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How to Craft and Upgrade your Legendary in Shadowlands – Comprehensive Guide


So legendaries haven’t been talked about nearly as much as the other topics as say: covenant, abilities or soul binds and conwets, but legendaries will be yet another borrowed power coming in shadowlands to further empower your character. So, let’s talk about what they do, but primarily how and where to obtain them. Bear in mind some systems connected to legendaries that we’re going to talk about, notably targast and the mozzone are being covered in separate videos. More deeply link to them should be either on this video or in the description or should be out in the future if they’re not out yet in the case of them all videos so remember to subscribe to get that right. Let’S get started then so legendary is in shadowlands much like the legion expansion. It’S going to be a piece of gear, broadly available and uniquely equipped, meaning it can only have one equipped at any given time, as opposed from the two from legion. But you’re gon na have a variety of options, depending on your class and spec, with a variety of effects on offer as well. That will cater to all different types of content in the game or combat situations like multi-target or single target and so on and so forth. But, unlike legion, where we had not such a great system with the random drops and this time, they’re gon na be crafted with a lot more control and agency, not in the traditional sense. However, as they are being crafted by a fellow npc named the roon carver.

I know very spooky first step, then unlocking the own carver and unlocking the ability to craft legendaries. This will be done pretty fast. The minutes that you reach level 60 in shadowlands and you choose your covenant following that mandatory tutorial, intro quest line that we discussed a bunch in the past videos. One of those quests are going to lead you to the most zone, helping out the venary character there and subsequently, unlocking the torgas tower feature content that we discussed again in the past video in one of your tour guest adventures in one of your very first runs In targast, you’re gon na find the key a drop from the first ever boss. You kill an item to begin a quest. This key will lead you to a small chaining quest back to vanari and in around the maw, eventually leading you back into targast and find this secret chamber not very secret. But you know what i mean basically, meaning follow the intro, quests and you’re gon na. Be fine after following a couple more quests without much spoilers, the rune carver will offer his services and you will have the craftable legendary system available to you through this pretty cool and simple interface, as you can see here. So how you’re gon na go about doing that? How you’re gon na create legendaries well first of all, you’re gon na need the recipe, or rather the roon carver memory of the specific legendary power you want to obtain, or rather craft. These will drop from a variety of sources, depending on what legendary power you are seeking. There are four legendary powers that are entirely class-based: four powers, which are spec specific, simply providing improvements to a specific ability that you may have like a single target ability or aoe ability, like say, extra damage and a chance of refunding runes on your obliterates.

As a frost decay or something a bit more exciting, such as an aoe throw glaive on havoc through an immolation or a buff that stacks, that also makes them hit much harder and actively changes. The way you play, many of these powers are actually things you had in the past, like legion, legendaries or artifact rates or old tier sets, or even glyphs, there’s yet another eight powers, which are simple, general powers that are giving some improvements to specific types of content. Like say in the mozzone or targast, improving your damage per target killed in those areas as an example or others which are akin to something like the legion legendaries. Improving your mobility or other general improvements like echo, of eonar, acting as a sort of support, legendary effect. Increasing the damage of a nearby teammate, you can check all the legendaries in the game in the adventure journal, but currently it doesn’t state where they actually come from where the memory comes from, so how you can get these well first, you need to have the rune Carver unlocked for them to drop, and second they seem to drop regardless of your current spec. So i guess that’s pretty good, and some of them are pretty straightforward. Like for an example, if a legendary is improving your ability to fight in the maw, the mall vendor will sell it costing stygia the most specific currency with a high rep requirement, but your class and spec based legendary powers. Well, it’s way too long of a list to state in the video, because many classes and specs have completely different sources from specific dungeon bosses to specific raid bosses, reputation, vendors or even world bosses.

So in the description you may find a link for all of them. One thing to note, however: they have 100 chance to drop. So it’s not something you’re gon na have to grind off just have to do the contents even lfr seems to drop it seemingly, for example, on the raid drops. So it’s super deterministic to get these recipes. These memories now, once you obtain the memory of the legendary power you want and you bring it back to the rune carver to add it to your library, essentially you’re, going to need a couple of materials to craft it. As you can see here in the roon carver ui, the first one you’re going to need to start the process is the base item. This is a wide quality item. Crafted by the many crafting professions. Legendary powers can actually be applied to any gear slot, except for trinkets. However, powers are predetermined, bound to a specific gear slot two or three like take super strain power from the decays can only be applied to necks or chests, but the general legendary powers, like the echo of unar, usually can be applied to three different slots so, depending On your class equipment type or if it’s rings or necks, you will either need to be that respective crafting profession to be able to craft it have a friend to craft it for you or simply buy it from the action house, pretty simple, the mats to craft It are not extremely rare or expensive, but they are not super cheap either. No matter the type of equipment you usually gon na need the entry level material like say, basic, silk, basic leather stuff like that and an enchanted version of the respective gathering profession like say, enchanted, silk for taylor or enchanted height for later working.

