Destiny 2: Week 2 Ascendant Challenge guide & cheese (Forfeit Shrine)


Your goal is to pick up orbs around the area, and dunk them in the middle, right under the massive blight. Just ignore all the enemies and try to stay airborne as much as possible, to avoid getting meleed by the Thralls and Champions. Avoid the blights at all costs – they will slow you down and make you unable to jump, making you a sitting duck. Every time you return to the middle with an orb, Phalanxes will spawn. They will easily kill you when dunking, so either lure them away from the middle and/or throw a grenade to distract them.

Oof After dunking the last orb, you are supposed to use the well in the middle to get infinite supers and kill the three Champions, but that can be risky you can get swarmed by Thralls and Champions when you land. But a Guardian that takes risks is often a dead Guardian. What we’ll do instead, is stand on one of the trees around the middle, or one of the pillars nearby. There will most likely be one Phalanx roaming around – just kill it, and you’ll be completely safe.

Now you can just burn the Champions down, and the challenge will complete as soon as the last one dies. And we’re done! They should’ve called this expansion Destiny 2: Edge Transit to be honest. like comment subscribe hit the bell upvote engage call to action buy my merch buy my book.

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