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Destiny 2 Zaf’s Ultimate Guide to Gambit By: Dark-Zafkiel


Playing for drops, bounties, or that sweet sweet reset?

I have played way too much Gambit, and want to share my strats with you. Now I know that you are asking “Why should I listen to this random guy talk about gambit strats?” Well, while you guys were pushing 5500 in comp, grinding your nightfalls for mats, and playing the game, I’ve been pushing Top 200 ELO in gambit for the past several seasons. (Want proof dm me ill send it)

The Guide:

This will be broken up into four parts.

-Banking: When and when not to bank, optimal amount to deposit

-Invading: How to invade, weapon meta, what to prioritize on an invasion

-Slaying: Ad clear, the primeval, and who deserves the heavy brick

-Setups: A few different examples of team comps for long win streaks


Know when to bank. Every time I play I shake my head when the opponents deposit first. There are two main goals in the first few minutes of a Gambit game. The first to get one teammate a large blocker. This isn’t always possible with blueberries, but is possible with a team. If you are playing solo try to grab 5 motes. The first wave should award somewhere between 23-26 motes. If you can guarantee the first invade you should dunk first, if you can’t dunk second. Now the goal is to drain motes.

Bungie has made the draining significantly more aggressive, so dunking second and following it up with an invade usually leads to a 40 mote lead. If that happens, you most likely just won. If you failed to drain, and your invader didn’t make a significant impact, thats ok. All you need to worry about now is making sure your opponents don’t drain you. If an invader is on your side, and you do NOT have motes, focus the blockers before worrying too much about the invader.

You need to dunk large blockers. Smalls are way too easy to kill, and phalanxes have nowhere near enough health. Try to delay your original bank until after the opponent banks any motes, then bank two large blockers if possible. Otherwise clear blockers and bank what you have. Getting an invade while you have 2 blockers or more available is the most important aspect of the new Gambit.

Do NOT bank when you are the only one banking (unless its for an invade or the primeval) or it is the first invade of the game. Prioritize banking when it will trigger a drain effect, you have an invader on the opposite field, or you have 15 motes.


As Gambit currently stands, the first invade of the game is still the most important. Invade immediately at 25 motes, but beware of the lengthened cool-down. Hopefully you get on the opposite side while the blockers are still alive. Assuming you follow the bank portion of the guide, you should be draining motes. The main goal of an invade is still to deny motes, but now with the new draining you should be protecting the blockers as best you can. If you have the choice between hunting a person with 5-10 motes or defending the 2 large blockers on their field you should defend the blockers, as only a crazy player would challenge the invader with motes. By saving the blockers, the other players will most likely hide with their motes, leaving you time to drain and stall their team.

Here is an example of an invade: Enemy team banks 10 motes leaving a medium blocker on your side. You kill the blocker deposite a large and a medium allowing the invade. Upon invading you see 2 enemies on the bank with 0 motes dealing with the blockers, and 2 players with 13 and 3 motes respectively. You should firstly try to remove the enemy players from their bank first. That allows the blockers to drain, then hold a sightline watching the bank so that they can’t bank. This forces the enemies to camp as they dont want to expose themselves to you as an invader while your team is profiting from the drain. Assuming you stall for 20 seconds and drain 7 motes. Its like you helped clear a side of enemies on your side, and all you did was watch a bank.

As for weapons, the better the sniper you are, the more likely you should invade with a sniper. If you are not good at sniping, a good scout rifle will still do wonders. Even some high impact pulses are decent as well. The exotic sniper Izanagi’s Burden is amazing, but toxic. Be warned that some others may pull it out if you use it. Xenophage is another fantastic yet toxic option, but it works. Personally, I use a sniper, a scout, and Anarchy. Anarchy is versatile. It provides good DPS for the primeval and HVT while invading. Just stick’em and go. Anarchy only should be used by the invader, as other weapons have much higher DPS.


The most important goal of any team is simply getting the motes. This can be done many ways. The more AoE abilities you have the faster you will clear ads. Stasis Warlocks as of 11/18/2020 are one of the best ways to do so, but I’ll go into builds later. During each wave you need to always be watching the amount of motes your team has. Don’t be the person who snags the last mote leaving your teammate with only 14, forcing them to delay a valuable bank. Besides that, watch the enemy type. This should go without saying, but different enemies may lead to your team getting wiped, which will usually loses you the game. Always revive your team (if you can). Scorn captains, vex cyclops, shriekers, cabal colossus, flamers, and turrets all can surprise you blueberries. I always try to defeat them first so my team doesn’t loose motes.

The Primeval is very easy now. All you need to do is kill both envoys, and with the blueberries drop a well, bubble, any type of damage boost and nuke. If you feel your team doesn’t have DPS during the earlier slaying phase or you were struggling to get a primeval, wait until 3 stacks or more of primeval slayer before dropping heavy ammo, well, or bubble. I find that a lot of teams struggle here, but that is due to them wasting ammo then dying to an invader. That is why the bubble is so helpful. Just keep killing envoys and sit in a bubble while there is an invader. This allows for an extreme punishment if their invader can’t wipe your team as Bungie nerfed the invasion timer. They made the portal take longer to open back up, so if you can survive an invasion and you just keep killing those envoys you have an easy win. If you get the meatball, quickly swap off the sword for Anarchy and try to take a heavy brick, as swords are rather ineffective unless it’s Black Talon. For meatball just worry about stacking that primeval slayer and breaking the immune balls as they spawn.

Heavy ammo: General rule of thumb. If you are the invader take it, otherwise hope for drops. During primeval and 80+ motes anyone should take it, but only if you need it. I know with anarchy you get 6 grenades which is enough for the entire game. With a sword you get 6 ammo. It’s not even enough to kill the primeval so choose you heavy cautiously. I know from experience that you can make pretty much everything work if you use the bubble/well on the primeval.


Here are some of the most notable team comps that have bested me, and some builds that bolster the team.

Hunter – Top tree Tether

Titan – Bubble

Warlock – Dawn for invades, Stasis for ads

This comp is the most standard I’ve seen. It’s pretty self explanatory. Things to note if the Dawn Warlock uses Necrotic Grip he can throw a celestial fire at an ad doorway, and pretty much wipe the entire side due to the plague. The Bubble Titan’s Suppressors blind enemies, so you can remove the risk when pushing some colossus/turrets.

Now for the weapons. This will vary depending on personal skill and what is available to you.

Hunter- One-two Punch shotgun, pulse rifle, grenade launcher god roll, or Stasis with Mask of Bakris and either Good Bone Structure or Fourth Horseman and an arc sword

Titan – Bubble, sniper for countering invades if needed and for shriekers, turrets, and other dangers, a pulse rifle like No Time to Explain, and a sword

Warlock- Well/Dawn, sniper, pulse/scout, Anarchy with Necrotic Grips. Your job is to punch stuff and not pick up motes if possible as the amount of motes the plague makes would be sufficient.

Other Misc. Builds:

Stasis Warlock with Necrotic Grips, One-two punch shotgun, smg, and sword/anarchy.

Hunter with either precision golden gun for emergancy invade, or a version of arcstrider with raiden flux to aid in the ad clear.

Titan with either sunspots with pheonix cradle or missle with insurmountable for max ad clear potential.

Will add more later, via an edit. But for now this is my guide


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