Destiny 2: Why I Don’t Want Hawkmoon to Return (& 2 More Destiny 1 Questions)


Hello, welcome to the “pre-Shadowkeep, I am out of material so it’s time to answer frequently asked questions” video. Let’s begin. Number 1: Hey Datto, which D1 exotic would you like to come back to Destiny next? The answer before Bad Juju came out was Bad Juju. Monte Carlo probably would’ve been the last one that I wanted and we know that’s already coming. Bad Juju was a great Destiny 1 weapon and if it weren’t for the Recluse, I think it would be one of the top Destiny 2 primaries as well. Otherwise, I guess it would be like, Raze-Lighter or Dark-Drinker or something. The most common response I get to this question is: why not Hawkmoon, isn’t it your favorite gun? If you’re unfamiliar, Hawkmoon in Destiny 1 is a hand cannon that has 13 shots in the mag and 3 of those bullets do bonus damage at random. Every time you reload, the game basically rolls 3 13 sided dice and whatever it rolls, that’s where the bullets go, so the bonus damage could stack on the same bullet, resulting in a very high damage shot.

You, of course, had no idea which bullets had the bonus damage. In Destiny 1 year 1, this could one shot someone in PvP, but the odds of it happening were pretty low, I only got it to happen 3 times in a year, only once while recording. It did allow for a lot of 2 shots in PvP though, which is what made it so strong. Hawkmoon is still my favorite all time Destiny weapon because of how insane it was in year 1 of Destiny. Slowly, but surely, the weapon started to get nerfed, you could no longer 1 shot someone if you happened to get the lucky roll, the bonus damage went down… it was still a fine gun, but it never will go back to year 1 form. Which is why I’d rather it not come back and have it maintain its legacy instead, similar to Gjallarhorn.

I do not want Gjallarhorn to come back for the same reasons: 1) if it’s too strong, it will be the de facto weapon to use for everything, 2) if it’s too weak, then it is underwhelming compared to its legacy from Destiny 1. Some people unironically ask for things like No Land Beyond and Universal Remote… not really sure why, because we have those things already????? Plan C is basically a perk now, so that’s out.

And besides raid exotics, which I don’t think would come back, not too many other things interest me or were middle of the road. Patience and Time is a fantastically themed exotic that just wasn’t very important in the grand scheme of the game. I do think it would be one of the best contenders for a return though, if it got some sort of revamp. Hawkmoon’s essence is random bonus damage on shots, which is something that was completely removed from Destiny 2 anyway. I don’t think we’ll see weapons like Invective or Icebreaker return due to their regenerating ammo, something that royally messed up PvP ammo economy and caused many problems. If Hawkmoon were to return, it couldn’t really have its main perk unless Bungie just says screw it and brings it back, which is unlikely. They would have to make a new perk for it and at that point, I don’t think it’s Hawkmoon anymore. Thorn did get a rework, but the essence of the weapon was kept in tact.

Other weapons like Crimson and Riskrunner were modeled after Red Death and Zhalo Supercell, at least Crimson was anyway, Riskrunner maybe not explicitly so, but they’re similar enough that the comparison can be made. This is a lot of talking for: the gun probably won’t be as good as it was in the past, so I’d rather it have a good legacy as opposed to it coming back not as good as it used to be OR have it be too good and thus become a problem and hated. Number 2: Hey Datto, is there anything left of D1 that you’d like to see back in Destiny 2? Yes. I would like to see strike scoring make a return. Nightfall scoring exists, I know, I’m talking regular strikes. I know the impact that it would have on the game is basically nothing at least if it was just brought back as is, but going for high scores and trying to maximize the medals you earn was a fun way to kill time for me during the end of D1 as we moved into D2.

It plays differently to Nightfall scoring currently does. Nightfall scoring is about speed and how much stuff you can kill while being at the highest score multiplier possible, whereas D1 scoring was also about maximizing kills, but also HOW you got those kills, with speed being less of a factor unless you were using 3rd party scoreboards. You got medals based on how you got kills, like killing spreeds with certain weapon types, rotating through all of your weapons, fireteam rapid kills, which rewarded points that contributed to your score.

Strikes have always been pretty brainless, but strike scoring turned the strike experience into a fun mini-game of how can I get the most medals, while still keeping the fun of stomping through the activity, as opposed to current Nightfall scoring, which is a bit slower paced and more rigorous. I’m still hoping for scoring leaderboards one day. One day. Number 3: Hey Datto, where are all the raid challenges nowadays? You used to do them so often… in Destiny 1. I feel like I’ve answered this in the past, but I don’t remember when, so I’m just gonna do it again. Yeah, so, I started the challenge modes more heavily during the Crota days, that was the golden age of challenges on the channel.

Crota was just so pathetic that basically anything worked, so it allowed for a lot of freedom with challenges, shotgun only, khvostov, no guns, no land beyond, blindfolded, all that. Skolas also allowed for some freedom since there was no enrage timer, Necrochasm only, shoulder charge only. Then we got into King’s Fall and we did SOME stuff like Warpriest swords only, Queenbreakers vs. Golgoroth, sidearms, no land, last word vs.

