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Destiny 2: What Makes a God Roll Weapon? The Best Perks For All Guns


What makes a god roll? What makes a gun good in Destiny? Well, fortunately, or unfortunately, that answer hasn’t changed much in PvE, which is why I haven’t really engaged in legendary weapon reviews in quite some time, along with other reasons. Reload speed and damage, for the majority of cases in PvE and a lot of cases in PvP, are king. If you’re an experienced player, I’m not sure how much you’re really gonna get out of this video. This is literally Outlaw/Rampage: The Video, you’ve been warned. Today, I’m gonna give what is hopefully a pretty comprehensive look at god roll weapons in Destiny according to what I tend to look for in a gun. I tend to look at perks much more often than I look at the actual gun because on PC, recoil is not really as much of a factor as it is on console.

On PC, I’m of the belief that in PvE anyway, most guns are usable and it almost does not matter which gun you pick. But, it’ll still be beneficial on PC to find perks that adjust your recoil pattern to a more vertical pattern as opposed to horizontal. On console, this thought process differs because of the increased recoil, so stability perks and recoil direction matter a lot more. At the same time, I believe that most things I suggest here will work for any platform, for the average player, again, for PvE.

We will address PvP as well. I want to start with Masterworks though. In the grand scheme of the game, the Masterwork you get on a weapon doesn’t matter greatly and only hyper min-maxers tend to care about the masterwork they get on a weapon. Most of the time, people on PC tend to search for a range masterwork, since recoil is so low already, to be able to deal maximum damage from farther distances. Range is globally beneficial, PvE, PvP, it always helps to be able to engage from farther away if you need to. However, I will absolutely use a weapon without a range masterwork as long as I have the perks that I want on it.

I will NOT use a weapon that has the masterwork I want, but the perks that I don’t. On PC, I feel like a stability masterwork is among the weaker choices overall, but on console, this is not true and you may want to have a stability masterwork depending on your level of skill and the type of weapon you’re using. A handling masterwork is much more geared towards PvP than it is PvE. You generally don’t need crazy fast swap speeds in PvE and I don’t think it’s worth spending 17 Enhancement Cores for 10 handling for a gun that will be solely used in PvE. But again, if it has the perks you want and you don’t care to farm for another, then knock yourself out. A reload speed masterwork is in the middle. If you have a reload speed perk on a gun, then getting the masterwork on top of that might not really feel super noticeable, but reload speed is always a benefit. These are the main 4 masterworks in the game. They will appear on most guns. Most specialized guns have more unique masterworks, charge time, explosive radius, but we’ll cover those when we get there.

Before we continue, I do want to mention that the main activities I consider for coming up with the PvE “meta” so to speak are the raids and Master level difficulty content, with MAYBE a seasonal activity being included. These are the only activities where I believe that having god roll weapons actually matter to some degree. Otherwise, the main thing that matters in this game is overall character power level and it’s not even close. I can’t stress that enough. You can use any weapon with any stat and perk rolls and as long as you’re of the proper power level, you’ll be fine. Better weapons will absolutely help you along the way, but try not to stress too bad if you don’t get what you’re looking for, because at the end of the day, you’ll be fine with whatever you’re using. If you want to use Ambitious Assassin, Dragonfly, you’ll be fine. If you want to try out different perk combinations, you’re fine. I have a Rampage/Snapshot Supremacy from Last Wish with a stability masterwork that I used as a PvP sniper for ages and still do.

As we’ll learn, this is not the optimal set of perks, but I like it anyway. Destiny just does not require min-maxing to an insane level as other RPG centric games might. But don’t let that stop you from getting those stats if you want them. I want to do a full breakdown of a weapon as an example of what I do and don’t look for in a gun. We’ll take a look at Steelfeather Repeater from Season 9. And we’ll be using the website d2gunsmith to take a look at all the perks. Steelfeather Repeater is loaded with perks in the first two columns for stat adjustments. I do like to get range on my auto-rifles, so to me, the options here in the first column are Extended Barrel, Hammer-Forged, or Smallbore. But, options like Arrowhead Brake for recoil direction, make the recoil a little more consistent to deal with; that could be more viable based on your preferences. Auto-rifles are the one gun where I’d say it is truly up to personal preference, some people can handle the recoil and want the range, some people can’t handle the recoil and want that stability.

