Destiny 2: What Is Solstice of Heroes – 400 Power Armor


Solstice of Heroes, the what I imagine to be final update to Destiny 2 before Forsaken is here. So… what is it and what do I do? Solstice of Heroes is akin to Moments of Triumph from Destiny 1. Triumph Score has made a return and is actually in game now, hooray, and is a way for you as a player to say that you “completed” year 1 of Destiny 2, with a variety of challenges to go complete. You can find them all in game or on your profile on Things like do adventures, do the raid, play PvP, it’s all there and you can get rewards that you can ONLY get during this time to show off how great you did in year 1. Then, you wear all of the gear in the future and you go “look at all the stuff that I got back in year 1 because I was amazing,” to other people in the tower and they’ll get super jealous.

The biggest thing is probably the armor sets. You start with a green set of broken armor, like what you started the campaign with after the Red Legion attacks, you upgrade it into blue armor, which is the set before it got busted, and then into the purple set, which is more or less the Ikora Meditation set I believe, and then into Masterworked armor. Those previous armor models become ornaments as you upgrade the gear, in case you want use those previous sets instead. So, you get the green gear by completing Homecoming, the first story mission, it’ll be the first thing you do when you want to start doing that stuff. Then, you get all of this green gear with different objectives on it. Collect this, do these missions, do PvP. A lot of it is completely self-explanatory, right? Collect 100 orbs. Alright. Do 10 heroic public events, got it. You only need to wear the piece of armor if you are completing an objective for it. Example: Titan green armor, the chest says I need to do 10 heroic public events. So, I can equip other stuff in the other slots and JUST have the chest armor on, and I’ll get credit.

The same goes for any other, non-orb objectives. PvP? Just put on the pieces that have PvP objectives, works the same way. For PvP, I know a lot of people are griping about the 30 some odd super kills they need to get for completion, Mayhem will be back during the second week of Solstice, so if you REALLY hate PvP, just wait until then for the super kills, it’ll be much easier. The redux story missions are definitely way harder than they were in the campaign. While it is VERY possible to do all of them by yourself, those with… less dexterous hand skills may want to bring a friend along, which makes things a lot easier.

Patience is the name of the game for all of the missions, take things slow. For example, in Payback, your tank won’t respawn until you get all the way outside, so you need to go slow and NOT like how you did the missions during the campaign where you could just not care. There are way more adds, way more majors, some bosses are very different and overall, it’s just a more difficult experience than the campaign, so play cautiously.

Now, the only thing you NEED to wear the entire armor set for is collecting elemental orbs because that is the only way to spawn them, is by wearing the whole set. Elemental orbs will occasionally spawn when killing stuff, majors tend to drop them a bit more reliably, and the majority of the time, the orb that spawns will be the subclass that you are, so if you’re a Sentinel, you’re getting void orbs. On rarer occasion, much rarer, you’ll get orbs of the element of the weapon you’re using. I saw way too many people say they were stuck at 0% for orb collecting because they were either using the wrong subclass OR because they just weren’t in the right spot.

For example: Titan helm for the green armor is collect void orbs on earth. Just read what the thing says, it’s pretty simple. The best way to go about doing these objectives is to combine as many as possible whenever you can. Gotta do void orbs on earth and do a mission? Do the mission on Earth and pop on Voidwalker, not that complicated. Orbs are a bit more plentiful in the Redux missions, simply because there are a LOT more majors in those missions, so you SHOULD be able to get those done in the missions, assuming everything lines up properly. Note that if you need to collect orbs in Strikes, if you’re wearing the green set, you’re gonna want to go into the Vanguard Strikes playlist at 140 power and not the heroic, at 350. Again, the objectives aren’t very hard to start, but they’ll get a little more specific the higher the gear. Some of the masterwork objectives include completing the prestige nightfall above the score threshold, doing Leviathan on Prestige mode, killing bosses, doing heroic strikes and getting legend rank in valor Crucible.

Note that the legend in valor rank IS retroactive according to a Bungie twitter post, “If you’ve already reached Valor legend, wear your armor into the crucible to complete the masterwork. It needs to be worn to check the box.” I’m not sure anything else is retroactive though. When you get the blue gear, it’ll be 340, the purple gear is 400 and then you can masterwork it with those upper echelon achievements I mentioned earlier. This is the only way to get 400 armor before Forsaken, but don’t panic because I’m sure 2-3 hours into Forsaken, you will be past 400 anyway, don’t worry about the power portion of it. It would make things like EP and prestige Spire easier, sure, but they’re not impossible right now anyway. This is the main grind of the Solstice event, but we also have the Triumphs, but, again, these are self-explanatory.

You simply “buy” the objectives from the statue, do them and then when it’s done, REDEEM IT from your inventory, you need to click on it to get the points. All of the triumphs are right there in game, there IS a second page by the way, don’t miss that. But they’re all there, do the campaign, do the expansion campaigns, do public events, adventures, collect region chests, data fragments, etc. I don’t think there’s much of a guide to be made for this. I don’t have a region chest guide, they’re all on your map, they are per character though, along with adventures, there’s a checklist on for adventures, it’s just “do the thing, you did the thing.” I feel dumb making this video. 150 points gets you the ghost shell, 250 unlocks the ability to buy the Triumphs t-shirt from the Bungie store, 300 gets you the Sparrow, and 400, which is the max, gets you the other emblem. THEN, for you hardcore, you get the ship from getting the legendary armor sets on all 3 classes.

My estimate for 1 set of armor is probably about 10-15 hours depending on skill.\par Other than that, it is pretty simple, just go in, do the objectives, enjoy the armor sets and enjoy the last hoorah of year 1 before we push into Forsaken. Cool? Alright, thanks for watching..

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