Golgoroth, man we actually did a lot of Golgoroth challenges, huh, ok. Anyway, Wrath of the Machine didn’t really have too many and from then on, I slowed down the challenge modes. To me, they just kind of… got too samey. I didn’t think killing a new boss with the same guns or challenge conditions was very exciting to do. Not to mention that in Destiny 2, the weapon system changed drastically, which put limitations up that I didn’t used to have. Bosses also started becoming more resilient, where you just couldn’t really pull off the same kind of things as the Crota days and the process to get to boss damage phases got more intricate and elaborate.

In Destiny 2, challenges slowed down a lot on the channel and community challenges shifted more towards 2 and 3 man raid completions, with some solos in there too, flawless and all that. The issue with those challenges for me is that often times, a lot of those challenges are being done in the first couple of days after a raid has been beaten, which is ridiculous in and of itself. If not that, then they take hours upon hours of practice to do. I’m usually working on raid guides during that time, so once a challenge like 2 man has been done, interest is minimal at best.

I spent about 30 hours working on an Aksis solo kill, but because it had been done already, viewership was not great. Did 2 man Argos and Insurrection Prime, but we did it weeks after the first ones had been done, so again, viewership was bad. I tried doing high score Nightfall runs, which I did actually like, but viewership was bad and Nightfall high score runs started to become even less meaningful than they already weren’t. But, it’s not completely about viewership, it’s also about time, personnel and interest.

Crota was a long time ago, a time where I had a LOT of spare time on my hands, along with a group of people who didn’t mind doing those challenges with me, although a lot of the challenges were designed to be completed in an hour or two. Nowadays, I have a lot more going on in my life where I simply don’t have the time to grind out challenges that require hours and hours of practice. I don’t have the interest in doing them as much. I dunno how many times a Rat King raid is exciting. I recorded one for Crown of Sorrow, but never uploaded because it just wasn’t exciting. I dunno how many times it’s exciting to watch hip fire Last Word boss kills, you know what I mean? It just feels like too much of the same and those older challenges like “this weapon only, green weapons only,” don’t feel as impressive of a feat compared to the current D2 challenges that I see the community doing, solo this, solo that, flawless 2 man this or whatever else.

And I feel like if it doesn’t take hours and hours of practice, then who the hell is going to want to watch it? So, I don’t have the time, I only have some interest, not sure I have the people, I don’t think the challenges I used to do would be impressive to watch anymore, and I don’t think the community has the interest in watching, but feel free to prove me wrong on that last one. If there’s really that big of a demand for me to start looking at challenges again, then I’ll see what I can do. Number 4, NOT a Destiny 1 question: Can someone fill me in on the whole cosplay situation and why he dresses like a girl? Or, why did you do the 2B cosplay? Yeah, so I get this one a lot, unsurprisingly. This one is more for my Twitch audience, but I’m sure people here have some questions via clips from stream highlights. Here’s the deal with that: if you’re familiar with professional League of Legends, you may be familiar with a player named Sneaky, he plays on C9, he’s been there forever.

Anyway, for one of his streams a while ago, he said he’d do a cosplay of a girl character if he hit some sub goal. He hit the goal, he did the cosplay and then kept doing more and still does them frequently. I saw that first cosplay and thought, “that looks interesting and fun, I wanna try that,” and then I did. And that’s really about it. I did 2B for my first cosplay and I’ve done KDA Akali from League and Mad Moxxi from Borderlands since then. Part of it is that I think it’s hilarious when people realize that I am indeed a dude; it’s pretty obvious up close because I have a massive dude chin, but from behind, far away or if you’re not paying attention, not as much. Some people think it’s hilarious when they find out, some people get VERY weirded out, I’ll take either reaction. But as a result of these cosplays, I’ve gotten some questions, which I’ll answer now: I am not transgender, I am not bisexual, gay, or any other part of the alphabet, I’m a straight dude, I just find doing the cosplays fun and learning about…

How the other side operates to a degree. It’s been interesting to learn about make-up and stuff, that’s for sure, mainly how EXPENSIVE IT IS. I dunno how girls have money. It’s definitely given me a greater appreciation for what they go through with anything make-up. I’ve also had a small handful of people, maybe like 4-5, come to me and say that me doing the cosplays has helped them or their friends with whatever gender identity issues that they’ve been having, like a “if Datto can do it, why the hell can’t I,” kinda situation. So, if doing that helps some people out too, then great.

I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity that I don’t really care about dressing up for cosplay or putting on make-up or whatever; it’s a new hobby for me and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a hobby that isn’t directly tied to my job, turns out hobbies are fun. I don’t really plan on doing any cosplay specific content besides that one video from last year and maybe some tweets, stream highlight clips and instagram pictures every 3-4 months. That’s the Q&A, brief, but I’ve been getting those D1 questions a lot and figured it was time to just post about it while we’re waiting for Shadowkeep.

Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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