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Destiny 2 Wrathborn Hunt veto mods & god roll weapons guide


Since there wasn’t a lot of information about veto mods here, from youtubers and light gg I thought I should take a few days to do some research to come up with a table and guide about these various mods to make god roll farming easier for everyone (that and there was also various typos left in the descriptions of the vetos that got the names of Surplus & Thresh wrong at the time of making my personal chart). I’m going to start off with the table of what mods remove certain perks off of weapons and then a few suggestions of my own of which veto mods to use.

| Weapons   | Veto I| Veto II|Veto III|Veto IV| Veto V| Veto VI|
|Friction Fire|Killing Wind Subsistance|Threat Detector Autoloading Holster|Zen Moment Field Prep     |Unrelenting Sympathetic Arsenal|Slideways Wellspring|Rampage Vorpal Weapon
|Deafening Whisper| Killing Wind Underdog|Lead From Gold Moving Target|Ambitious Assassin Surplus|Threat Detector Rampage|Wellspring Unrelenting|Snapshot Autoloading Holster|
|Royal Chase|No Distractions Full Auto|Grave Robber Field Prep|Slideways Autoloading Holster|Multikill Clip|Dragonfly Thresh|Quickdraw Threat Detector|
|Blast Battue|Clown Cartridge Killing Wind|Pulse Monitor Threat Detector|Quickdraw Moving Target| Rampage Disruption Break|Chain Reaction Snapshot Sights|Wellspring Autoloading Holster|
|Cosair's Wrath|Firmly Planted Killing Wind|Pulse Monitor Moving Target|No Distractions Outlaw|One For All Quickdraw|Thresh Demolitionist|High Impact Reserves Kill Clip|

My main Friction Fire has a stability masterwork, Drop Mag, Killing Wind and Sympathetic Arsenal (this was from when the veto mods weren’t working right). Those 4 factors has a pretty good synergy together allowing me to empty a clip fast and reload it and my two other weapons at the same time. Since the only real stinker of the first column is Subsistance because of the low mag capacity, I’d personally would go for a stability/reload masterwork over a veto mod. Maybe Veto V because Wellspring & Slideways don’t seem that useful compared to the other 4 perks in the column. But even a god roll of this smg might be underwhelming if you prefer the Dawning smg coming back soon so take that into mind before farming this one out.

I have yet to get a god roll Deafening Whisper but it’s obvious which perks are great on it. Use Veto I to get Killing Wind & Underdog out of the way to try to get Lead From Gold or Ambitious Assassin. Rampage & Wellspring are the two winners of the second column so if you don’t mind losing out getting Autoloading, go for veto Veto VI.

The Royal Chase has some odd quirks when it comes to stability (from my perspective as a console player). At 44 base stability it feels the same when using Full Auto when and boosted to 55 or higher when using the same perk. Perks & mods that affect recoil seem to make a larger difference. My Arrowhead Bake boosts it 93 recoil and it performs better with base stability than a much higher stability one With Counterbalance & without Arrowhead. Figure in the 20+ in range perks & masterworks gave me on my god roll with my suggestion of recoil. The stinkers of the first columns are evenly spaced out so I would suggest using a range masterwork over a veto mod (probably even more so for mouse & keyboard folks). For the second column, Veto VI because why use a Threat Detector on a scout. Dragonfly & Dragonfly Spec in also on my god roll.

Blast Battue I would go with Veto II (removes Threat Detector & Pulse Monitor) and I’m not sure about the second one to be honest.

Corsair’s Wrath I would go with a range masterwork and maybe Veto V (Thresh and Demolitionist is kinda useless for a heavy in Crucible).


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