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After a hundred and sixty something bounties, we have finally completed the fighting lion catalyst. Yes, it was a grunt after completing the catalyst, though guys you will receive the perk chimera after the weapon fires equipped, kinetic and power weapons gained a brief period of increased handling and accuracy. When I say brief boys, I’m talking fast like not even 1 to 2 seconds is as long as you get to get that increased accuracy and handling. Originally, I thought to myself: what could we pair here with fighting line to make it disgusting?

Should we do a sniper fighting line, combo shoot a fighting lion, shot off swapped to our sniper, have the bonus accuracy and then proceed to land some crits. Unfortunately, this proved to be a lot more difficult than I originally died. Considering that chimera only lasts for a couple of seconds, so after going through a couple of options, I tried a few smg’s. I throw out a couple Hank anus, that I thought also paired well here, where I had a problem, though, was that I felt like I was in a continuous cycle of reloading between our fighting lion having to be reloaded and the hand cannon that I’m also having To reload after getting a kill, it was somewhat aggravating. Lo and behold, though, boys we’ve got a hand cannon with Auto loading, holster west of Sun fall.

This is a 180 round per minute hand cannon from year, one and yes, it comes with Auto loading holster, so it seemed to be one of the best weapons, if not the best option, to pair there with fighting lions. Now. First up, let’s talk about this catalyst. I was very much led down to see that chimera grants only accuracy and handling versus what he was originally going to grant. Originally chimera was going to give you a damage buff to your kinetic weapon after swapping to it now. Obviously, that didn’t bode well with the sandbox team, because we didn’t see fighting lion come out when we originally thought it was gon na come so super unfortunate that we’re not actually getting that damage buff from chimera on its own two feet.

How is this catalyst doing? As you see there guys, my reload speed has jumped up pretty significantly. On top of that guys, I’m also rocking enhanced grenade loaders, which makes my reload even faster. Now I’m swapping to my kinetic alot but understand between the enhanced loading perk and the extra reload speed that we have here with the catalysts you can put some major suppressive fire on a team. I really like the reload speed a lot when it comes to things like PvE and in gambit. Now the sandbox changes that came yesterday for sandbox 2.0 point 4. We actually received a decrease in fighting lion damage to be brought in line with other breach load grenade launchers. Now that same marks, changed was directly related to PvE. As far as I know, I’m pretty sure it’s still doing the exact same damage in PvP. Now that’s pretty good against ass, but let me be real: it’s a tough sell, it’s an exotic and so for PvE. I I can’t see myself using this over other exotics, but even in crucible, it’s still somewhat of a tough sell, but it’s definitely one of those.

If you can grasp the play style around fighting lion, it’s one of the hardest play styles to beat. There’S been few times in this game that I felt like I couldn’t do anything, but a couple of months ago, when I was playing doubles, I went up against two guys rockin fighting lying together. It was one of the most painful experiences I have ever felt and the gun itself. If you can get another weapon with autoloading holster between that and they tend to hurt right here on fighting lion, you can pretty much be in a situation where you never have to reload either of your weapons. So, overall it’s chimera, a perk to be just grinding. Your hearts out, for, I would say, get it when you get it now, if you’re like Sheik or somebody out there, man that just lives and breathes fighting lion, then absolutely grab it, but it’s definitely not just some game-changing catalyst. Here’S the thing it’s either you’re good, with fighting on or you’re.

Not this catalyst is not gon na make you better with fighting lion. You’Re all they’re gon na, like the play style that Bungie is trying to present here with this exotic grenade, launcher or you’re. Not, and that’s why a lot of people still don’t use finding line. It has a lot of potential. You could do really good with this gun. You could take on multiple enemies with this gun and when perfected again, like I said, one of the hardest play styles to go up against, but it’s definitely not a play style for everyone. With all that being said, I would have definitely rather to see that damage buff, that chimera was originally gon na grant us considering so many weapons that are in that energy slot that are competing for us Luna’s. How not forgotten Telesto fighting lion is presenting one of the most difficult play styles to get down and by not having that damaged buff. That Mara was originally gon na half. I just think there’s gon na be a lot of people that won’t even give it a try. So that is your fighting lion. Catalyst chimera. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked in the database week after week waiting for this thing to drop.

I know I didn’t really elaborate on the accuracy and handling for power weapons, but that’s an even tougher one to swap to in time to take advantage of chimera and I’m not the only weapon type. That’S like a hit scam weapon that was going to actually take advantage of chimera is may be linear fusion rifles, but even then you have to wait for the charge time form. So best-case scenario is you have a fusion rifle that has backup plans and you can immediately swap to it and get the shot off and take advantage of chimera rocket launchers grenade launchers. All those things that are projectiles are not even hitscan weapons. I can’t see chimera. Actually, being of any use there, so that is your fighting lion catalyst! Get it whenever you get it. If you want to entertain that place down, do it it’s very much a skilled play style, that’s fun to use so fellas and, ladies thank you all for coming and watching, and as always, it’s not that like button, like your mama taught you right, [, Music, ],

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