How To Get Telesto Catalyst Solo Guide with a Warlock [Prestige Eater of Worlds]


You may want to use burst glide for the first part I am useing wings of sacred dawn but it is not needed, you can use dawnblade + dash instead. At this point you can use dawnblade + dash instead, this is the only point I use the wings If at any time past this point you trigger the next objective “escape the reactor” you will need to reset your progress and restart. Make your way on top of the object in the middle and find the purple light.

Note the cylinder object on the left and right, you will be going behind the one on the left. there is a ledge here After landing on the ledge you are turning right and looking/jumping up Try to stand here for a moment, balanced glide might be best to get to the next point. Careful here when jumping to the pole, if you think you are going to die dash into the water. Wait for super to build Dont do what I do here, make sure to jump off the box on the platform not the platform. You may need to wait for your super here, but it’s easy to get by without. You may need to wait for your super here, but it’s easy to get by without. Now if you were using wings you can switch back to your favorite armor. Now is a good time to invite your friends to share the chest with them, you can also promote someone to switch characters then come back quickly after getting the chest. You will need to collect all 7 rings before the chest spawns, uncollected rings will remain red while collected rings will turn white.

Jump off and you will respawn at the top, once all rings are collected the chest will spawn. thats all there is to it.

As found on YouTube