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Destiny 2: The Whisper Heroic – Oracle Puzzle, Chest Locations & Exotic Catalyst


There is one more secret to The Whisper mission that you may have heard about involving the oracles and 5 chests that you need to collect. This easter egg sorta deal is an homage to the fabled 7th chest of the Vault of Glass, a loot chest thought to exist out on a lone platform in between the jump puzzle and Atheon’s door, under a Vex gate. So, let’s go grab it There are 5 chest in the heroic version of The Whisper. The first chest is towards the beginning in a crack in the wall before you drop down into the red light area. You’ll jump the first gap of the area, then hug the right side wall before going down and grab the chest.\par Chest number 2 is much later on in what we’ve been calling The Hole room. In my original video, we took the left side route through instead of the right side route, this is where the chest will be.

By the way, the right side route is a lot easier. Go along the left side of the wall and when you get to the final hole in the wall on the left, you’ll drop down into a room with the chest. Chest number 3 and 4 are in the grass room or green room, whatever you call it. When you first enter the room, you’ll have an opportunity to go off to the left side of the area under the concrete blocks. When you’re under the block, keep going forward until you can’t, make a left and then go into the small tunnel on the right side of the path. Walk through for chest number 3. Chest 4 is up the path that we took in the original video. Turns out there’s another path that is significantly easier to take to get to the next area. Anyway, all you’re going to do is go to the back of the area and follow the platforms that I’m showing now on the video.

There will be some notches built into the wall covered in grass, these are your safety platforms. When you get all the way up, look down and left to see a small square of grass. Jump on that, walk forward and that’s number 4. Chest number 5 is in the room before the combat area. Instead of hugging the wall going around the big ring to the left, you’re going to go jump off to the right side instead and scale up the platforms over here. You’ll see a vex gate off in the distance, get to it. From the vex gate, you’ll have a very small pillar to jump on, then from there, you’ll jump to a small crevice on the right. Run to the end, jump right and that is chest number 5. Each chest contains a Blighted Essence, which is needed to complete your catalyst. By completing another run on heroic and getting all 5 chests, you should be at 36% on your catalyst and I imagine it’ll take 2 more resets before you’re able to complete it.

Now, we have the oracle puzzle. If you’re an old school player who played the original VoG raid, try to figure this one out for yourself before watching the rest of the video. For all others, here is the puzzle. Stand on the vex plate to have all of the oracle spawn. Note that you NEED all 5 chests to be collected otherwise not all of the oracles will spawn and you need all 7. When all 7 oracles are spawned in, for the first wave, you’re going to shoot 1, 3, 5. This is from left to right, so all the way on the left is 1, on the right is 7. The second wave is 4, 6, 7, 3, 1 and the third wave is 7, 3, 1, 6, 4, 2, 5. The chest should spawn right in front of you.

So, how was this conclusion reached? Well, when the oracles spawn, they all make a sound, a note, so all 7 come in with their notes. THEN, for the first wave, there are 3 additional pings. These first 3 pings are the sounds that the first wave of 3 oracles in the original VoG made. You respond by shooting the 2nd wave of oracles that spawned in VoG according to the sounds that they made when they did THEIR first spawn in the raid.

Here’s a play by play, listen closely. If you do the first wave correctly, the game will ping the next 5, which is wave 3 in VoG, and then you shoot the next 5, which is wave 4 of VoG and then so on for wave 5 and 6. Pretty clever and a great homage to the Vault. Reddit user nerdorado and streamer Teawrex were part of the team that managed to decipher the code, links to them in the description.

As for what you get out of the chest, well, it’s a ship schematic and to get it, you need to do a run of The Whisper on heroic with each singe activated, arc, solar and void. I assume these will rotate weekly, so I apologize for not getting this video out sooner. The ship in the picture of the icon looks very much like the Agonarch Karve ship from King’s Fall in Destiny 1. We’ll find out soon enough. Again, Bungie, well done on this event, been a really fun time although I do worry about the future of the power weapon slot for boss damage, but that’ll be a discussion for another day. Until then, thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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