Destiny 2: Tier 3 Reckoning & Invitation of the Nine (Xur Bounty)


Hey guys, just wanted to upload a run of Reckoning Tier 3 and also remind you guys that the Invitation of the Nine is also available from Xur. There will be spoilers in this video: the Tier 3 boss encounter and the Invitation of the Nine… stuff. Reckoning Tier 3 is a 680 level activity and you MUST be 680 in order to enter it, along with having the fully upgraded Synthesizer, or at least I’m pretty sure on that part, not like you can get tier 3 gear without it. Tier 3 starts the same way that tier 1 and tier 2 do: 100% dominance, then the Bridge of Folly.

Let’s quickly talk Bridge, this is basically tons of adds pouring onto you from all angles, along with snipers shooting at you throughout and big yellow health bar targets. You need to stand in the circle to complete the bridge piece before time runs out. On Tier 3, this timer is VERY strict, you get 35 seconds per piece and if you complete one as fast as possible, you’re only going to have 5-7 seconds remaining on your timer. Well of Radiance and a Tether trivialize this part of the reckoning, especially if you have Phoenix Protocol and Orpheus Rig. Tether locks everything down and you can drop a Well in the capture zone. Ward of Dawn, yes, that ability, has also seen some use for when Blackout is around and also if you’re low level, but is not AS impactful as the other two abilities. Make your way to the top to fight the tier 3 boss, the Likeness of Oryx. This fight is pretty simple, it’s just kinda chaotic. There is one mechanic in this fight, which is the Counterfeit Gaze. Oryx will move to one of the 4 gold cups in the arena and start a 15 second countdown along with spawning some Ogres.

This is a simple damage check mechanic: to stop the gaze from happening, you need to deal a considerable amount of damage to the boss. If you don’t, your entire team takes massive damage, potentially even getting one shot, so that’s something you’re going to want to stop. For this video, Solar singe and heavyweight was on, so 1 thousand voices made really quick work of both the mechanic and the boss itself. Again, Well of Radiance, especially with Phoenix Protocol trivializes this encounter, although with different modifiers, or at least non-heavyweight modifiers, this fight will take a bit longer. Tier 3, as you might imagine, drops the final tier of armor, giving +3 to your set bonus per piece. The invitation of the nine also starts this week, Xur is on the Rig on Titan and you can scoop this quest for a measly 9 shards.

This first quest requires you to run the Lake of Shadows strike, the one straight off the director menu works fine, and then you need 9 samples from the Taken, Cabal and Fallen on the EDZ, although people have reported getting them on Nessus, but I’d just stay on EDZ. These essence are somewhat rare, but you just need to kill enemies to get them; this’ll take you maybe about 15-20 minutes to do, maybe a little more if you’re unlucky. Then, once you’re done with this, you’ll head to the Drifter’s ship and walk into the Reckoning. From here, a thing happens.

I am going to post the thing here. It is a spoiler. If you want to see it in game, go play this quest and see for yourself. There is also dialogue at the Drifter after you are done with this thing. And it also gives you a powerful. Each week you complete the invitation, you’ll get a lore piece, that we know for sure, beyond that, I have no idea. I’m guessing you’ll come back here multiple times. Anyway, spoiler time. If you’re still here, enjoy, if you’re leaving, thanks for watching, spoilers now..

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