Destiny 2 Tips for soloing Bunker E15, master lost sector on all characters By: The_Meme_Player


This is for sure one of the easier master lost sectors, but don’t underestimate the strength of enemies. I recommend having a power level of 1250 at minimum.

Primary weapon: Any legendary scout rifle with overload mods on your armor. I personally used Night Watch with rapid hit/explosive payload.

Energy weapon: IMO your energy weapon doesn’t matter that greatly. You could run a scout rifle in this slot if you so desire. The only time I would find a sniper useful is for the cyclops that spawns in the second-to-last room. I ran a First In, Last Out for the occasion an ad comes at me close range.

Heavy weapon: The Lament w/ Lucent blade armor mod. Basically required if you want to take out champions in one stun. You could go the safer route with Anarchy and an anti-barrier primary, but I found Lament much more convenient.

Engaging enemies: You’ll have to sit a corner picking off the majority of the ads. Rushing into a group can get you killed instantly.

The void-shielded minitours are usually the second-to-last enemy I clear out before the champions. They shouldn’t one-shot melee you with a melee damage resist mod, and Lament easily rips right through their shield.

Champions: For the barrier champions, I pick off their health a until they put up their shield. They don’t shoot you during the time they put up it up, so get close up with Lament and instantly take out their barrier. You should be able to get them low enough right when they’re unstunned to do a finisher.

Overload champions only appear in the last room. I sit in the room entrance killing all the ads before I engage them. However, sometimes they will push you. Most the time this is any easy stun with your scout rifle. Make sure to be relatively close when stunning them since you might not enough time to damage them before they regen health. You should be able to get them to the same health as the barrier champs and do a finisher.

Boss: I personally ran Chaos Reach w/ Geomag Stabilizers on for damage, although Nova bomb should be able to do enough damage to cause the boss to spawn the next wave of ads and champions, but I am unaware if it pierces its immune shields like chaos reach. I recommend use of Celestial Nighthawk for hunters. Titans unfortunately don’t have a safe and reliable super for DPS, but I would use Hammer of Sol for easy ad clear and the thermal overload artifact mod.

I hope this guide was helpful. Cheers to anybody that completes it!

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