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What is up guys wreck cactus here and today there has been a lot of changes to the dreaming city number one if you go and turn in your Oracle, offering um you’re gon na get to see the Queen. So that’s the thing, but, most importantly, and the topic for this video Bungie has released their brand new dungeon. Yes, a dungeon. This is a fully fledged big mission that honestly feels like a raid lair. It doesn’t have unique rewards, but it has boss fights. It has mechanics challenging puzzles and you will get multiple pieces of powerful gear going all the way up to 600, while doing this dungeon, and so this video is going to cover a complete guide start to finish for how to do set dungeon, and so, let’s get Started the first thing you’re gon na need to do is get to the entrance to activate this mission. How you do so is head further into the large I guess castle.

Whatever this large building is in the top section of the Dreaming city simply follow the same route. I show in the background gameplay, but essentially you’re kind of heading down to the ahamkara skulls you’re going into the portal that you went for the second weeks as Senate challenge. I believe, and then you’re going to go even more forward this time to kind of the upside down blind. Well, there’s an ascendant and at a conversion of the blind. Well and now there is a massive portal at the back of it, and this massive portal is going to contain the ability to activate this brand-new dungeon, so make sure you got a full fireteam of as high of a light as possible because recommended level 570, the Enemies in there are 590, so power level is definitely an important factor in your success. An event when you’re ready activate this mission and it will teleport you into the dungeon now immediately upon spawning in you’re gon na have to go forward, jumping from floating rock to floating Rock making your way to the center arena, and once you do get closer you’re Gon na have respawning restricted pop up on your screen, and a bunch of enemies are going to spawn.

You’Re gon na have to kill basically all of these enemies, but amongst them is going to be your main target, the labyrinth architect. Now you have to kill this labyrinth architect and then go and kill a bunch more, but where these other labyrinth architects are located, is going to be kind of the mechanic for this encounter. So after killing the first one you’re then going to see a symbol pop up around the area that you just killed: that guy now that symbol is going to be the symbols that you’re familiar with. If you’ve done the raid, but that symbol is going to represent the next area, you’re going to need to go so our symbol was the downwards curving fish. That means we need to go around and explore this area and find that same downwards.

Curving fish on a wall, and here it is now they’re a little bit difficult to see because they are darkened and once you do kill the architect, they will light up to indicate they’re completed, but that’s exactly what it’s gon na look like bearing different symbols. Obviously so, there’s a bunch of ads everywhere and that’s actually a good indication of where you’re supposed to go. Now it doesn’t work 100, the time, but if you do from afar see a bunch of ads in a location, that’s likely the place you’re going to need to go so basically you’re just going to need to head around this area. Explore take mind of where you see those symbols on the wall and then just move from place to place to place, find the architects kill them. Look at the symbol go to the area in which this symbol is showing now, as for some tips to get through this faster, all the enemies spawn in kind of a small cluster. If you have a tether, especially with orpheus rigs, very, very effective. Additionally, those architects are pretty tanky, something like the escalation, shotgun or pretty much.

Any good shotgun is great for taking them down fast. Now, after travelling around this arena, killing a bunch of architects slaying out on ads and activating all those different symbols, it will eventually take you kind of back to the middle you’re going to kill the last architect and as soon as you do, you’re going to get A legendary drop. This is going to be a piece of powerful gear. It drops, even though it’s dreaming city loot. It drops basically the same way as if you would have beaten a raid encounter. Actually so once you see this reward pop up, you have completed this part of the dungeon and then, as you can see, you’re gon na fall down this massive hole which is going to open up right where you killed that final architect and then you’re just gon Na have to slay your way through. A bunch of ads, however, got a little bit of a shortcut here. You can drop down from this bridge to the left and from there keep running you could just skip past all these ads.

