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Destiny 2 Wrathborn Hunt veto mods weapons table & guide By: dynamicsearchguy


I made a table of which perks are removed from Wrathborn Hunt weapons when you use certain veto mods. The veto mods topic really hasn’t been touched in depth here, on light gg or by youtubers. There was some typos made by Bungie that mislabeled perks like Thresh & Surplus in the descriptions at the time I made my own personal table. I’m going to include some of my suggestions about which mods to use at the bottom of the post.

Weapon Veto I Veto II Veto III Veto IV Veto V Veto VI
Friction Fire Killing Wind Subsistance Threat Detector Auto-loading Holster Zen Moment Field Prep Unrelenting Sympathetic Arsenal Slideways Wellspring Rampage Vorpal Weapon
Deafening Whisper Underdog Killing Wind Lead From Gold Moving Target Surplus Ambitious Assassin Rampage Threat Detector Wellspring Unrelenting Snapshot Auto-loading Holster
Royal Chase Full Auto Trigger System No Distractions Field Prep Grave Robber Slideways Auto-loading Holster Multikill Clip (no second perk than can be vetoed) Thresh (mislabeled as ‘Bonus Super’) Dragonfly Quickdraw Threat Detector
Blast Battue Clown Cartridge Killing Wind Pulse Monitor Threat Detector Quickdraw Moving Target Rampage Disruption Break Snapshot Sights Chain Reaction Wellspring Auto-loading Holster
Corsair’s Wrath Firmly Planted Killing Wind Pulse Monitor Moving Target No Distractions Outlaw Quickdraw Unrelenting (mislabeled as ‘All For One’) Thresh Demolitionist Kill Clip High-Impact Reserves

My Friction Fire has a masterwork in stability, Arrowhead Brake (for the handling & big recoil bonus), Drop Mag, Killing Wind and Sympathetic Arsenal. Reloads all of my weapons really fast. Subsistance is the only bad perk in the first column because of the low ammo capacity so I’d go for a stability or reload masterwork instead. Veto V if you’re not too concerned about losing Wellspring & Slideways. People might prefer the reissued Dawning aggressive frame smg coming next week so I don’t know if farming a god roll of the Fire would change your preference.

If you’re trying to go for a Deafening Whisper with Lead From Gold or Ambitious Assassin, use Veto Mod I to take Killing Wind & Underdog off the first column. If you’re going for Rampage & Wellspring, use Veto Mod VI to take Snapshot & Auto Load off the list.

Stability doesn’t do all that much compared to range & recoil when it comes to the Royal Chase. I’m a console player who uses Full Auto, Arrowhead Brake (+30 to recoil) & +20 to range (with perks & masterwork) with the base stability of 44 and that roll feels a lot more consistent that others with significantly higher stability. Skip the veto mods for the first column (no turkeys outside of Grave Robber) and go with a range masterwork. Definitely use Veto Mod VI to take Threat Detector & Quickdraw off the table. The three other perks in the second column are much better in general.

Veto II to remove the two weakest perks (Pulse Monitor & Threat Detector) from the first column of Blast Battue. The second column is a toss up because the weak perks are evenly spread out between two mods. Do you want to avoid Disruption Break at the cost of Rampage (Veto Mod IV) or avoid Snapshot Sights at the cost of Chain Reaction (Veto V)?

For a solid Corsair’s Wrath roll I’d go with a range masterwork and Veto Mod IV (Quickdraw & Unrelenting) because they don’t seem to be that useful for a slow sniping linear fusion. Maybe Veto Mod V (Demolitionist & Thresh) if you want a crucible focused roll.


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