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Destiny 2: The Flawless Raid Challenge – Petra’s Run, Last Wish


Hello, everyone. It is me Daddo your gamer bro here with some hot gamer tips. This video is a full run of last wish, where we complete Petra’s run Petra’s run is the 13th wish that goes into the wall of wishes in the raid and is required for the ribbons bein title along with completing all of the other challenges. Petra’S run is where you must complete the raid flawlessly. No deaths are allowed at all note that you need to enter the 13th wish in order to activate Petra’s run mode. If you don’t activate it, it’s probably not gon na count if anyone dies at any point. In the raid, with the 13th wish activated, the entire team is booted to orbit instantly. The code for the 13th wish is in the description. The location of the well of wishes in the raid is also in the description I started.

Writing notes for each encounter, but after writing I was just talking about really obvious stuff. Like Kali. Maybe you don’t use a shotgun so you’re not flung into a wall. Sure, ochi, you know, make sure your comms are clear, but if you’re the kind of group that’s capable of going for a petrol run, you probably know these things honestly. The best thing you could do for your team in this run is just have clear. Call-Outs. That’S it assign roles beforehand, make sure everyone knows their jobs ahead of time and just play a little conservatively play like your life depends on it because it does. If you have a taken barrier mod, where you take 20 % reduced damage for 10 seconds after taking damage from a taken enemy, you’re gon na want to put that on, because it’s basically 20 % damage reduction for the entire raid. The only times you’re, really at risk of dying, are during Riven when you’re shooting her weak spots and the darts are flying at you.

Maybe the vault, if you get too saucy with a captain or a knight Morgoth, if you cut the 1 cycle too close and the darts are flying at you, it’s a lot of dart, related death, sure OG. If you mess up the puzzle, mechanic and Kali, if you get flung into a wall, all of these things are avoidable. By just playing smart. The biggest risks of death are actually when you’re, not even fighting anything. The platforming sections are easily the biggest killer. The bridge between Shero and more youth will be a runkiller for groups. I promise you this. The platforming section during Riven also a runkiller even the very end, with the heart, a runkiller be careful with platforming one section. I do want to talk about a little more in depth is Morgoth. The strategy here has been a little more refined since I’ve made the guide, but we’ll talk about it when we get there or you can just skip to the time on screen. Otherwise, this video is literally just a flawless run of the raid with coms and team chat and all that, that’s it that’s the whole thing nothing more cool all right enjoy.

I cannot believe we have failed three times dismantle the bounty. I don’t wan na see it. Don’T dis mail, the bounty you can’t get it again for five weeks can’t reacquired just this time. Second, the glittering key. We need a vector, delish yeah. I like doing this method a little bit better by jumping down to the chest. Yep yeah, I don’t know why. I just feel safer. I don’t like it I’m right there with you, I’m not chancing my ability to do that on Titan. That could be like literally hit it every single time. Yeah you stop it all right. Let’S roll! We can. I mean worst case scenario. We go back in finish it and then didn’t leave. It’S only gon na take. You know a couple minutes, and then we can have a lot of chuckles there’s no one get hit by the thing forgotten. I jumped out of the way my parents what I was describing a someone who is being not nice to me on Twitter for, like someone who’s just being like kind like every she’s kind of person. I was just describing that experience, and so I called him a chuckle and then my dad kind of gave this look. I’M like I’m sorry.

I know you swear he’s like no. That was a chuckle I was like here. We go three two one eat going for the shmatte. Oh, oh yeah! That’S why you should not buy us. Those melees get them in fast. Otherwise, I just go daddy. You moved away a little bit physic before with like a Malcolm, pointing me yep, that’s never having a mirror, not even an eater of worlds when I’m great results, never it’s! Okay! We people Thunder crashing our ghost, and that was fun that does sound fun kind of do that. Ah yeah. I think you can live so ya. Know, beware, poor goes Dadda wins the video. Can you kill our ghost with eight nope? I did I’m down for thunder. Six: six: we go three two one year. I do not have thing. I think you can make it.

There were no more because you can fly yeah. Probably I’m going all the damage pretty sick. Alright, I’m gon na top right top wait. I’M gon na table te has top left. Oh okay. Here we go three two one yeah. How does it I did. I literally just just heard him call it all right. Everyone just shift over to your right, one yep yep, yep yep. That’S it that’s my left! Butt: okay: here we go three two one you I got room it to pick one. I got this one top one: okay, three, two one go near the coal out, I’m gon na have leftover pieces come by. I actually kind of thought. A piece of this room was gon na have harmony in it. You blind well, and he has anticipated, not to hear you three two one yep. I want the red that beat the baby nighty-night, sir, in the corner, I got that’s actually Nemo’s. Remember verse spend yummy bucks. You get the order pizza just to look at your house and was on behind said yeah. I would pay for that. Let’S type slash deep in chat, chat, go ahead and give me a slash pizza. If you want to order pizza to your house, explanation point pizza in my chat, also a claim you know check. Oh here, yep, some ramen, three, two one II, I do not have a well, you know if you be any more precarious I’ll be great.

