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Destony 2 New Light finally playing through old campaigns, part 2: Warmind By: DrakonSpear7


Well, the last one got a pretty great reception, so I’ll continue it for the other 3 campaigns.


Just because it’s thematic, I ran this campaign using the warmind cell mods– which, not having played much last season, I’ve only recently begun toying with. It’d make the most sense to use rasputin-themed weapons too, but… Firefly can spawn warmind cells through wrath of rasputin, and I did just get Ace of Spades so, yeah.

Opening Cutscene:

Wait, why shouldn’t guardians research their past? Are we going full jedi “because they could get too attached”? But based on Cayde’s lore cards, he knew some stuff about his past lives, and he was still a great guardian. I also assume it’s more of a Vanguard rule than a ghost rule?

Well, that’s a lot of hive under that ice.

Yes, Anna, we were all there for the 2 hours it took Rasputin to destroy the almighty, we know how powerful he is. Sheesh, it’s like she thinks this is our first time hearing about Rasputin or something /s

Umm… why did she just jump onto the ice field filled with hive and just start running? She, like, knows we have things called sparrows and spaceships, right? What’s the plan here?

Ice and Shadow:

Ahhhhh… okay, no plan at all, gotcha. She’s immediately resorting to calling for backup.

Okay, so between this, the Dreaming city, and even kind of the intro to the Tangled Shore, I’m noticing a trend. They like introducing us to locations from somewhere far off from that standard loading zones, with wide-open vistas. And I gotta say, it’s working on me. The view from Olympus is amazing. I know there are jokes about how the pyramids in the skybox’s can unintentionally make story scenes funny, but it honestly took me a second to even register that the pyramid was there too.

The climb out of the area was fun. The busting through the walls was a small but appreciated change in how the hive enter. The atmosphere overall was well set. I would say it’s missing the horror vibe the hive usually go for, opting instead for a sense of continuous pressure. Not really a good or bad thing too for me, personally.


So… uh, SGA, did yo guys know that warmind cells count as damage from a Valkyrie javelin? I didn’t, until I accidentally nuked that Javelin-damage-only rasputin memory thats around the corner from braytech.

This feels reminiscent of the push to reach the warmind entrance at the start of season of the worthy, but I suppose to most people it was probably the opposite, lol. It was kind of funny hearing her talk so much about how powerful rasputin was and how she was trying to get him to offer any kind of help to clear the path while my guardian was casually using Rasputin’s cells to nuke wave after wave already. The chance to use Valkyries non-stop was really, really cool though, and a ton of fun.

Ah! Zavala! Wha- How- I– what??? Wasn’t this place literally locked down because of the assault outside, and frozen over until literally just prior to that assault? When was he let inside?

Also, the same Zavala that couldn’t officially sanction a single guardian to investigate a brand new band of enemies– the barons– and bring justice to the assassination of one of the Vanguard’s leaders, somehow justified personally leaving the tower just to twiddle his thumbs in an airlock waiting for us? This feels personally motivated. Is Anna his ex? It kinda feels like Anna was his ex, and he’s being a tad obsessive, ngl. (/s … mostly)

Okay, I know that the plot kind of needs this to end on an ominous cliffhanger voice line, but Zavala, the commander of the troops, giving a super vague and not at all helpful answer is seriously not helping his credibility.

Off World Recovery:

Ooh, we’re getting a piece of the traveler as bait? Are we going back to that piece from the original demo of Destiny 2, the one that gave you back your light?

Meh, not a lot to say about the rest of this mission, really. It mostly just played like the taken blight event, followed by the standard “locked in a room as waves of enemies spawn”. Not unfun to play, but nothing captivating. Anna and Zavala had some interesting exchanges, but that’s about it.

Strange terrain:

… this isn’t a strike, so why does it have the same exact name as one?

… oh. oh no. this… this is literally just the strike with some adjustments to make it easier to do solo.

Whoa! Big worm boy! That’s something new, at least! Well, mostly new, I’ve done enough heroic whisper recently to recognize these lines. But frankly, those memories just added more tension to the moment.

Every time I had played the strike before, I had sort of assumed the actually campaign told us more about Nokris. It actually feels like the opposite. He didn’t feel relevant, or like character that mattered– he was just a boss thrown it to have a boss. And similar to my complaints about our first raid against the barons of the reef, it feels like we didn’t really accomplish much. We spent to missions setting up this trap, and it feels like all it accomplished was having Xol flex on us.

Xol, Will of Thousands:

Well, I think my reaction to this can be summed up as: “please refer to the last mission” and let’s leave it at that.

Worldline Zero:

This was an interesting and enjoyable little scavenger hunt. It was nice having a reason to visit every nook of Hellas basin. that said, I couldn’t imagine doing this without the internet to help– unless I’m missing something it feels like a bit of a guide dang it for average players. Though I’m sure the r/raidsecrets -type people love this kind of stuff. Overall, it’d be cool to see stuff like this again. (and I already know about the wish ender eggs). The weapon itself feels a bit lackluster to me?

Polaris lance and Sleeper Simulant:

I ground these out at the same time, so my reactions are necessarily entwined for these two. Once again, warmind cells counting as javelin damage made those steps a lot easier then they probably were back in it’s original release. most of the steps were run of the mill, though the heroic adventures were cool.

I also have to say, I really love the idea of the warmind caches. It’s a fun mini-puzzle that, unlike the memories, is something anyone could reasonably do on their own. The only problem is how unrewarding it is for the effort, which might just be due to power creep– maybe 2 rare items use to be decent rewards?

sigh… let’s get the elephant out of this room. The final two missions for both of these are the two strikes-turned-story-mission again. and it doesn’t seem to have any modifiers, I think the only difference use to be the light level– so, no difference to me.

I need some opinions here- the polaris lance seems like it was probably an amazing weapon when it first came out, with the dual primary system and all. Decent add clear with dragonfly, decent dps against majors and tankier red-bars. An effectively very deep magazine. But with 150s not one-tapping and special weapons for major dps, it simply feels lackluster, and I don’t see myself using it outside of novelty factor.

Sleepre simulant similarly feels lost to time. despite not really being better than many other precision heavies, it feels so sluggish to handle, more so than any heavy I recall besides Acrius. Maybe this was an okay trade off in the old days, but it simply feels bad to wield to me.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I wouldn’t say this felt like a fully fleshed out story, it felt like the outline of one. I see what story they were trying to tell, but the execution felt barebones and lacking. However, it had many cool puzzles I would enjoy seeing more off.

Plus, despite my reactions, I don’t really hate the two final missions. Strange Terrain and Xol have always been among my top 4 favorite strikes (along with pyramidion and Savathun’s song), and I think they were well put together. And other campaigns do this too– Shadowkeep has a mission to do the scarlet keep. It just… felt a bit lazy doing it a total of 4 times. I think I ultimately liked more about this expansion than I hated, but I can see why it was so negatively received.


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