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Destiny 2: The Chalice of Opulence, New Pinnacle Weapon Preview & More


The final update before Season of Opulence has dropped and we’ve gotten some new info on how the Chalice of Opulence will work, a little more info on the pinnacle weapons, and some patch note previews for the next season. FIRST, the Chalice of Opulence. Essentially, the Chalice feels like the Mote Synthesizer and the Dawning Cookie oven mashed together. You’ll need runes to slot into the Chalice. You get these runes by doing weekly bounties, opening Nessus Barge weekly chests, that’s a new thing, or by using a consumable that will give you a rune after a strike, crucible or Gambit match. Then, you’ll put the runes into the chalice, you go do a round of Menagerie and you’ll get rewarded. The rewards are based on what kinds of runes you put into your Chalice. Then, you can upgrade the Chalice with Imperials, which have various effects, from giving you more powerfuls per week, to allowing you to choose specific guns and their masterwork stat, so pretty significant stuff. You earn Imperials from: weekly bounties, certain triumphs, special consumables and chalice upgrades.

Then, you can choose what you want to upgrade first: more rune slots to control an item’s specialization, more runes or rune variety or more powerful rewards from the Menagerie. Bungie gave an example of a weapon: if you wanted to make the “Beloved” sniper with Handling masterwork, you’d use a Rune of Jubilation, any red and any purple rune. So, it’ll be up to the community to figure out all of the different combinations of weapons and masterworks and armor and all of that stuff, which should be pretty fun and probably pretty quick given how the community can rally around stuff like this. Think I’m just gonna do all of the info first and we’ll do thoughts at the end. Pinnacle weapons are up next, starting with the Wendigo-GL3. Picking up an orb of light increases the grenade’s blast radius and damage. You can buff up to 6 grenades with the effect, so the only thing we’re missing is how much of a damage increase we’re gonna get. Also, it’ll come with blinding grenades as a magazine option, which is rare for drum magazine grenade launchers.

The Revoker sniper from Crucible is all about shot forgiveness. Missing a shot returns the bullet to the magazine after a short time. It can only return a single bullet at a time, so I can’t imagine you’ll be able to just spam a ton of shots and have everything come back to you. It comes with a low zoom Ambush scope and snapshot, which is good. And it’ll require 3500 Glory points, but you don’t lose progress if you lose. So, lemme clarify that since I got a bunch of questions yesterday, pretty simple to understand. You need 3500 Glory points. Not “you need to be 3500 Glory to get this gun.” It’s cumulative points that you earn while playing.

So if you win 2 games, let’s say you go up to 100 glory, then you lose a game and you go down 50 glory. Your glory rank will be 50, but your glory points earned towards the sniper will be 100. You just need to win enough games to get 3500 total glory points. Going on win streaks will get you there faster, but you’ll never lose progress. The Gambit weapon is Hush, a combat bow with a super beefed up version of Archer’s Tempo called Archer’s Gambit, wow, real original name, which speeds up the time between shots. You proc Archer’s Gambit by getting a hipfire precision hit. Alright, next up we have some weapon buffs. First up, fusion rifles are getting a really solid buff all around.

Non-exotic fusions are getting their PvE damage buffed by 30% to 47% depending on the type. Exotic fusions are technically also getting buffed, but by 5% or less in PvE. This change was made to bring legendary fusions a bit closer to their exotic counterparts. Sturm and Drang, remember those? Well, ever since Forsaken launched and special weapons became a thing, these fell off the map completely. They’re getting buffed. Storm and Stress max overcharge rounds are increased to 99. Sturm Overcharge now says how many bullets you have buffed and Overcharge PvE damage was increased by 100%.