You are very precarious on your plate, a precarious person. I asked you to be more precarious. I thrive in chaos all right. The job right bottom left top what same ones. Here we go three two one yolk right right through mid top right; okay, I’ll, be bottom. Okay, good there we go three two one yep yep bottom left, mmm. Okay, I will do the last one. Three two one Yeow kill her okay, my head was lighted, yep bad, you just fine. You know it’s it’s. I keep think it’s gon na get old, but it really badly. No oh yeah master class and telling me right there. Okay, I’m getting there! Sorry boobs! Here you three two one eat Jesus go weak. What you’re strafing his own plate? Yeah yeah! I do it all! The time it’s just part of the fun sometimes like you want to try and do the bunny hop to get on the plate, so you’re not floating, and sometimes you catch the lip of it and you’re like sliding and moving back, is and do anything. And it’s just not fun, I struggle yeah, they end up jumping again and then you slide off and it’s like this whole thing. Yeah get rekt nice nice. I have vote for this meeting.

Okay kill ads here, they come lots of. Add is a night behind us. Yeah here we go three two one. Yep aside, this is literally the most stressful part like oh, I almost died there yeah. We are aware that this is the most stressful part. Well, hey! It’S me again, I’m back. Let’S talk more get while I do this jump puzzle. The only big change here is how to organize strength grabbing for this run, and I guess all future runs. What you should do is have three people on the left side all grab one strength. So someone from the left starts the fight, then two more will spawn in on the second wave. The other two people grab one each of the 3 people on the right. One person grabs two of them. The person with two is guaranteed to be caught in the first cyclone, which creates some predictability. The cyclone is then cleansed and then the third wave of strength will spawn in two on the left. Two on the right.

Two people on the Left will grab one each one person on the right will grab both so now left is 2 to 1 and the right will be 2 to 0. The person with 0 on the right will free, whoever is trapped and then either the player. With 1 or 0 grabs the final strength to start damage, if all goes well, you won’t even need – and I have Riven because you’ll just do it in one cycle: ok back to the back to the video things. Okay! So we’re changing it up here, right, PG, gift, the sub mortem, thanks, Freddy bungee call outs, and I am not familiar with the movement mechanics of using lion rampant. I am familiar with not using it and I don’t really want to change anything right now. While we’re data wins the Rat King only ribbon did know me.

I do want to do that. Don’T do only Nexus, I’m done I’m working on videos all weekend. So don’t worry about it. None of the boys as written is possible if you’re at 300, FPS or higher she’s, so stupid, didn’t waver are going three shots. 8000 boys inside over 300 FPS does about 10 % damage all right. Take the stress on the wild radians. You’Ve got it. The problem is you have to play in 720p? That’S real, weird yeah, I’m an ultra-wide. I can no trapped you. It was very difficult today. Trust me, there’s new ones get the software first yeah yeah. All three eyes are on the left. Yeah I’m gon na head middle. I am sick, I’m sad right middle! I’M crafting right metal over here. Hi. Look at me start heading to the back. Those vandals are dead yeah. It is get that up. Please! Alright! Here we go throw the knives. Oh okay! I don’t want to that one actually, not damn it. Okay, give them the business my nail.

Why aren’t you doing that? For me, thingies lots of darts mini darts, shooting them good, keep shooting them, stop it with the blade Raj. Please. It scares the shit out of me because I what’s happening, it just makes me nervous. Sorry, like you, makes me real nervous, what’s happening like it’s just it’s, the screen shake that’s what it is, because whenever I screen shakes like bad happening, it’s just like something’s happening. I can’t react fast enough, that’s already happening, or it comes from the dragon breathing fire to the left, as forest ants I have fish left fish left is to my left, this fire pan Holtz uh what doc, what oh good, what 40 orbs just spawned. I just ranked up to oh wait till the stream highlights video to see it going salad to your right side, salad, forest number, a piece of the data it aspire, big knife number and either is fire. Oh super they’re, always right yeah. Let’S focus up.

I guess I don’t even realize you grab that one total night that simple salad, the temples dead, sound on that one salad, a salad ants as far as is this the this is the third one yeah yeah. Yes, no, that was the second one. Okay, you are leaving spire Knights everywhere. I have a cheese got middle night: okay, yeah, oh gosh, that watch out for the signs. We got a new thing: yeah, just don’t stand near it bird on branch from branches, forest pen. I have loopy boy, loopy boy. Am i right good, get your limited-edition loopy boy, starting a fire put on a t-shirt, inspire everybody mandus toward my tether. We’Re going Horace Horace night is also nice. I have a aunt over this fire number aspire and handsomer. Yes, I am going to despite notated the spire is forming solid reference going temple today. Night is iron iron Sal, yes, Alice fire looks like on fire ill, very cool and very lift okay, fine on your go, inspire Knights everywhere. If somebody got to go to orbit to update or what am i dead, fired up, a thousand voices went right over my shoulder. Not if I had moved left.

