Destiny Beyond Light: Global and Warlock Stasis Nerfs & Weapon Sunsetting Update


Bungie posted a large update on the 19th outlining some rather significant news, Not gon na lie. I don’t have the most amount of time. T o cover this, since I need to keep grinding to prepare for world first, so we’re gon na zip through this First up is the world first raid race I’ll, have plenty to say about this raid race after it’s over, despite the fact that it hasn’t even Started yet, But Bungie will be taking the verification process even more serious than usual, with them taking potentially 3 days to absolutely verify the winners, hopefully announcing a winner on the 23rd. As a reminder, the day 1 raid race will have contest mode on which reduces your power by 20 per encounter. So if an encounter is 1240 power, you’ll be dropped to 1220 and so on.

Artifact power is disabled and the power cap goal is 1230, so 1230 will make you as powerful as you’re allowed to be for every encounter. Anything above 1230 will be a waste Very glad to see. Bungie is taking this. What feels like more seriously that usual and if you don’t already know why this is the case, we’ll talk about it after the raid is over or I’m sure you can find it quite easily on the internet Next, in an attempt to curb free to play PC Cheaters and hackers Bungie will be introducing SMS verification to those kinds of accounts attempting to play Trials. Iron Banner and competitive PvP

This means you’ll need to input a phone number in order to verify your account, I’m guessing that if you verify an account and it gets banned, if you try to use the same phone number, they won’t. Let you make a new account Again glad to see more steps in combating hackers and cheater. Please keep them coming More. Preventative measures will always be accepted Next Warlocks, it’s time, you’re getting Stasis, nerfs Stasis, nerfs, specifically, although stasis in general, is getting nerfed more in certain areas than others. The breakout damage was reduced from 110 to 90. The damage reduction effect that resilience has on breakout damage was increased, so higher tier of resilience are more valuable. Capping out at 90.

The Warlock Stasis melee had its projectile speed reduced by 20 % and its range reduced by almost half 28m to 16m. The Warlock super was reduced in duration 30 to 24 seconds. Although the light attack was made slightly cheaper, The Cold Snap grenade seekers had their speed reduced by 23 % Against Guardians aka PvP, The freeze, duration for Cold Snap grenade Ice Flare, bolts, which is the Warlock aspect and Penumbral Blast (. The warlock melee ) had their freeze duration cut from 4.75s to 1.35s. The Warlock super no longer affects players who are not frozen. To this I say good. First off Bungie didn’t really nerf Stasis that much in PvE, which is a great thing. I don’t think it needed many adjustments just yet in PvE, people are still figuring out, builds and all that, but right now it’s really fun in PvE Warlock super duration, getting nerfed understandable. It was pretty long feels like a more PvP targeted nerf, but it was really long c’mon. As for the freeze duration, it’s only affecting the easiest to use or automatically tracking abilities and only affecting PvP Cold. Snap is auto targetting. The Warlock melee was ridiculous and the chaining effect of the Warlock was also auto targetting.

Every other affect is still going to be that 5 second freeze, supers, the other grenades, etc. This is nerfing the worst offenders of the bunch, mainly in PvP, although I can see a world where the melee range of the projectile gets buffed a couple more meters in the future Good stuff. That being said, these things are still gon na, be good, just not as completely one sided as they were for the start of the expansion. If you still get caught by a Warlock melee prepare to roll your eyes, It just makes it so. The Warlock needs to play a little better to get that freeze. These are also not the final changes we’ll see to Stasis this season. Next up weapon sunsetting, It has been a brutal shock to the system and world drops are lacking, So Bungie will be adding some previous season guns to world drops, starting on the 24th. They are removing all legendary weapons that hit their infusion cap. At the end of this season, adding all of the seventh seraph weapons from Season 10, adding all of the season 11 seasonal and planetary reprisal weapons and are weighing the drops so that, if an item is newer, it has a higher chance of dropping. This is definitely going to help ease up some of that pressure from the shock of sunsetting. All of those guns,

Seventh Seraph weapons returning will be nice as they’re the main way to proc Warmind Cells, so those builds are back Season. 11 weapons had a bunch of bangers, so that’s good too. I know the main piece of feedback is still unsunset Forsaken and Shadowkeep weapons. At least some of them, so I’m wondering what direction that’ll go in, should that feedback be implemented Again, Forsaken and Shadowkeep being paid things that drop you no interesting, loot whatsoever is a bit of a killer. Even if I understand why Also a bunch of known issues, one I would like to highlight is the lack of despawning sparrows on Europa Hot take. Can we just leave that in There’s something strangely satisfying about seeing other people’s sparrows on the ground? Almost making the world feel a little more populated, knowing that someone has been through some area recently That, and I just think it would be funny to see a giant stack of sparrows littering the place. Maybe just me That is your quick reaction. Video thank you for watching. Buy some merch I’ll, see you next time.

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