Our second column revolves around reload perks, magazine sizes, along with some bullet modifying perks. Minor reload speed perks, again, globally useful, but not as specialized. Steelfeather Repeater has 49 rounds, which means it’ll take 4 seconds of shooting before a reload is needed. I’m a chronic reloader, I’ll reload after everything, so magazine size isn’t really my thing, but extended mag is still good. I like High-Caliber Rounds for the extra stun potential, adds a smidge of range, but not too much. If I were looking for a PvP based roll, Ricochet Rounds solely for the stat boosts would be my play. Steelfeather Repeater can’t roll with arguably the best range perk, Accurized Rounds, but, many other weapons can and I would highly recommend you use it on things that have limited range, like hand cannons, other autos, shotguns, etc.

Finally, we move onto the big perks. Subsistance and Feeding Frenzy are the obvious choices in the first column and Swashbuckler and Multikill Clip are the choices in the second column if I’m considering keeping this gun on me. Ambitious Assassin is third place, but I don’t think I’ve ever kept a gun that I considered using that had Ambitious Assassin on it. It’s not a terrible perk, but I don’t think it’s top tier either. Subsistance vs. Feeding Frenzy is a tough call for PvE. Subsistance can really keep you shooting for a long time, but Feeding Frenzy is so easy to proc and a reload speed buffed reload isn’t a big deal.

Ultimately, it’s a personal preference call. But obviously if you get Subsistance, then you’re going to want Swashbuckler over Multikill Clip because the entire point of Subsistance is to not reload. Feeding Frenzy and Multikill Clip is probably the most potent option here, but even this relies on being able to kill a lot of things often to actually proc multikill clip up to times 3. Surrounded is too conditional for me to suggest as a global use perk, along with Vorpal Weapon. These are perks that you’d want to swap to by holding another copy of the weapon or use for more specific activities or situations within those activities. I value global use perks much more than situational ones. Surrounded and Vorpal are good, just not good all the time. Not every auto-rifle can roll with these perks though and to me, there are some auto-rifles out there that I won’t even consider for PvE because they can’t roll with a perk that I think is considered powerful.

An example would be The Ringing Nail. This weapon can’t roll with a reload speed perk at all. While the curated roll of Dragonfly and Rampage isn’t bad, I would want to utilize a Rampage Spec mod in this gun and Dragonfly without a Dragonfly spec mod I feel is too situational of a perk to consider, unless you want to go all in on the experience and use something like Oxygen-SR3 with a Dragonfly Spec mod with Chromatic Fire. The world drop Misfit is another: no reload speed perk. You can counteract the lack of a reload perk with enhanced mods to a degree. But is the curated Ringing Nail still usable? Absolutely. I just personally value Outlaw more than Dragonfly. Tigerspite from Dreaming City, I would only consider Outlaw/Kill Clip to be something that I’d ever consider keeping. Under Pressure, Pulse Monitor, Quickdraw, Grave Robber, these are all pretty weak perks compared to Kill Clip.

Reckless Oracle from Garden of Salvation, again, mainly looking for Outlaw/Kill Clip or Swashbuckler, maybe Demolitionist for a specialty build only. Demolitionist is one of the few non reload or damage perks I would consider on a primary weapon simply for any grenade builds you’d want to try. Hopefully you see how this is trending because guess what? Pulse rifles, hand cannons, scout rifles, sidearms, submachine guns, it doesn’t matter, you want the same major perks for PvE and in a good amount of cases, PvP as well. I do want to talk about some other minor things, but literally everything that I just said for auto-rifles applies to almost all other primary weapons. There’s a reason people still use Midnight Coup, a weapon from the original Leviathan raid, in current level content.

Outlaw, Rampage. It’s here to stay. The only thing I’d tweak is my range recommendations. You don’t really need range on pulses and scouts as much as the other weapon types. You might see scopes on certain weapons, like pulse rifles, hand cannons and scout rifles in the primary slot, with fusions and snipers in the special slot. Pulse rifles like Go Figure have the King Dot K2, or the Meyrin RDS on Blast Furnace.

