Destiny 2: Unlimited Raid Farming – 16 Raid Guides in 22 Minutes (MoT 2020)


Moments of Triumph 2020 is here and with it brought the revitalization of previously outdated raids: Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Scourge of the Past and Crown of Sorrows. Not only that, but these raids have no weekly loot lockouts anymore, at least on the main encounters, so that means you’re able to farm raid quality loot from these raids an unlimited amount of times for the next 2 months. That means you can farm for Anarchy and Terrabah from Scourge and Crown as much as you want, two guns I absolutely think you’re going to want to grab before the raids go away.

That means you can farm for high stat roll armor, although the mod slot in those pieces of armor are still locked to the season in which the raid came out, so for example, Crown of Sorrow armor is locked to Season of Opulence, which means you can only use Season 7 and 8 mods in it. ALL ARMOR from ALL RAIDS have had their power caps increased to 1360, which means that gear will last another year, although again, you won’t be able to use newer mods in those slots. This also means that people are jumping back into the old raids and I’ve gotten several requests for refreshers for the raid, so that’s what we’re gonna do today, a quick refresh of how to do all of the raid encounters. This is not going to be a full guide, my full guides are linked in the description if you want more information, but what you’re about to watch are highly condensed versions of my guides. They are basically only going to explain what to do in each fight and not really talk about why you do certain things.

This is so I can keep this video short because I wrote one already and it was 30 minutes long and y’all ain’t gonna watch that. Let’s start with Leviathan normal mode: For the baths, split your team into groups of 3. 2 people will stand on the 2 plates on the left and 2 on the right for a total of 4 plates, or 2 top and 2 bottom, whichever way you wanna do it, while the 3rd will grab the buff from the middle. The buff, called Psionic Protection, will slowly tick down while you’re in the pool and if it runs out, you’ll take damage while you stand in any pool. When you start the fight, the middle player, player 3, while already buffed, should go to one of their teammates, player 1, and replace them at their plate. Player 1 will go to the middle of the room to refresh their buff and go to player 2 to replace them. Player 2 will go to the middle, buff and replace 3 and so on. You’ll need to kill some adds that spawn in, along with a gladiator that shows up every once in a while. The other team will also be doing this. You must do this until all 4 chains by the 4 plates go all the way down, which will be signaled by a gong sound.

At that point, all players should go to the middle plate in the room and destroy the purple cannisters in the room. Grenade launchers, rockets, supers, all of these work here. For the beasts, 4 people will grab the spores in the lower section, while 2 people hold crystals. The crystal holders will guide the spores to lit up spore nodes around the arena, there are 8 in total, 4 left and 4 right, and will light up 2 at a time. You need to be stealthy though, you can not be detected by the beasts otherwise you need to start over. When as many players as possible go a lit up node, the crystal player must shoot it in order to get a buff. The crystal player must stand in a beam of light to use the crystal. If all 4 players were at the spore, you should have Empowered Spores buffed to 12. More experienced groups can kill the 6 beasts with only this many stacks, but less experienced groups should grab 1 or 2 more spores for safety. When you’re buffed enough or when time runs out, find the beasts and kill them. A sword will work, grenade launchers, shotguns, almost anything works if your stacks are high enough.

Go back to the safety room where you started if you can’t kill the beasts. For the gauntlet, split your team into groups of 3, 1 runner and 2 non-runners. After killing a bunch of adds, 2 orbs will appear, one on the cup side and one on the beast side. The runner will pick this orb and be teleported into the gauntlet, where they must run… the gauntlet. Every quarter of the track, the runner will be blocked. In order to pass through, the non-runner team needs to be standing on the plate of where the runner is blocked. If you’re standing on the plate, then the runner will see 1 of the 9 holes lit up. The runner will call out the row of the hole that is lit up.

