Destiny 2: The Shattered Throne Guide – Bosses, Chests, Ahamkara Lore Bone Locations


The Shattered Throne is a new activity released with the 3rd iteration of the Dreaming City and yes, it will stay around permanently. This dungeon as it’s been called is essentially a 3-man end-game level activity, in between the difficulty of a strike and a raid, with bosses with mechanics within it. In today’s guide, I’ll be showing you the encounters along with the locations of chests and lore collectables. If you’re looking for information on that OTHER thing, check the video I uploaded before this one. Check the description for timestamps. First thing to know is that the Shattered Throne is not like a story mission, this is something that will take you a little while to do. It is a 570-590 level activity as well, it is an END GAME activity for 3 people. It rewards powerful level drops as well. Respawn timers are 45 seconds long, as opposed to the regular 30 of lesser activities. In order to actually get to the Shattered Throne, you need to find the Confluence, which is available via portal in the Dreaming City. The easiest portal is the one located in the Spine because that’s the closest one.

Head to the spine and then follow the on screen directions. The first encounter drops you in a maze in search of temples and shrines to kill Labyrinth majors. The first major will be in front of you when you walk into the first room. When you kill all of the adds in this area, an icon will pop up with a picture of either a dragon, snake, bird or fish. You need to find the corresponding icon and defeat the enemies at THAT location until you defeated all of them at all locations. On the screen now is a general location guide of all of the icon temples and shrines.

The order of the icons you get appears to be random every time. There is no big secret or strategy to this part of the dungeon at all, it is literally just hopping around from temple to temple killing the target until you get to the final one. Once you kill the final target, a floor will open up and you’ll progress to the next section. This next section is a platforming section. There are secret chests and lore collectables in the section, but if it’s your first time clearing, don’t worry about those for now. If you want to get them anyway, go to later in the video for their locations, sorry for having you ping-pong back and forth. Up until you get to a section where you are slowed, there isn’t much to this part. Platform your way up to what I’m calling Anor Londo, then you’ll traverse the high beams, watch out for Ogres here who will absolutely boop you off. Eventually, you’ll reach a room that slows you down, you can’t use extra jumps or anything.

This is the thrall gauntlet and you can’t regenerate health in here. SO, you may want to utilize things like Crimson, Wormhusk Crown, Karnstein Armlets, One-Eyed Mask, anything that you can do to regenerate health is helpful. Once you get through the gauntlet, it is time for the first boss, Vorgeth, I assume brother of Morgeth. Vorgeth will be immune to start. There are 4 wells around the center of the arena. The goal is to extinguish these wells to remove the shield protecting Vorgeth. When you initiate the fight, you’ll start to have adds spawn everywhere, including Keeper of Petitions, which are just super beefy Wizards. When you kill a Wizard, they’ll drop a buff called Petition’s Mark. When you pick it up, you’ll have a timer placed on yourself and the entirety of your team that lasts for 45 seconds. If this ever runs out, you die. If you ever die, you lose your stacks. You need to stack this up to 4 in order to gain the Petitioner’s Burden buff, also lasting 45 seconds, which enables you to extinguish a well.

Extinguishing a well removes the shield of the boss and you can shoot Vorgeth. Vorgeth will also summon 4 axion darts every few seconds that you should shoot down if possible. If the shield comes back, this process repeats until Vorgeth dies or you wipe. Adds will despawn during the damage phase. As for team composition and loadouts, generally anything will do well here. Well of Radiance is good as either a tool to survive or a tool to deal more damage. Most supers from all classes work fine here, as well as most, if not any weapons. Whisper and Sleeper will likely be your go to boss damage weapons, similar to the raid.\par The strategy here is to simply go around the room killing wizards as a group. The vandals that spawn will also give you some potential trouble, especially at lower power levels. Kill them quickly, then move onto the wizards, sticking together. You can deal damage to the boss anywhere in the room. There is also a triumph for killing Vorgeth in one damage cycle, pretty easily done with Whisper spam.

When you kill Vorgeth, the door in front of you will open and you’ll start the section, which is another platforming section. The statue you see next will ask for your Dreaming City medallion, if you give it to it, it’ll disappear from your inventory, but you’ll still be able to enter the Dreaming City. Again, not much to these platforming sections, you’ll just be killing adds before moving forward, you’ll have another easier thrallway to get through and that’s about it.\par After another couple of platforming sections, it’s time for the final boss, Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return, a 590 power level boss.