Hand Cannons have things like Sureshot and Truesight. Scouts have Cleanshot or Red Dot 2 MOA. Generally speaking, I look for the following in my primary weapon scopes: range boosts with short scopes and on very rare occasion, medium scopes. This means things like the King Dot K2 on pulses, Sureshot or Truesight on hand cannons, anything that says short zoom really. I care much more about the scope than the stats on the scope. There’s nothing that says you can’t use medium or long scopes, but I just don’t really think they’re needed for the overwhelming majority of the game, at least on PC anyway. Console might be a different story, but even back on Destiny 1, I always wanted short scopes on everything, snipers, pulses, because the need for anything longer than that is just not there.

As for which reload speed and damage perks that you should use, well, that depends on a few things. First off, most guns only come with a portion of available perks, usually 2 or 3, so a good amount of the time, you’re limited by the perks on the gun. Sometimes your only option is Outlaw/Kill Clip, so that’s what you’re using. Second, I think the reload perk tends to influence the damage perk. Perks that restore ammo to the magazine, Triple Tap, Fourth Time’s The Charm, Subsistance, things like that, those are going to synergize with Rampage and Swashbuckler. I would never use Fourth Time’s the Charm and Kill Clip together because they counter each other. Subsistance gets weaker as you fight higher health pools since it relies on kills. Field Prep, Feeding Frenzy, Outlaw and Rapid Hit all work well with things like Kill Clip or Multikill Clip, but they also work with Rampage and Swashbuckler.

Rapid Hit I think is among the best for the high end activities because you actually get the time to stack Rapid Hit to max since things just don’t really die super fast. Field Prep is technically the easiest to proc, but I don’t have the muscle memory for it, which is why I tend to not use it for reload speed: I just forget in the heat of battle. Feeding Frenzy vs. Outlaw I think is mostly a wash, but Outlaw is on significantly more weapons than Feeding Frenzy. For PvE, Rampage is probably the easiest of the perks to utilize, mainly because of Rampage Spec allowing for an extra second to refresh it.

It is the easiest perk to keep at maximum stacks via only shooting a gun. Multikill Clip has the highest work to reward ratio, it has the highest bonus damage possible, but you need 3 kills for it. I actually tend to stray away from it in day to day activities with a group because people are so good at killing things that I’d rather just constantly refresh rampage and have high uptime than fight with people to try to get Multikill Clip to 3. For PvP, I think Kill Clip is king, low cost to proc, really insane damage bonus on it, you’re not gonna stack Rampage or Swashbuckler high enough on the regular to match Kill Clip. Swashbuckler is nice in PvE if you’re mixing in melee attacks too, very solid selection if you’re doing that. All that being said, for 99.9% of situations, the damage and reload speed perks you choose will come down to personal preference.

If you like Subsistance and Rampage on a hand cannon, it’ll be really good. If you like Outlaw/Multikill Clip, that’ll be good too. I’d get into specifics more, individual weapons and what not, and I actually had a huge write up, but I was just repeating myself over and over and over again. Reload perk + damage perk = success, no matter how you wanna cut it.

When it comes to hand cannons, sidearms and submachine guns, we’re looking for range a little more than other weapons, especially when it comes to PvP. In PvE, I’ll still prioritize damage perks overwhelmingly so, but with hand cannons, scouts and sidearms, I will also try to go for extended mag perks since magazines are small. Let’s talk PvP for a second for hand cannons. For 140 and 150 RPM hand cannons, it is totally ok to forgo damage perks for range perks. This is because even with a damage perk, you’re still going to need to shoot 3 times for a kill, although damage perks let you hit the body more often. Full Bore, Extended Barrel, Hammer-Forged Rifling, Smallbore, Sureshot HCS, Crossfire HCS, Hitmark, Truesight, Accurized Rounds, Ricochet Rounds, Rangefinder, Slideshot, Opening Shot, these are all great PvP perks for hand cannons and exactly what you want to look for. If you can’t get a range perk, I would opt for any reload speed perk, then a damage perk following that. Range masterwork here too. For 110 RPM hand cannons, damage perks I think become priority because of the ability to 2 tap people, I would never use a 110 RPM hand cannon in PvP without a damage perk on it.