The non-runners will shoot the opposite arrows, so if top is called, shoot middle and bottom arrows. If successful, the runner can continue. If not, the runner is likely to die unless you unblock the next wall quickly. Regardless, the non-runners will need to punch a psion that spawns in front of them after that event happens, then they should rotate clockwise to the next plate. Run the gauntlet, make it out and dunk the orb in the middle of the room. After 3 waves of this, everyone should go to the middle, grab an orb and run the gauntlet, alternating who picks up orbs to stay alive. No specific guns needed. For Calus, split your team into 3 and 3, more advanced teams can do 4 and 2 for reasons I’ll explain. After you start the fight and fight some adds, everyone will be teleported to the shadow realm. 3 orbs in front of you allow 3 players to go back to the throne room. Those in the shadow realm will see Calus’ forehead light up with a symbol and should call them out. The people in the throne room should kill the psion of the symbol NOT called out. This will progress them forward without killing them.

Shadow realm players should kill all psions as well. After 4 rounds, shadow realm players will shoot at dozens of skulls coming out of Calus’ mouth, the more you shoot, the more damage you deal. More advanced teams will leave 4 in the shadow realm to shoot more skulls. The throne team will need to remove Calus’ shield to bring the shadow team back in. Wait until your screen is about to turn completely white for maximum time in the shadow realm. When the team is whole again, jump on a plate to start damage. Weapons to use include grenade launchers, snipers if you can manage to see through all the explosions, Xenophage, any other long distance weapon. Moving to Eater of Worlds, just gonna start with Argos part 1. The jumping puzzle, just keep moving forward on the platforms and take it seriously unless you wanna be here for 20 minutes.

Argos part 1 is where you need to remove the shield around Argos. Elemental mines will appear in groups of 3 of varying elements, solar, arc and void, on the giant walnut in the center. You need to pick up the vex craniums around the map, bring them to the proper island to charge them, and then shoot the charged cannons at the mines. Shoot mines that spawned first. You will need to move fast here as mines that stick around for too long will blow up and kill you. Argos part 2 is similar to part 1. Argos will have 3 elemental balls floating around itself. You need to charge the appropriate cannons in order to break its shield. You’ll do so by shooting the cannons at the balls at the same time and track them towards the center while shooting them.

This will break Argos’ shield, allowing you to deal damage. Watch out for the giant pyramids that Argos will fling at you, if you get caught in one, you’ll have to watch yourself float away into the distance while your teammates ignore you to deal damage. Shoot at trapped players and then ridicule them. Snipers are good here, namely Whisper, DARCI if you don’t have that or any legendary sniper with good perks, like Triple Tap or Vorpal. After that, you’ll get a phase where you need to stop Argos from killing all of you. 6 panels on Argos’ body will be vulnerable, 2 on its short arms, 2 on its head and 2 on its back. Destroy 2 of them via sustained crit damage to stop Argos and repeat the process. Spire of Stars is surprisingly difficult for most players and I’d HIGHLY encourage you to watch my original guide if you want more details.

In part 1, assign 4 people to 4 pillars and the other 2 players to the north and south to help with adds. The north player will pass the ball to whoever wants to start, I usually go clockwise. To start, pass the ball to someone, have them jump on their pillar, ride it up and then throw the ball at the middle. Another ball will spawn. The player who received the ball will hop on their pillar, ride it all the way up and then pass the ball to the next pillar player. Step off of your pillar before throwing so you don’t accidentally get debuffed again.

The ball should be passed around in this way until the shield at the center console is removed. When the shield is removed, the player with the ball should make sure their pillar is at the top, then throw the ball. The north player should then grab a new ball and throw it to the next person in line and repeat the process. In Val Ca’uor part 1, you need to destroy 3 ships by throwing balls at them. Start with 4 people on plates and 2 people floating. Whoever is Superior Retainer needs to go up the tractor beam in the middle of the room to scout, the tractor beam is only activated when all 4 plates are stepped on. The scout will see 1 of 3 symbols over a ship. You must throw a charged ball into the doorway of the symbol called by the scout to arm the weapon. To charge a ball, go to the center platform and look for smoke on 1 of the 3 buff plates, you’ll be stacking the Greed debuff if you grab the buff and have a ball.

