Destiny 2: The Road to Enlightened-ment – Garden of Salvation Raid Challenges


The road to Enlightenment is a… time-gated one, but not too difficult save for 1 or 2 challenges. In today’s video, we’re going to cover all of the weekly rotating challenges for Garden of Salvation, along with the 1 time only triumph challenges needed for the Enlightened title. If you’re looking for a specific encounter, check the description for timestamps. We’ll start with the first encounter. The weekly challenge triumph is called Leftovers, aka the Staying Alive challenge, where all you need to do is not kill certain Cyclops that spawn in the encounter. Now, you do need to kill certain Cyclops in order to progress the encounter, those are fine to kill. But, whenever a PAIR of cyclops spawn in, usually in the room with the boss in it, you are not allowed to kill those or you fail the challenge.

In the final section of the encounter, the field of cyclops, you ARE allowed to kill those cyclops and not fail the challenge. Whoever at Bungie thought that it would be a good idea to allow you to kill them, I don’t know what you were thinking, but I don’t make the rules. This one is simple. The 1 time triumph challenge is Voltaic Tether, where you can only tether to doors if you have Voltaic Overflow. This one is also pretty simple and just requires some on the fly callouts. 3 people will grab Overflow, tether to the door, and progress the fight as normal, pushing forward while non-Overflow players will handle the previous room. When the first player who picked up Overflow has their debuff fall off, they can just rotate out while a player who just picked up Overflow replaces them. If you want to set up an order beforehand, you can, I just don’t think you really need to, it’s as simple as “you have debuff? Ok come over here,” and that’s it. The second encounter have things get a little more tricky. The weekly challenge is called A Link to the Chain, where you need everyone to link together or get the Enlightened buff at approximately the same time.

You can do this at different relays, but you just need to count it down with everyone. What my team did is the following: 2 people stayed behind at the base, 2 people left and 2 people right. The 2 people would wait to kill the Angelic until the other 2 teams were in position. Then, all 3 teams kill their Angelics, do a 3-2-1 countdown and would all activate the tether box at the same time while already being in position to make sure the tether goes straight to the relay. After this, we would send both people from the right side and 1 from the left to the final relay, with a person from home base covering for the right side team.

The final relay would be unlocked by that team of 3. Then, after all enemies are dead and enemies subsided, the 3 players not at the final relay would stack up at home base, while the 3 at the final relay just stayed there. We did a countdown, 3-2-1, activate, and then continued the fight as normal, rebuffing together after every subsided message as quickly as possible to avoid being locked out by Angelics. You should try to rebuff at relays that have already had Angelics spawn in so that there is no risk of being locked out of the tether box if you were slow. The 1 time triumph challenge is Replusion Theory, where you can’t tether if you are Enlightened. This challenge can work pretty similarly to the weekly challenge in that you need to coordinate teams to tether together, except you can be much more on the fly about it as opposed to needing a rigid structure. You can send your teams of 2-2-2 out, they all buff together, send 3 to the final relay, their buff will have fallen off by the time they rebuff, the 3 players at home can rebuff as well and then you just continue the fight as normal, covering for each other as needed if anyone gets out of place.

You just don’t have to all rebuff at the same time and people can swap in and out as needed. The third encounter’s weekly challenge is To The Top, where you can only bank 10 motes at a time. Thus, instead of doing the 5-10-10-5 strategy of banking motes, you need to do 10-10-10. This doesn’t really change the fight at all and just makes it so you need to move a little bit faster and locate and kill the minotaur a little bit faster than usual. Then, continue the fight normally. This strategy is one that is already in use by a fair amount of teams and is actually faster than 5-10-10-5.