An honorable mention to Explosive Payload on Hand Cannons and scout rifles by extension. The explosion effect is immune to damage fall off, meaning you’re getting more damage per shot when you start to fall outside of maximum damage ranges. Plus, for PvP the flinch effect is annoying to fight against. Hand cannons got a significant range nerf and this can help counteract it to a degree. Scout rifles also get this benefit, but scouts don’t need the range help nearly as much. If you did want a scout like this, Patron of Lost Causes from Season 9 can roll Rapid Hit Explosive Payload, but can’t get any damage perks. I think I’d rather use a Night Watch if I’m gonna use a 200 RPM PvE scout because it can get Demolitionist, Multikill Clip, Rampage or Explosive Payload, in addition to Rapid Hit. The difference is that farming for Night Watch is a nightmare compared to Patron. How about weapon mods on primary weapons? Well, for PvE, surprise surprise, you’re going to want minor or major spec, Taken Spec if fighting taken, or even boss spec maybe if you’re running a Vorpal weapon perk.

For Master level content, I use minor spec on something like Randy’s Throwing Knife because minor enemies aren’t dying in one shot. In lower difficulty stuff, major spec will have more value. I imagine most of the time, your primary weapon in a master level activity will have a seasonal mod on it anyway, like Unstoppable or Barrier, since that is way more important to have. PvP is where things open up more since there aren’t any PvP damage mods. Icarus on hand cannons is a very popular choice on PC, but otherwise, these can come down to personal preference. Counterbalance Stock is also a really solid pick as a “I dunno what to use,” kind of option on non-hand cannons, although hand cannons can benefit too. Sprint Grip isn’t too bad either, being able to grab your weapon immediately after sprinting can give you an edge.

That concludes the primary weapons. Special and heavy weapons are a little different because of their functionality. However, machine guns, those aren’t really functionally different and so anything that’s good for a primary is good for a machine gun too. Let’s start with shotguns. In PvE, I want my shotgun to annihilate big targets quickly. Everything tells me that rapid-fire shotguns, 140 RPM shotguns, are the play if your goal is to instantly destroy a target only with bullets, as you can get off 2 shots in less than a second, compared to 1 from Python or any other slower shotgun. The only damage perks I’m really looking for are Trench Barrel and MAYBE Swashbuckler, like on Perfect Paradox from Season 9 or Blasphemer from Shadowkeep, because they don’t require shotgun kills to proc.

I might dig for a Demolitionist/Swashbuckler or Trench Barrel Perfect Paradox in Season 9, we’ll see. But shotguns are not specifically for clearing low tier enemies, which is why I don’t value something like Rampage as much. For PvP, range is king on a shotgun, with swap speed, aka handling, being in second place, although some might argue the other way around. Whatever you can do to increase range, you do it.

Accurized Rounds, Rifled Barrel, Slideshot, Opening Shot, Quickdraw, this is the kind of stuff you’re looking for on a PvP shotgun. Smoothbore looks enticing with its massive range boost, but because you’re increasing the spread of your pellets, you may actually end up missing out on kills because not enough pellets hit. Full Choke tightens the spread, but removes precision damage, so this is for much more accurate players who are capable of hitting the body as being off target is more punishing. High impact shotguns are great because of their long distance kill capabilities, but high rate of fire ones are good for really guaranteeing a kill.

For a PvE sniper, we’re looking to reload as infrequently as possible for boss damage. This means stuff like Triple Tap or Fourth Time’s the Charm with any extended magazine type perks are gonna be the go tos. Firing Line is the only damage perk I’d really care about since it doesn’t require a kill to proc, it just requires standing by teammates. We don’t really need range, maybe a bit of stability if you want it for rapid firing.