To open the doorway, all of the 3 buttons in the middle of the room must be stepped on at the same time. You’ll know you did this right if you get a message to appear saying a weapon is armed. Then, Superior Retainer needs to grab a ball and buff it, go up the tractor beam and throw it at a ship. Repeat this 2 more times. Val Ca’uor part 2 is part 1, but with even more steps. Split your team into 3 groups, a group of 3 people, a group of 2 and then a solo. To start the fight, jump to where Calus is. After a set amount of time, everyone will become Engulfed, which will kill you after 15 seconds. A ball will launch out from one of the 4 launchers, going to a plate.

This ball needs to be passed to everyone to avoid having people die to Engulfed. After the ball is passed to all players, throw it at the boss to progress. 4 Gladiators will spawn on the 4 plates, kill them, but don’t stand on the plates as they spawn in or you’ll die. You will then repeat the Superior Retainer scout cycle that you did in the first part, but now, you need to do 2 ships at the same time instead of 1.

This works the same way, you just have to manage 2 charges instead of 1. After destroying both ships, you’ll need to juggle charges to throw at Calus. This is where the teams of 3, 2 and 1 come into play. A charge will be thrown into the arena, this should be picked up by team 1 and “buffed” from the middle. When the first player in team 1 gets to 9 greed stacks, they should pass the charge to the next person in their team, passing the ball around back and forth in this manner. Team 2 will get the next charge, buff it and pass it back and forth. Team 3, the solo player, will grab the 3rd ball and charge it.

Calus will eventually call for the charges by putting his hand in the air. Throw the charges at Calus, all 3 must hit otherwise it will be a failure. If all 3 hit, Ca’uor’s shield will drop. Don’t stand where Calus was until he comes down. The strat here is going to be to drop a Well or Ward on the boss and go hard with swords. You should be able to one-cycle this with swords, Well and some form of debuff. Look up when swinging the sword. You could also use Wardcliff Coil and/or grenade launchers, just make sure you have a Well to sit in. When Ca’uor goes down, he’ll spit out 6 charges. Every player should pick up 1 of them and throw it at Ca’uor to end the fight.

Scourge of the Past, you’re up. The entrance requires you to disable the shield by dropping in 4 charges to nodes around the map. You’ll have a map reader, a map reader defender as a backup and the travel team. You always need someone at the map. The map reader will find where the main target is, the Berserker via a giant red dot on the enemy’s head. To kill the berserker, break the 2 red panels on its body when its shield goes up. The travel team will kill the target and 2 charges will drop. When a charge is picked up, the map reader will say what number charge they have represented by dots on the player. The Schnell building is location 1, and then going clockwise at each of the cardinal directions are locations 2, 3 and 4. 5 is where the map is. Charge holders should be escorted to their destinations by 1 or 2 people to help clear enemies. A new berserker will spawn in shortly after. Do this 4 times to progress. Enjoy the sparrow encounter, be sure to hit all of the red lights to get a chance at the secret chest which can contain Fallen mods.

Punch both nodes at the start at the same time to start and at the end to close the door. Insurrection Prime part 1 is all about removing the shield of Prime. Split your team into groups of 3. Team 1 will go into the lower level. There are 4 nodes in the lower level, all represented by a sphere, pyramid, cube and then all 3. Don’t hit the one that is a deep red, flashing all of the symbols or you’ll die. Each player should punch a node to get a buff. The outside team will kill a Servitor after all nodes are punched, except the crazy one, to reset them. Downstairs team will look for the same symbol they just punched and punch it again. Outside team will kill another Servitor to let other team escape. The 3 lower level players will now dunk their charges into the tank consoles in the north, southeast and southwest, aka node 1, 2, and 3 in that order, important for the next fight.