When you start the encounter, you’ll have 3 giant knights slowly walking around to you along with MANY psions spawning. The knights are basically a one shot if you get hit directly and will disappear every so often. The goal here is to kill as many knights as you can before they go immune so you can damage the boss. When you kill a knight, you’ll be given the Finite Thought buff, which allows you to deal damage to the boss, but it will also give the other Knights an immunity shield after a short time. Destroying the crystal that eventually spawns behind the boss will remove this immunity shield from said Knights.

Finite Thought can stack up to 3 times if you manage to kill all 3 knights. When Finite Thought starts to get low on its timer, you’ll need to use the middle plate to cleanse yourself. This process repeats itself until the boss dies or you wipe.\par Team composition again does not matter too much here, any combination of supers is going to work just fine, tethers are good to start, Melting Point is good, you have pretty much free reign here. The strategy here is to run a lot.

Killing psions should be a priority at the start as they will quickly duplicate and overwhelm, a tether here is great, otherwise leading off with a super is a very good idea. It is very possible to burst down one of the knights right at the beginning of the fight as a team and if your damage is good enough, all of them. In fact, this fight can last as little as a few seconds if you manage to stack Finite Thought 3 times and nuke the boss, as we did in this clip.

This is not a very long encounter. The best thing you can do for yourself in this fight is create space for yourself and team, cover is very limited and the sooner you get rid of the psions, the better. When you kill the boss, you are done with this dungeon, congratulations. Those who are able to clear the raid already probably won’t have much trouble with this place on your first run. This activity feels like it was designed to be a 3 man style raid activity, it is actually what I’ve been hoping regular STRIKES would end up becoming for a while now and I think this is a great in between. For the enthusiast, there are triumphs to solo this dungeon, get no deaths AND solo and no deaths. Let’s do chest and lore collectables now. You should come prepared with Tincture of Queensfoil as some of these collectables require the use of them. I know the location of X chests, 2 of them are “big” chests, that’ll make sense in a minute, and 3 lore collectables as of this video.

Any updates to this will be in the description. The Taken Eggs will be in another video as they encompass the entire Dreaming City. In the first section, we have 1 chest and 1 collectable. The first chest is by the dragon breathing fire temple. Face the temple and turn left about 100 degrees. You’re going to go down the cliff edge and in a cave will be a chest. The chests are similar to the regular chests you may find in the Dreaming City, giving soft cap level blue or purple items. The first lore collectable is in the boring bird temple towards the front of the zone.

You need to be ascendant to collect this one. Enter the temple and jump out the right side window. Take the platforms up, enter the building again, going to the other side, and take the platforms up to the roof. The bones will be on top of the roof. Moving on past the first area, the area before what I’m calling the Anor Londo castle has a chest and a lore. When you get to the door to Anor Londo, turn left and look at the cliff. There will be a set of platforms on the cliff’s edge that you can jump on, jump all the way up following the video. The chest is in the room sealed with a door. The lore is on the other side of the chasm, directly across from this chest, ascendance required. Simply jump on the platforms going to the other side and in the door will be the lore. Enter Anor Londo castle and make your way up to the high beams, there’s another chest and lore in here. You’re going to go all the way to the right side of the beams, jumping across beams as needed heading towards the next part of the dungeon.

Behind a Taken Blight thing that spawns are a set of platforms that will take you to a very long beam, which has lore at the end of it. Head to the entrance of the thrallway, the thrall gauntlet, and go off to the right side along the edge for the next chest. Enter the thrallway for the first BIG chest, by big chest, I mean it’ll have some Reverie Gear and Dark Fragments, like actual important stuff. All you’re going to do is jump over the railing directly in front of you when you’d normally turn left. When you’re just about to hit the railing, the Slowed debuff will go away and you can land safely. Turn around for the chest and a portal to send you back to where you were. The next chest is also a big chest after the Vorgeth fight.

Before you take the elevator up, there’s an ascendance needed chest off to the right side, where the wizards are. Finally, the last chest that I’m aware of is right before you take the final 2 elevators up after the next thrall gauntlet. Instead of taking the elevator up, go behind it and make a right to find the chest. That is my guide to the Shattered Throne dungeon, like I said, any updates to this place will be in the description unless I need to make another new video for them, in which case I will.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time..

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