Destiny 2: The Void Configuration Puzzle Solution – Zero Hour Heroic


The Void Configuration puzzle has been solved within Zero Hour. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, well, just keep watching I guess. If you’re just looking for codes or looking for a specific part, check the description. The Void Configuration and future solar and arc configuration puzzles, are a secret objective within the Zero Hour mission for Outbreak Perfected, similar to the ship we got in Whisper of the Worm. We don’t know the reward to it just yet, as we need to wait another couple of weeks for it to unlock, but given that the reward for completing one of the puzzle is a Ship Schematic, well,you can take a guess. Regardless, in this video, we’re going to go over the Void based solves for the puzzle.

I imagine the solar and arc puzzles will work in a similar way, just with different combinations, and the solutions to solar and arc will be posted in the description of this video as they are found. The puzzle must be completed on the Heroic version of Zero Hour. In order to start the puzzle, you must grab the Void Configuration tablet from the first room with enemies in Zero Hour, it’s over where Eva Levante used to stand in Destiny 1. Next up, we’ll be grabbing 3 key cards to unlock the tablet. The first card is in the room after you fall down a vent when you go outside where the ship is after all of the combat. Instead of going through the vent, look behind you and there will be a path where you need to crouch that you can take all the way down. Grab the card and move on. The next card is by the sewer exits found in a similar way.

Before leaving the sewer exit and going outside, to the right side of the room will be another path where you can crouch for the next card. The final card is after the sewer exit, wall platforming section, before the slide you take down. Instead of taking the slide, turn left, walk to the wall, turn right and you’ll see the card in a vent. Now that you have all of the keys, the next part is at the vault before the boss fight. Alright, time to solve this. In this vault room are 52 terminals.

3 of them are the “main” terminals, which are in the main vault room, while the other 49 are split into groups of 7 in the remaining 7 rooms on the sides of the vault room. The chart on screen now shows the configuration of these terminals. Each room is color coded, green in the top left, red on the bottom left, and so on.

The three main terminals have 2 dials each, going 1 through 12. When you enable the terminals, each of these three terminals will have a light shining on 1 of the 12 dials. You must use the “codes” of these terminals to determine which of the 49 sub-terminals that you must lock. The main terminal codes are read left to right, I know it’s tempting to read the bigger dial first. Fortunately, a lot of brilliant minds, including a lot of folks in my clan Math Class and on the raidsecret subreddit and discord worked together to collect the data required to determine which codes lock which sub-terminal, so all YOU need to do is go into the description, pull up the spreadsheet of all of the void codes and go to town.

You need to do ALL 49 terminals, but for every one you complete, you get 15 seconds back on the clock. You do not need to finish Zero Hour if you don’t want to or don’t have the time. We’ll do some examples just to make sure things are clear. In the VOID configuation, for the most part, just reading terminal 1 will get you the answer I’d say about 70% of the time, but there are some codes that have duplicates on terminal 1. For example, if terminal 1 reads 1-1, there are 2 sub-terminals that could be the answer when it’s void, so you need the information of terminal 2 to finish it. I don’t think there’s a single sub-terminal that requires all 3 main terminal codes to complete for the void version, but in future versions, there absolutely could be, just check the chart.

Here’s some live examples just in case. Uhhh 1-10. Marrec: 7-11. That’s Red 6. 3-3 is gonna be… Green 7. 1… err sorry, 2-4. Marrec: I got 1-6. That’s gonna be Green 2. After you do all 49, you’ll have your schematic and you’ll wait until the following week until they’re all done. Thanks to the many people who worked on solving the void puzzle and finding the codes, again, Teawrex, Math Class, raidsecrets and all in between.

Thank YOU for watching and I’ll see you next time..

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