After dunking, you’ll get a tank. Use the tank to blow up the shield of Prime. Time your burst missiles together for bonus damage. Keep driving around to avoid missiles, your tank will only last about 35 seconds. Repeat until dead. Insurrection Prime part 2 requires you to shoot it with a tank shot after removing its shields. Try to remove its shields via the 6 glowing panels as soon as possible. The map reader role is back and must tell players where to go to kill the highlighted target. When the highlighted berserker is killed, it will drop two charges. The map reader will tell the people who pick up the charges which nodes they need to go to drop the charges. Repeat this again for 2 more charges, for a total of 4, which is how many you need for a tank. Wait for the boss to get into a good spot, facing forward with a big space to spread out. When the boss is disabled, after a short time, you will get a buff of a varying type, either Continuous, Angular or Parallel. Those with a similar buff should stack up together for a triple damage bonus.

My team uses CAP to stand in predetermined spots. A is right under the boss, with C to the southwest and P to the southeast, making a triangle. Be sure to give yourselves enough space to spread, otherwise you’ll tether to each other and that’s bad. If you think you’re gonna be too close, you’re too close, give yourself room. The buff will change after a short time, so be ready to move to a new location. Whisper of the Worm is yet again a strong play, followed by DARCI and any other well rolled legendary sniper rifles. Repeat until dead. Crown of Sorrows intro encounter is pretty slow. Split your team into groups of 2, left, center and right. Within those groups of 2, one person will be a buffer at the start of the fight. To start the fight, the buff players should stand in the green circle.

Buffed targets can only kill certain enemies, same for non-buffed. Kill targets as they spawn in, the faster you kill them, the faster this fight will go, and trust, you want this to be fast, do not leave anything alive at all. After a short time, 3 crystals will spawn on the left, middle and right in random spots. Destroy them by having a buff and non-buff player shoot them. After all crystals are destroyed, head to the center of the room where the buff switcher ball is, aka the Witch’s Vessel. Everyone stands close to it and shoots it to rotate the buffs to new players. You need to do this to not die to the Witch’s Blessing. Go back to your sides and repeat this a whopping 7 more times until all for 4 lights are lit up across the room. If all buffed players ever die, the buff pool respawns by the rally flag. For Gahlran part 1, split into groups of 2 for each segment of the room.

The buff from the entrance will start in a random spot. 1 of the 3 sections will have the deception in their section, just run away from it. Kill adds until you get an ogre spawn, then kill the ogre. The Witch’s Vessel to the right of your section will activate after all adds are killed. For the first cycle of buffs, both players from the first side and 1 from the second should get their buffs switched, so now you have 1 buffed in 2 sections. Continue killing adds until the next Vessel pops open. Everyone should pile into this one so that you have 4 buffs. These buffs are needed to break the deception’s shield by meleeing the deception along with a non-buffed player at the same time. If you stand too close when you have the buff when the shield is broken, you will lose you buff, so stay away if it’s not your turn. Go to town on the deception with swords, just mash.

For Gahlran, you’ll stay split into those same groups. Buff by the rally flag to begin the fight, 1 buff per section. Kill adds and rotate your buff as needed. Crystals will spawn in a clockwise pattern around the room every so often, be sure to kill them the same way you did at the start of the raid. If you get an ogre, just kill it and keep waiting for a deception to spawn. If you get the deception to spawn, lure it out into the middle of your section and then stun it by having both a buffed and non-buffed player melee attack it, removing its shield.

When Gahlran’s hand turns green after an attack, shoot the hand to kill the deception. Make sure the deception is in the middle and not next to the boss. Also make sure to grab a new buff by having a non-buffed player in the Witch’s Vessel circle and having that player and a buffed player shoot the vessel at the same time. After 3 deceptions are killed, Gahlran will start to raise its hands in all sections of the room. Shoot the hands to stop this attack, then shoot Gahlran in the face. Two of these will be fake and 1 will be real. After finding the real one, swap your buffs and go to town on Gahlran’s face. Believe it or not, Legend of Acrius gonna be a beast here, set up right next to the boss if you have it. Otherwise, Mountaintop/Anarchy is gonna work well, otherwise grenade launchers and snipers will do fine. Repeat until dead. Hope this helped, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time..

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