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Destiny 2 VOG Master Templar Challenge Guide By: Zukey0000


Disclaimer: Much of what I’ll share is not from me, I’ve only learned this from other team mates in an LFG. Anywhere around 1345 for a power level should work well enough.


  • Weapons: 1k / WitherHoard + linear Fusion / Sleeper w/ Catalyst. Any of these should work, I will say that wither + linear fusion does the most DPS but only one person’s witherhoard will do damage. Have a rapid fire fusion with vorpal/HIP to do DPS incase heavy ammo runs out

  • Warlocks: Well of radiance. Not much else, try to have high resilience if possible to keep the well from being shot out early.

  • Titans: bubble with helm of saint-14 to keep ads at bay.

  • Hunters: Preferably relic holder with wormhusk / sixth coyote and top tree void for vanishing step, go invis whenever moving to a ring to prevent deaths. If doing dps, use stasis with focusing lens and snowglobe grenade when the super is out.


  • An optimal spot seems to be the spawn at the back since ads can mostly be avoided here. The well should be placed at the left pillar in cover so it’s less likely to be shot out. The bubble should be placed at the side, also have a bubble placed at the rally flag, will explain why further on.

Double Flag method + No oracles

  • If someone doesn’t have their super, place flag, grab it and wipe. If you aren’t the relic holder or the flag placer, jump off the map and res yourself after oracles have timed out.

  • Everyone except the relic holder and flag placer should be alive at this point before the encounter has started. Flag placer should count down, both the relic holder and the flag placer should interact at the same time. If this is done correctly then the rally flag should remain although the encounter has started.

  • At this point, the flag placer should die, and everyone else is waiting for the oracles to time out. When the oracles timeout, only the relic holder will get marked and everyone else can resurrect themselves without the need to cleanse.

  • Be sure to have a bubble placed at the flag for team mates to safely grab it later in the encounter

  • At this point DPS can commence, keep eachother alive and shoot out detainment bubbles. When you run out of heavy ammo rally at the flag for a refresh and continue doing dps. If everyone is high enough light the templar should be dead before the next set of oracles pop time out.

Good luck with your rolls.


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