You don’t actually have to kill them until you reach this section here and you see Asterion set apart a special takin night bus. You are gon na, have to kill this guy, so this is gon na, be where you want to slow down. Stop skipping ads. You want to kill a stereo on and then also you do want to kill the ads around them. They don’t really despawn, there’s a couple of snipers that can really cause issues, and once you do kill this boss, there’s going to be a door that opens and you head in here now in this large section, you want to head up to the left hand side, But again, there’s a ton of snipers, so you actually kind of want to before you go into that door and just get picked apart, use a sniper rifle or a scout rifle and take down those stupid snipers before they destroy you again and then just once they’re Dead, you can head up to the left and start making your way forward now, once this is a large large area. So once you get to the second half of this area, you’re gon na have to slow down a little bit again, take out snipers and then keep moving forward.

Now, after making your way through that massive room you’re going to head off to the left, once you get to the back and follow the same route that you can see me do eventually that’s going to lead to this area here, where you have to walk along These thin beams and there’s going to be a bunch of the incredibly annoying taken ogres that will push you there’s the same ones from the raid. If you have taken on Riven, so you can just kind of run past these guys, you can go invisible. You can hope for the best or you can take some time and kill them. It’S up to you if you want to try to go for the fast run or take it really slow and kill them, but essentially you just make your way on all of these little beams to the very back of this room, as you can see here, then You’Re gon na pass through some weird goop, and this goop is indicative of the fact that you’re now slowed, there’s a bunch of shadow thralls everywhere, and you cannot double jump. So this can be problematic, you’re going to maybe want to take this slow or have some area of effect, grenades. Something like vortex.

Grenades are gon na, be fantastic. You can just throw them behind you in all of the thrall following. You will kind of just go through that area of a fact and die in any event, you’re going to follow the same route that I go here, you’re going to see another kind of wall of goop pass through here and it’s gon na remove that slowed penalty And you’re going to see a long hallway just head down here once you reach the end you’re gon na head off to the right, but watch how the floor is lava. If you go this direction like it’s going to hurt you anytime, you’re on it, so try to stick to any sort of objects. Just sticking above the floor, eventually you’re going to make your way to this area. Here, you’re going to see a bunch of ads spawned up at the top by a doorway. You have to kill these ads once you do. The doorway is going to open head inside and off to the left again drop down, as you can see in the background. Gameplay keep moving forward and eventually you’re going to see this open area here and a new objective saying overcome the keeper of petitions.

This is gon na, be your first boss fight, so drop down and a bunch of enemies are going to spawn. There’S going to be an ogre in the very center with an immunity shield around him and then a bunch of yellow bar wizards are going to spawn around this arena. You’Ll also notice that there are four different objects around this arena that are kind of very easy to spot, they’re kind of the same as what you put arc orbs into. But I digress here are the mechanics for this encounter. You have to go around and kill all four of the different wizards, so when you kill one he’s, gon na jump out of a little orb and going over, this orb is going to give you a buff or should say debuff for your entire team. This buff is called petitioner’s mark and it’s going to come with a time you can see in the left corner of your screen. When this time reaches zero, you will die. Essentially, this is the time that you have to go and kill the next wizard. So you have to kill one wizard. Is it going to give you petitioners mark then, within that time frame you have to go, kill the other one. When you do and again it’s gon na drop that little orb you grab, that orb is gon na give you petitioners mark times two with a new time, then you go kill the other one.

Then you go kill another one. Eventually, after killing, four Wizards you’re, not gon na, have petitioners mark times four in sted you’re going to have a brand new buff called petitioners burden. So you need to send someone with the petitioners burden buff to go and slam on one of those objectives. We talked about earlier, you literally just walk up to it and if you do have this buff hold square or whatever interact is, and you will just slam and then the ogre shield is going to go down, and this is when you DPS him now it should Be noted that he is going to shoot a bunch of those seeking taken orbs. You definitely want to watch out for those those do so much damage, but also another wizard is randomly going to spawn. So you may want to deal with this guy or at least go into an area where the wizard is not. You want to go into an area that’s safe to DPS. If you can now something very important like I said, you have to have the petitioners burden.

