, potentially Grave Robber as well especially if you get One-Two Punch. The rocket launcher can roll with a new perk called Chain Reaction and I’ve heard very good things about it in case you’re looking for a rocket. However, the perk is focused on killing a lot of enemies and not necessarily boss damage. As far as Season 12 weapons go, the talk of the town is Deafening Whisper with the ability to roll Ambitious Assassin and Rampage, although apparently Rampage is not functioning properly on the weapon at the moment, which will hopefully get fixed.

This is another wave based grenade launcher, does a wave of damage along the ground, but it’s the first time we’ve seen Ambitious Assassin on this weapon type and I’d advise scooping it up if possible. Friction Fire can roll with Rampage in the second slot, Threat Detector or Killing Wind is gonna be the strat in the first slot. If you don’t want Rampage, you can grab Vorpal or Wellspring, but I think Rampage is better than Wellspring, Vorpal is more of a champion killer perk. Royal Chase, the scout rifle, we do have Multikill Clip and Thresh in the second column, but the first column leaves a little to be desired, Full-Auto is ok, but this is a 180, so tapping the trigger isn’t that arduous, Field Prep might be ok for faster reloads too. Corsair’s Wrath, the uncommon linear fusion line of weaponry… does have Outlaw, which is nice I guess, but the only thing that’s really gonna do some boss or champion damage here is High Impact Reserves and lord knows we have some good boss killing weapons in the game already.

In terms of grenade launchers, I’m just gonna cover all of them in one fell swoop. If you’re using one for boss damage, make sure it has Spike Grenades to start. I have a Field Prep, Full Court Interference 6 which I really like and that’s probably one of the best ones to find. Unfortunately, neither Blast Battue nor Crowd Pleaser can get Full Court, so that’s out. Chain Reaction is good for add clear, Clown Cartridge also has some sustain damage potential, same with auto-loading holster. In terms of other world drops that have been re-introduced, weapons I would look into getting good rolls of include: Last Perdition, Gnawing Hunger, Jian 7 maybe, Truthteller with auto-loading, Interference 6, and Long Shadow.

Just keep in mind that these weapons are being sunset at various times during the year. In the description is my still mostly up to date guide on weapon rolls in general, although a video on the new perks isn’t out of the question. We do also have the raid weapons, but because of the new perks and because the old raids also had their power caps increased, I am going to throw all of those into their own video. But, just to do something REALLY quick for Deep Stone Crypt guns, here’s my suggestions: Commemoration the machine gun, look for Feeding Frenzy or Reconstruction and Rampage.

Heritage the slug kinetic shotty, look for Reconstruction and Recombination if you’re looking for something for the final boss of the raid. Bequest the sword, look for Relentless Strikes and Surrounded if you don’t have The Lament or a good Falling Guillotine. Temptation’s Hook can roll Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade though. Posterity the hand cannon, look out for Rapid Hit, Reconstruction or Feeding Frenzy and Rampage, Demolitionist, Redirection or One For All. Trustee, the scout, look for Outlaw or Reconstruction and then Redirection, High Impact Reserves or Wellspring.

Succession the sniper, look out for Reconstruction and Vorpal, I think that’s the only combo you’d want to use for PvE. Finally, when it comes to the raid, we have some good stuff in here, along with some perks that you can only find on raid weapons, which you do love to see. That was a lot of guns. Again, the perk meta hasn’t really changed, reload + damage perk is gonna be top tier, but as we’re moving away from that, we’re just trying to find the next best perks. Demolitionist and Wellspring are gonna be in the mix now especially for ability based builds, these more conditional damage perks like One For All are gonna be seen more often, but the classics are still around, just not as much. That’s what I got for you on guns, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time..

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