Destiny 2 The Secret of Nezarec’s Sin (Warlock Exotic Helmet) By: patelk_44


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This exotic helmet’s exotic perk (Abyssal Extractors) grants your guardian with enhanced ability and super cool down for 3 seconds when you get a kill with a void ability or weapon.

Let’s keep this guide simple and sweet: if you manage to get a second void kill within that 3 second window, the timer will jump all the way up to 19 seconds. This is great because during those 19 seconds, your super is charging at a much faster rate. Chaining any additional kills within this 19 second window will reset the timer back to 19 seconds, making the build even more potent.


The build works particularly well with Devour (bottom tree Voidwalker), as it helps chain kills within that 3 second window more easily. Try keeping a high intellect and discipline stat, and try to activate devour before engaging your opponents.

It can also work with middle tree by leveraging the handheld supernova to chain kills and keep the timer going.

One more thing I’d like to note is that Nezarec’s Sin can also be used with Arc and Solar classes. Abyssal Extractor can proc from any void weapon kills.


Be mindful to always equip void weapons, as Abyssal Extractor only procs on void kills.

Gnawing Hunger – One of the best choices. Has the quickest ttk (for now) and is great for chaining multi kills since it can roll with rampage or kill clip. Works extremely well when devour is activated before you engage your opponents.

Last Perdition – My favorite. The curated roll with rangefinder and rampage is exceptional. As you can see in the video, the weapon is very consistent and can two tap when rampage is activated. Also works with kill clip, but I prefer rampage since it doesn’t require me to reload.

Claws of the Wolf – Rapid fire pulse rifles have a great time to kill. This pulse rifle is exceptional, but I wish this archetype had a higher handling stat to make them more lethal when playing aggressive.

The Recluse – To be honest, I haven’t played much with Recluse since it got nerfed. But I can imagine how powerful it could be when combining it with devour and mopping the enemy team.

Some other options are Hard Light, Telesto, Hammerhead, Tractor Cannon, Retold Tale. This list can go on, but be mindful that you want to try and get two kills within 3 seconds, so there will always be some weapons that are better at doing this than others.


This technique of making the timer jump to 19 seconds works the majority of the time. I have had instances where it didn’t work, but it was mostly when I was chaining kills with my super and abilities, or in some instances where my teammates assisted the kill. I still haven’t figured out what causes this. Oddly enough, I’ve even had instances where I’ve gotten a 10 second timer on my first weapon kill (scratching my head.)

Overall, I’ve had most of my success doing this when I was using Gnawing Hunger or Last Perdition. I don’t think this is a build you would main in Trials of Osiris, but it’s definitely fun to change it up if you’re in quickplay and want to challenge yourself while trying something new.


~ Special K Dude

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