I was far enough away from you with my two kills. You’Ve got to be very good snake. I have a snake to my left and sorry, I’m eared it impaled dragon mid. Pretty sure that was on my yes go on temple. I have he’s forest. I have put on bro. You can inspire [, Music, ], sorry going trees. Okay night is a spawn temple. He’S going in trees, the you’re going spire Knights everywhere, salad night death as far as dead night middle night middle we’re. Here, I’m just happy, I get to say salad, night gutentag, it’s like we did it before Here. I am once again rock you like a hurricane. A ricochet shot as we’re going down, shut up and shot himself. We start going down and like sores, are just showing there’s more after that hey any time. Now, that’s a good point that is very much in RTX on Rock mm-hmm. All rocks. Look like that! There’S something moist areas and dream city on that wonderful, we have ribbon alright. Alright, nobody kill the thing immediately liar you have to kill me. Oh pump, these are.this wait for the. I call outs habit of just wanting to murder.

Oh, it’s gon na be close I’ll. Make sure to get the rock yeah I got, it are two or three you said to whisper to someone I’m going to rock thank okay. That is right. Stairs middle infinity is top left stairs in the middle. Yes, no, no! No! No, not back to where you just were that. That’S fine! Do the crouch, you boy yeah, all the way up once had a heart attack there yeah it was more data stone than anything yeah, Rathi boy, okay, one more! I got it! L1. L3, yes, I got one dive-bomb. I’Ve left stairs on the right about 75 % of the way up s snake at third is left stairs. Two-Thirds up to the right I’ll be way out to the right confirm yep this one right this one, this one yep yep, yep yep. No, no! I know Madelyn Elaine, but he was asking on the knee himself, so I’ve been good or bad. Okay idiot. I just heard that I’m muttering it’s fire, inspire l2 r1 less than optimal or they got those right over fire fire. L3. L5 yeah.

So what middle country wants to use it? Let’S leave it there, you’re lonely or yeah. R4. R5. You know you’re doing our one. Okay, I’m getting what l3 yeah year, l3i no fuss right, yeah, I’m gon na shoot mine twice! Look at that! Damn it keep it clean and we’re good yep go to your plates start rotating. Keep it clean over all right hulks blade barrage immediately! Domine does not kill axion darts, I take it say. If take it, slow, no need to rush me. Yeah. Can I add it to this bank? Go me, I’m sorry, you’re right, [, Music ], I’m shooting orbs off someone. We only need like one there. We are so down to move all right. I’M gon na put a healer at the media Longway. You sure way long way. All of that, Oh everybody look who’s in front of you right now.

You don’t jump until that person jumped put a heel on the platform. After pillar sorry, this is a new way. I don’t usually go some of those yeah, I’m taking I’m taking lead on UT right, that’s fine! This is empowering but Oggy my gon na need back. It’S fine. I got it if you want to wait for a second. I marriage needle moving or don’t stop movin. Okay, it’s right there! She’S in here we got ta go. We got a banner up and go fast. I’M switching to the knife. Stalker right now, actually yeah any switches you want to make. Do it now. Do it now? Yeah, okay got it on my ground, yeah put on your rockets put on your fucking eye mmm! I would not do Rockets honestly, I don’t think you want is blowing yourself up yeah, I’m using thousand voices wouldn’t wouldn’t recommend that either it’s happening good rally up good. Whoever it is, and if you are the last person a no, you are always shooting the latter you’re, always getting the last orb. Okay, don’t go outside you’re, not go outside, don’t start yeah! That’S one goodbye friend me push forward.

Push forward push forward, get those darts down, get those darts down now another dart I mean there’s one flying over yeah. I know. Thank you. Eight seven, six, five, four, three, two one good 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Get away from me. I’M dropping in the hallway nano I’m gon na grab one right away: fine I’ll go camo and stick out the next one yeah it’s over by me. Okay, don’t get in front of me for a second 7. 6. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 15, 14. 13. 12. 11 and 9 he said watch out for this night. I got. I got some before 5. 4. 3. 2. 1 you’re on the left side, ok, being Gomi grabbing, one, do a lot of knights up one 15. 14. 13. 12. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. Four three: two one: zero, yes, 7:01. 17. 16. 15. 14 picked up. 14. 12. 11. 10. I’Ve got line 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. 2. 15.

All right not do anything, stand still will notice. A 2-0 physics us she’s just gon na cast your little spell on us this entire time. We also don’t kill yourself in here, because otherwise it doesn’t count on rate for flawless yeah. I mean honestly description. Oh, take it to orbit he’s gon na get like his 50,000 good. I was really worried. Voice is gon na, be somebody dying. Well, don’t go, got it got it got it good job. Everybody

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