There’s also a new version of Drang coming in Season of Opulence. Finally, swords are getting buffed. Ammo capacity is going up to a max of 70, with start ammo going up by 10. Most of the heavy attacks on swords had their ammo cost increased from 3 to 4 to compensate. Lightweight frame swords had most of their light and dash attack damage increased dramatically, with aerial light attack damage going down a little bit. The reason for these changes is to make sure that players mix in light attacks with their sword use as opposed to just mashing heavy attacks constantly. Lightweight and Aggressive swords will be showing up more in the new Season. Next, we have some more patch note previews: Fixed issue with Zero Hour on heroic, where it’s only available on the first character to complete the activity, the luxurious toast emote was fixed so that you can lounge indefinitely, you can’t win Crucible matches by getting kills after the timer has ended, that annoying bug where you’d have to apply shaders, ornaments, consumables, etc, multiple times before it would accept the item has been fixed, and some Radiant Matrix related bugs were also fixed.

Exotic catalysts are getting a little more visibility. With Opulence, you can track all of them via Triumphs and they’ll tell you where they can be found. When Update 2.5.0 goes live, Sunshot, Graviton Lance and Sweet Business catalysts will be placed back into the game. For reference, we’re on patch right now. Last on the list, the Pursuits tab is getting moved to the Director screen. You’ll be able to filter between bounties only and quests only, should help you stay more organized and pursuit inventory size has increased to 63 slots, up from 50, I imagine because it’s 21 per page for 3 pages. For you World First raiders out there: Players should be aware that turning in completed Gambit or Gambit Prime bounties from Season of the Drifter after Season of Opulence begins will result in the player’s next Infamy rank up granting rewards capped at 700 Power.

When asked for clarity if other similar systems like clan bounties or Petra bounties would work the same way, the clarity given was… not clear. That’s everything, let’s do some thoughts. No wait, I lied, that’s not everything. June 6th. 10am PDT. Bungie will be talking about the next step for Destiny 2. Seems like it’ll be a big deal. Now thoughts. The Chalice concept is pretty cool to me, basically takes the forge system, the Dawning oven, the mote synthesizer and slams them all together. The gameplay loop for this season is going to be: get runes, get imperials, slot them, do Menagerie to get the things you want. Seems like it’s the deepest version of the whole farming god roll weapons system we’ve been slowly introduced to, which is cool.

Like I mentioned in the previous video though, I dunno how many times I’m gonna be willing to go through the “farm god roll weapons” song and dance with these seasonal updates. I want more things to go do with these god roll weapons, not exactly more ways to farm them, but we need to actually play it first I guess before passing judgment. The pinnacle weapons all seem ok, I think the grenade launcher has the highest hopes out of all of them, but I’m interested in the bow as well, I really want to see how quickly you can fire bow shots with the perk proc’d.

People seem pretty down on the sniper because it doesn’t enhance your character in any way, it’s just a sniper with some insurance on it, but I don’t think that’s a super awful thing. However, having a set of armor that has double sniper scavenger may negate the need for bullets returning to your magazine since you can pick up a ton of ammo already. The fusion buff, Sturm buff and Sword buffs are all great, I was hoping for fusion rifles to start to be able to contest shotguns in the green ammo world and this will definitely help to a degree. Swords also really needed some love in almost every category, with ammo being the biggest factor, so that’s good too. I assume there’s even more stuff coming with the patch, I’d be pretty shocked if that was everything. Some people were disappointed by the lack of scout rifle changed teased, I really hope scouts get some love, but I think for that to happen, pulse rifle range will really need to get reigned in.

Scouts are only good at the longest of ranges and there aren’t many things in the game where you need to be or even can be that far away. Finally, the Bungie stream. What, oh what could it be? It’s probably not Destiny 3, considering the wording on the message says “Destiny 2” right on it. Bungie is not usually ones to start talking about content until they’re pretty close to a release, save for the initial release of Destiny 1. So, this could be signaling some sort of expansion in the coming months, it could be them talking about how seasons might change, it could be anything really. We may have a situation where Borderlands 3 is releasing around the same time as the next big Destiny thing, which for someone like me, sounds like a YT and Twitch nightmare.

Just have to wait and see I guess. That is your final Season of Opulence preview before it launches. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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