Buff in order to slam the objective and take down the ogre shield, but if you die within this encounter, your petitioners mark buffs are gon na go away. So if you have times two and then you die you’re going back to zero, so you need to make sure that someone in this encounter like doesn’t die and has all the way up to times four to get the burden. That person is doing the slamming. So if you just run in trying to slam and you’re like wait, what’s going on, it’s probably because you died now in terms of killing this Oh Gert sleeper, fantastic, Whisperer, fantastic, any sort of super is probably gon na, be pretty good. You know a well of Radiance, we didn’t have one, but that would also be quite quite good and in fact that may let you actually survive a seeking taken orb, but just DPS him. You can one face him as you can see in the background, but if you don’t, if his shield goes back up, you just have to do the same thing again: kill for wizards get the burden buff slam.

His shield goes down DPS now, once you do beat the sky you’re going to get a piece of powerful gear, so enjoy your reward and then you’re going to have to head down the hallway of the door. That’S just opened up. It’Ll come be a glowing very obvious, hallway to head down eventually there’s going to be a statue that you need to interact with you approach this statue and you actually present your awoken talisman that exotic object you got forever ago to unlock the Dreaming city. This is where need to prove that your awoken essentially so this is where you present it moving on from there you’re going to keep pushing forward and eventually you’re gon na scale, this massive tower, as you can see here, but first things: first, you got a head. Basically, to the very bottom, there’s going to be an elevator that you head up with some ads surrounding it.

This is basically the entirety of this mini encounter. You just need to kill ads that are standing near the elevator go up the elevator, then there’s going to be a new group of ads guarding another elevator kill those head up that elevator. You keep doing that kind of going up an elevator looking around for the ads killing those ads heading up, another elevator until you get to the very top, once you do, you’re gon na be presented with a very narrow, passageway and a bunch of those taken explosions That are gon na push you off the edge and kill you if you get too close, so take it slow look for the patterns like wait until they explode and then move forward a bit. You know wait until the next one’s exposed, then move forward a bit and then just make your way across this encounter. Once you do you’re going to see one more elevator, that’s going to take you to the very top and then you’re going to see the final boss, surrounded by some more bosses. Essentially, we have Salva Thune’s daughter, I think, is here and there’s a bunch of those massive massive hive knights.

So what you’re going to need to do is kill all three of those hive knights and here’s a trick at the same time, because once you do kill a hive Knight, the boss, the wizard is going to become available to damage and that hive Knight is going To drop a sphere and picking that up is going to give you a massive massive damage boost, but you’re gon na have the other two knights deal with and it can be chaotic. So if you kill all three at around the same time, then the boss will become available to damage and you’ll be able to pick up all three of their buffs, all three of the little orbs that they spawn and then you’re gon na get an absolutely insane Damage buff, as you can see in the background gameplay and you can absolutely melt the crap out of this boss and that’s what we did.

We killed her incredibly fast. However, if you aren’t this lucky – and you aren’t this high of a power level, then if you don’t kill her in one damage phase, she is going to spawn a crystal kind of behind her that you need to kill once you do, kill this crystal, because if You don’t, I believe it wipes the team, but once you do kill this crystal, the three Knights are going to spawn back in so you’re gon na have to kill those guys all over again collect those damage, boosts DPS her again, like that’s how you get from Damage phase to damaged phase I mean preferably you do what we did and then just melt her in one go, and it’s a lot easier to melt her in one go.

If you do kill those Knights at the exact same time and get the triple buff, and once you kill this bah, then you have completed this brand-new dungeon and you will get another powerful reward and there it is guys hope you enjoyed this video found it informative And if you did, please remember to help me out by simply rating, and especially sharing this video, if you guys want to see more destiny content similar to this, don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button. And if you guys want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity, the best way is to follow me on twitter at Rick. Cactus, that’s linked to the description down below, as is my twitch channel, which you can also follow. I can hope you enjoyed the video and, as always, have a good day.

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