Fighting Lion destiny 2 – Shadowkeep – Xur Location, Exotic Armor


So I’m gon na be giving you a bunch of different pictures. I did capture all of the random rolls, and so I can still give you all my recommendations. You can find these err in his regular location on the EDC so head over to the wining Cove. Make your way all the way up on top of the mountain, it should be finding him in his regular spot. This is gon na, be a high overview of everything that the zur has available. Moving on, let’s go to and get started with the weapon. Today, the weapon is going to be the fighting lion. Now the fighting line, most people know it and understand it.

It’S gon na be a primary ammo energy grenade launcher. Now these are one of those single fire grenade launchers that are usually special ammo, but in this case it’s a primary I’m a weapon, making it very useful for going for a lot of the grenade bounties for whatever you’re doing and in general, just a weapon. That’S kind of fun. I had to grind with this weapon for a long time once the Halloween event came around and it gave us the catalysts to get like a thousand kills with a thing. But the thing is actually a lot of fun to use and I highly recommend you use it haven’t already if you’ve never actually heard of the weapon before it has two main perch. First of all, delayed gratification, grenades, bounced off of surfaces, and you hold down the button and release it when you want to detonate it. So basically, you air burst it wherever you want it to explode and the second one direct impacts, do more damage to enemy combatant shields and rapid kills with the grenade damage based enemies, refill the magazine and kills always drop primary ammo.

So with this weapon is a primary weapon. Any time you get kills with it drops primer mo everywhere. I’Ve actually lagged out a lot of games by the amount of primary ammo it drops on the ground. So overall, is this a good weapon? No not really, but it’s kind of fun, and sometimes in PvP. You can do decent things with it. Moving on to the hunter exotic, we have mecha near Strix, leave its main perks. Spring-Loaded mounting increases these sidearm, ready and reload speed and when you’re critically wounded swapping to a side up increases its damage. Now, in general, I’m not much of a sidearm user.

I know a lot of people have been growing on sytems ever since the Rekluse nerf sidearms have kind of been rising in the meta as far as just absolute DPS for primary weapons, but just in general, in my opinion, sytems are still not at a place that I would for using them over over Clues on top of that. The main perk of this being able to swap to a sidearm to increase its damage is something that’s very powerful to do. However, the only instance that that really makes sense is, if you’re, using a sniper and a sidearm or another primary and a sidearm, because you have to have a longer range, something to swap over to your sidearm and if you’re, critically wounded. And you have something inside arm range that you need to handle with these sidearm, most likely you shouldn’t have been using the sniper rifle in the first place, so it’s just kind of like a badly constructed exotic, because it just only makes sense for primary ammo weapons. Now, obviously, this thing came out with the base game when it was only primer animals.

There was no special animal weapons, but that being said, I think they need to change this very slightly to be more adjusted to the meta. As far as the role goes for the trick sleeve, the primary in recovery is really nice to have, because, if you’re getting critically wounded a lot, you want to be recovering from that. As soon as you can, any secondary and strength is not really synergized. Well, with it so kind of like a middling to above-average role for kind of below-average exotic moving on to the war like exotic, we have the stag its main perk dearly, departed grants, rift energy when you’re, critically wounded and on death. You create a healing rift on your corpse, which is basically a kind of homage to your teammates if you’re new, by just being like stay alive. I am helping you with this last little thing. Now. The warlock has a lot of exotics that have to do with his rift and the stag, in my opinion, is not nearly the best one.

So in general I don’t really find many circumstances that I would find the stag and useful overusing any of the other one. My personal favorite is still gon na, be Luna faction, riff to being able to double your reigns on those riffs being able to make it. So you can reload as fast as possible on your ribs. It’S still the best, in my opinion. As far as the roles going, having a primary in recovery is a definitely big synergy with this item and a secondary intellect is definitely nice to have so very above-average role for an averaging exotic and finally, for the Titan exotic. We have the MK 44 stand aside. Its main perks, seriously watch out grants an over shield, while you’re sprinting at full health with seismic strike, hammer strike or shield bash equip and hits with these abilities recharge a portion of your melee energy. Now those three items are gon na, be your shoulder charge abilities for the three different subclass nodes for the Titan in general.

I don’t really find the over shield that you have to be at full health to be able to even get with those shoulder charge nodes equipped. It doesn’t really do much that over shield is basically one bullet from one primary ammo shot. It’S not worth it. It’S also only right in front of you: it’s not a full over she’ll all around you now they have actually buff this since I’ve used it last that last little part, where hits with the abilities recharge a portion of your male energy. So I don’t know how much melee energy that is, if you’d say full melee, then that might actually be useful. Definitely something that goes on par with in cement. Ovals go for it, but I don’t think it does that because then instrumentals go for it would be made useless.

So not really something that I find very useful because you don’t really tank that much more and you also don’t really get that much melee energy. It’S kind of like a middle and ground for a lot of things and does nothing really as far as heroes go have any primary and mobility secondary inch. Strength is a perfect synergy for this exotic, so definitely above-average great synergy for this exotic for an exotic, that’s kind of below average, and that’s gon na be pretty much it for these, sir. Today, let me know in the comments down below. If any questions concerns tips, tricks concerns or tips or even tricks, you can, let me know the comments below you can tell. I didn’t get really much that much sleep that but anyways it’s the end of the video hope you guys did enjoy see you guys on the next one. You

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