Destiny 2 Warlock shadebinder freeze build guide By: mrmeep321


Hello, everyone! Today I’m going to go over a pretty solid PvE Shadebinder build which allows you to have nearly infinite melees, lots of frozen enemies, and an auto rifle with a massive damage boost, all at the same time.


Weapons needed: Monte Carlo

Armor needed: Claws of Ahamkara

Grenade: I recommend glacial, but its up to you.

Aspect: Iceflare Bolts, Frostpulse (when available)

Fragments: Whispers of Bonds, Fissures, Hedrons, and Refraction (Note, until frostpulse releases, you can only slot 3 fragments)

Charged with light mods: Charge Harvester, Swift Charge, Stacks on Stacks, Heavy Handed, Supercharged

How it works:

With these powers combined, we have the build. This build revolves mostly around your melee, and serves as a CC/Support build.

Whenever you freeze a target with your melee, it will freeze. If it dies to the melee, monte carlo will gain 5x of its perk, Markov Chain as well as gain the Damage boost status effect. These two buffs massively increase your damage output with monte carlo and allow you to shatter enemies easier.

Every time you shatter an enemy (break the ice that freezes it), it causes a very heavy and large explosion (Thanks to whisper of fissures) that kills most red bars, as well as grants you super and rift energy.

Whenever you shatter or kill a frozen enemy, the ice will spread to another enemy. There is a short cooldown after 7 ice spreads, but it is barely noticable.


The gameplay loop for this involves seeding a freeze with your melee, and just shooting monte and going wherever the ice takes you. In low level content, the shatter explosions will completely obliterate any red or orange bar enemies, and deal heavy damage to others.

In high level content, red bars will still be obliterated instantly, but orange bars may live. In a 1250 nightfall at 1200 power, this build was holding it’s own very well and helped to keep the team on pace. I just recommend “going with the flow”. Go where the ice takes you and shatter.

For the support aspect of this build, you will be focused on keeping enemies frozen as much as possible and granting your teammates massive damage explosions that help with crowd control.

You will have plenty of rifts, and supers come quick, so dont be afraid to spam them.

Your ability to instantly freeze champions and other high priority targets like shriekers and ogres is absolutely essential, and freezing them and leaving them alone for a bit can save your entire team from a wipe.

If you dont have a freeze or simply cant use it on the enemy in question (too far away, etc), dont be afraid to use your wall grenade to pop up some cover so you and your team can fall back a bit.

Remember, if stasis is the element of control, then this build acts as the battle director. You keep the battlefield under your control, and anything that doesnt do what you want gets frozen.

I really hope you liked this. I’m definitely bringing this into day one raid, as it definitely keeps the chaos to a minimum and helps support without losing out on damage.

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