However, 5-10-10-5 is just a little more reliable. The 1 time triumph challenge is Relay Rally, where you are not allowed to kill anything if you have the Enlightened buff. Have the team of 3 that is doing the eyes on the boss mechanic start the fight so that way the mote team doesn’t need to worry about Enlightened. Then, on the mote team, assign one person to be sitting by the relay for the entire fight. Instead of 3 people getting motes in a 1-2-3 order, only 2 players will get motes, 1-2-1-2, while the 3rd player just sits at the relay killing the adds. Obviously the Enlightened player will remove the shields of the enemies so that the other player can kill them. The boss team works as normal. HOWEVER, if you’re the final enlightened player going into boss damage, you can do damage as normal, just be sure to not get final blow on the boss. The final encounter’s weekly challenge is the Zero to 100 challenge, where you need to completely fill your relay in 10 seconds. This means 3 people banking 10 motes each. Note that you do not need to do this on both sides at the same time, but you can if you want, which is what my team did.

Here’s how to make that happen. Players 1 and 2 go into their portal and both grab motes, up to 9, just do not get 10, whatever you do, not 10, because you need to refresh your timer. When both players have all their motes, they are teleported out and player 3 goes in and gets 10 motes and is then teleported out as soon as possible. Players 1 and 2 go back into their portal, finishing collecting motes, then are teleported out as soon as possible. Then, all 3 players dunk their motes back to back to back.

This sequence needs to happen with a fair amount of speed because you don’t want the mote timers to run out, so the solo player should use whatever means to collect motes quickly. Note that if you’re doing this on both sides at the same time, this exact sequence is happening on that side too and I would recommend doing both sides at the same time so you never will need to worry about shielded vex. You want to also prevent any sacrifices during this time. You won’t have a ton of time to make repairs either, nor do I think you should really bother with them, since you’re teleporting so often. Bringing a well of radiance to sit in isn’t a bad idea for damage phases. Note that you’ll have to do this for every damage phase, it is not just a one time thing.

The 1 time triumph is Stop Hitting Yourself, where you need to kill 20 vex using the animation of the plates either disappearing because of the boss, or being rebuilt by players. The plates will kill anything in the area of the plate when it is destroyed or rebuilt. The strategy my team used was to shoot the heads off of vex in order to prevent them from running to the relays and instead aggro players, and then lure the vex to plates that are being rebuilt or destroyed, often rebuilt since you can actually control that. We had 2 Warlocks doing the kiting of the headless vex, so they could heal each other with healing nades, rifts and Wells.

If any vex attempt to sacrifice, you won’t be able to get them out of that animation, so just kill them. However, this method is pretty unorthodox and I’d actually recommend a different, easier method. The other method involves filling up a relay to it’s maximum first and then start the killing process. By filling a relay on one side to full, the goblins that wander over shouldn’t try to sacrifice and instead will just kind of … loiter in that area. When you have a bunch, rebuild the plate and crush them. This does limit you to having to destroy a specific plate, but it is not that big of a deal. Is it as fun as the other method? Nah, but I can’t imagine most people are going for fun for this challenge. I don’t have a clip for this method though, so I’m just gonna continuing explaining the method I used in case something happens with that method. In the mean time, the other 4 players will be collecting motes, 2 players going into 1 side at a time, progressing the fight as normal.

2 people go into a portal, come out, 2 people go into a portal, come out, fill the bank, and do it again. Enlightened players need to remove shields, but try to let the Warlocks or whoever is doing the kiting knock off the heads so that they’ll be the ones with aggro. When a bunch of vex have been collected, you want to guide them over to where a plate is going to be rebuilt, rebuild it, and then jump out of the way right before the animation would kill you, while also being close enough to the center of the plate so that the vex can’t walk out of it. It’s a loose timing, but it might take you a couple of tries to get it right. My team also counted 1 less vex for every kill plate just to ensure we killed enough, you don’t wanna end up with 19 killed. Ideally, you would be able to get all of the kills before the first damage phase, but if you have to do a little after it, that’s ok. As soon as you get the 20 kills, you can just continue the fight as normal.

Those are the 8 challenges for the raid. Good luck with them, thank you for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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