For PvP, I can’t live without Snapshot on a sniper, but any sort of handling boosts are gonna be great here. A short scope is ideal because I don’t think there’s a single map in Destiny that requires anything more than this. Quickdraw is gonna be great, I have a Snapshot/Quickdraw Beloved that I really enjoy using, although if you wanted Outlaw, that would be fine if you can’t get Quickdraw as well. Snapshot is my main thing though, I need a fast zoom. Box Breathing, while not as necessary compared to the past, can really help with completely shutting down supers with no question. I tend to treat linear fusions similar to snipers because they are essentially delayed shooting snipers. I don’t go for Back Up Plan on Linear Fusions simply because I know the rhythm of the weapon already and Linear Fusions don’t feel like the kind of weapon to take out quickly anyway. Line in the Sand from Season 9 is the only linear fusion that can roll Firing Line and I’d encourage getting it while you can, preferably with Rapid Hit.

I’m still doing testing on charge speeds, that will be another video. For a PvE fusion rifle, I’m going to strongly encourage getting Loaded Question from the Vanguard. This thing is just incredibly good all around, even in PvP if you can manage to scoop up more than 7 shots from the ground, it is deadly and you don’t need to hunt for any specific rolls or anything. It is the only PvE fusion rifle I use. There is no Trench Barrel or 1-2 Punch for fusions either, so beyond the standard perks I’ve been talking about, there’s not a lot to go hunt for, although Back Up Plan is nice for instant firing of the weapon. Gallant Charge has 3 different damage perks, along with Demolitionist in a different slot, so if I wasn’t using Loaded Question, I’d probably hunt for this weapon. For a PvP fusion, we’re looking for range, stability and accuracy. Lo and behold, Under Pressure on Erentil FR4 is actually one of the best options here because you always start with low ammo whenever you respawn, giving your weapon a boost without having to do anything.

If you have the muscle memory to make Firmly Planted work for you, knock yourself out with that too. In the second column, Backup Plan for shotgun rushers is cool if you’re a little more passive as a player, but even if you’re not, it’s good since Erentil has a high charge time. High impact reserves works for the same reason as Under Pressure, Rangefinder or even Tap the Trigger work here too. Fusions in PvP are all about keeping the beams tightly packed together to make sure we hit that one shot. Main Ingredient has the same major perk set as Erentil. Honestly, the decision here is all about fast or slow charge speeds. I think slow is probably better if you’re on the hunt for kills and play more aggressively as opposed to someone who uses a fusion to counter shotgunners. I have a Zealot’s Reward with Backup Plan and this thing fires TOO fast, where I don’t feel like I have the timing down just yet. Bows… I look for Archer’s Tempo and Rampage if I’m not using an exotic bow or a ritual weapon.

Anything that pushes out more arrows faster is good. And I’ll be honest, I almost completely ignore all the types of arrows and strings. Bows already get a good amount of aim assistance from the game as a whole. Swords are sort of in the same category: I’m mainly looking for ammo generating perks here because sword ammo can be used up pretty quickly. Whirlwind Blade to increase damage is good, I feel like people tend to spam light attacks because most enemies don’t need large attacks to be killed. Grenade Launchers are all about damage per shot in PvE, along with rate of fire. We want perks that are going to increase the damage of our shots without needing to stack it up first.

So, that means we’re looking for Spike Grenades. Fortunately, that’s in the 2nd column. As we’ve discussed in the damage video for Garden of Salvation, the holy grail for grenade launchers in the power slot would be spike grenade, auto-loading and full court, which can only come on Doomsday, which drops from Reckoning, so good luck with that. Otherwise, in order of priority, I’d say spike grenades is most important, then auto-loading, then full court.

Everything else is pretty situational or average. Rocket Launchers haven’t had much notoriety since their cluster bomb nerf. They’re slow, they’re tough to use on moving targets for single target damage, but their aoe damage is pretty strong. However, strong aoe damage is fancy talk for massive overkill. For rocket launchers, I say get what you like. For example, I kind of like Genesis and Ambitious Assassin for rockets for the instant reloads.

Auto loading holster is good too, again, reloads, even Field Prep if you remember to crouch, although Field Prep is good for reserves too. You don’t need recoil control, stability, any of that on a rocket. Demolitionist can get you big grenade energy too. Otherwise, for blast radius we want big if it’s for killing big groups of adds, small if it’s for boss damage. Impact casing, even though it’s a stability boost, gives us more damage on direct impacts, which we would like. I’m finally done talking. That is your god roll hunt guide. If you enjoyed this video, a positive rating is appreciated, thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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