These are actually crafted by the enchanters by combining the entry level enchanting dust and, of course, the basic gathered material on top you’re gon na need arborial shards, which is similar to expulsom, but you can simply buy these from a profession vendor for 125 gold. Ultimately, each basic legendary item will always have a standard cost attached to them, no matter if you craft them or you buy them now, these white based items are what dictates the aesthetic look of your legendary as well. Legendaries actually have these amazing looking sets for each armor type. So, if anything, you might want to craft all of them to eventually obtain that’s transmog, it will take some time granted and the other thing that this crafted item dictates, which is far more important, is item level. At the start, the crafters will only be able to guess the rank 1 of this white item with a specific item level attached, however, the more of them, the crafter crafts, the higher the rank, is gon na, be he’s gon na level up that rank, and eventually It’S going to guess to rank 2 rank 3 and rank 4

And then a higher item level based item can be created for a higher item level. Legendary the materials will of course rise, and so will the cost. So keep that in mind at the start, it will be impossible to get the higher ranks so feel free to craft or buy yourself. The rank 1 and progressively over time get the other ones, as you can upgrade the legendary item and in turn, the item level. More on upgrading, in a minute and later in the expansion, you may simply buy the rank 2 or rank 3s right off. You know out of the ah right, but anyway the rank does not change the power itself of the legendary. Only the stats and the item level that it offers so after obtaining the base item you need, you may select the legendary power you want, which is tied with to the equipment slot you just picked, but after that you’re gon na need a couple more things like Missives crafted by the inscription profession. This is what will allow you to select what secondary stats you want. Your legendary to have, i know, super cool extra agency simply go buy them from the ah or craft them slot them at the roon carver interface, along with the base item and done after that. You’Re gon na need solash our big new currency to craft legendaries, and this is the most time consuming resource you’re gon na need – and this will be obtained from the two six floor – runs in targast on a weekly basis.

Think of it a bit like visions, but make sure to check out my video on torgast for a better in-depth explanation of how that works time. Stamps are all there for you. In short, this will be the mandatory weekly contents that you’re gon na need to do in target. There will be these two wings with six floors mini dungeons, essentially for you to run on a weekly basis with various layers. Difficulty levels basically again to go through and unlock it’s pretty quick about 20 to 30 minutes per run and, if completed, you’re gon na get slash as a reward higher the layer bigger the reward and it’s cumulative as a layer. Five or four will net you all. The previous layers so lash as well once unlocked anyway for your first time. You will have to go layer by layer which can be a bit more time consuming. That said, simply make sure to do that, content with the highest layer you can do and both wings available to get the highest amount of slash possible, so you’re going to need 1250 slash to craft the basic entry level. Legendary! It’S going to take you one. Two. Three weeks to get that, depending how far you can go on the layers into our cast as the layer 2 for an example grants you 220 slash, 440 total. If you do both wings.

So once you obtained enough slash and then all the previous steps, you may simply craft your legendary with a pretty cool cutscene and enjoy the power that it offers. What about upgrades then, while upgrading is fairly similar to how you craft a legendary still at the roon carver, you will be able to select the upgrade option and you only gon na need two things so lash and you can see there how much it costs for The various ranks both as upgrades or when crafting it from the start yeah can get quite steep you’re, also going to have to make a decision of. What’S legendary to upgrade, you might have. A legendary which is really great for raids is really great for a single target and you might have a legendary, which is really great for eoe, for mythic plus for an example right or for pvp, whatever it might be. So you’re gon na have to choose which one to upgrade, if you upgrade just one to the max over time or if you try to keep both of them balanced, that’s kind of up to you. It’S going to be quite time-consuming, though. It’S something that you’re going to progress over time and finally, and do not forget this you’re, also going to need the higher rank based item crafted by the crafters.

That white based item that we talked about to be able to upgrade it not just slash, okay and that’s it again. This won’t be something you will be able to do early on and now upgrading your legendaries will take a few weeks for crafters to get to the higher ranks and a few weeks more as well to get the necessary slash. But it’s a pretty simple system with a lot of agency and a little and a lot of meaning to professions as well. All of the professions are involved in this and expect as content patches rule out like say, new raids and stuff for the item level. To increase with further ranks and so you’re going to need to continuously farm more slash to continuously upgrade your legendary okay, so yeah guys do remember to check out my other guides like tour guests, so you probably know how to get slash and whatever else my soul Binds video my covenant, video and all of that, thank you all for watching we’re going to cover them all next, as our final video for channel lens and i’ll see you all next time,

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