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Destiny 2 Written Raid Guides – For those interested! By: Hawkeye131


With the launch of Beyond Light imminently approaching and considering this weekend will be the last opportunity for many Guardians to finish all the content going into the DCV I felt I should share my written raid guides.

I genuinely feel Destiny’s Raids are some of the best content video games have to offer. They are fun, challenging and generally speaking, a rewarding experience. Whether you’re a D1 Vet or a Kinderguardian I HIGHLY recommend trying the raids before they’re gone!

Why a written guide? I can only speak from my own experience so what I’ll simply say is for me personally I find it makes the initial experience of navigating an unfamiliar raid a little bit easier. I’ll freely admit watching/reading a guide and actually doing it yourself are two different things. However, if you’re like me and prefer to read a straightforward guide I’ve got you mostly covered.

Below are links (google docs) to each of my guides to the respective raid.
***Unfortunately I never did a guide for Eater of Worlds however, I promise if that raid ever comes back I’ll do one!!!***

Leviathan – Here

Spire of Stars – Here

Last Wish – Here

Scourge of the Past – Here

Crown of Sorrow – Here

Garden of Salvation – Here

As you may notice with these guides I tried to focus almost exclusively on the actual mechanics of each encounter as (in my experience), strategies tend to change over time as new weapons, exotics, perks, buffs, nerfs, sandbox changes and sub-class updates are introduced. I do give some very basic general suggestions on strategies but again I tend to focus on the mechanics.

Also, if I could give any advice to any aspiring new raiders out there it would be what I refer to as the 3 C’s of Raiding.

  1. Communication – You need to be able to effectively communicate during a Raid. Whether it’s calling out specific buffs, de-buffs, symbols, icons, timers, enemies etc… You must learn when to speak up and when to be quiet so others can do so.

  2. Cooperation – You must be able to cooperate effectively and efficiently in nearly every Raid encounter. Team work makes the dream work. Even if it means taking on a role you may not necessarily be comfortable with I recommend it because you will expose yourself to more/different roles in the Raid and ultimately gain a better understanding of how it all works.

  3. Coordination – You should make a concerted effort to co-ordinate where necessary each mechanic of your role within each encounter. It’s one thing to understand it, it’s another to be able to effectively and efficiently execute it. Sometimes it’s easy sometimes it’s not. Sometimes experience really is the only teacher.

You may fail 9 times before you get it right. What matters is YOU GOT IT RIGHT!!! They say experience and failure are two of the best teachers in life. As a personal example it took me nearly 14 attempts before I finally finished the Leviathan raid. The 13 prior attempts sucked but also helped me understand what I needed to do to be successful.

Lastly, a final piece of advice is once you’ve got a clear on a Raid you’ve been want to complete and go back in, eyeing that specific role on that shotgun you want. Don’t be afraid to switch up your roles, your subclass, your loadouts etc… Expose yourself to more of the game and more of the Raid and it’s encounters/mechanics and you truly start to master them. Maybe even go for a title for two!

Please forgive me if this post isn’t formatted correctly this might be the first or second time I’ve ever posted on Reddit… (Long time lurker)


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