How to get the Blast Furnace Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 Black Armory


Hello guys welcome back. This is wrightwaygaming bringing you another destiny. 2 video Today we’re gon na be talking about how to get the black armory pulse rifle the blast furnace, so I’ll be taking you through each step on how to get it. It’S not too difficult. It’S quite fun to do as well, but the reason I’m gon na talk a bit more detail on this is because, well quite frankly, it is probably one of the best pulse rifles in the game.

So the role that you want to get on it, which is probably the most ideal role, is feeding frenzy rampage and them are the two perks you want to be looking out for really, because any other perks aren’t really necessary on this weapon with it being a Four burst pulse rifle, but yeah, it’s basically an absolute beast of a weapon. Now I don’t have any footage of me using it, as i dont have a god role yet, but it’s definitely by far the best pulse rifle out there, both for PvP and PvE. In my opinion, so without further ado, let’s get into it.

So what you want to do to get this pulse rifle is to pick up the powerful pulse rifle frame from Ada-1 this week. Then you want to do one well, you need to do two things. So the first one being get a weapon core from a saboteur on nessus in either the artifacts edge or the hollows. You don’t actually have to kill the Saboteur. You can just get it from the black armory loot boxes surrounding him once you’ve done that you will need to get 25 drops from fallen, pretty easy to get. I just went to the exodus black and killed a fallen runner since I was already on nessus and then that is the first part done. Okay, guys for the next two parts I’m going to cover this in one go one clip because well, quite frankly, there you can get them all done in the same place.

So you want to be doing is going to the lost sector directly north of the thieves landing spawn point, not the one next to the spiders tunnel, but the one directly north. It beems you up with a big shoot, because there you will find tons of scorn to kill for fun and part. Two and three requires you to kill, Scorn so part: two is basically killed, 75 scorn and gets 30 headshots with pulse rifles and then part three is to get 15. Multi kills with a pulse rifle, so you can literally just grind this lost sector. To the end. This done in quite literally about 10 minutes flat. Part four: is you guessed?

It guys get 20 radiant seeds from powerful or difficult enemies, depending on how you want to put it so again, as I always advise you can do one on the flashpoint planet and basically kill both the public event boss and that planetary boss, or you can just Go straight to the EDZ and grind out the winding cove public event or the top left hand, corner public event, cause they’re, usually always the Cabal excavation drill, which we all in all just spawns the Cabal boss, that you can kill quite easy again once you’ve done. That, as usual, you will get the blue drop, allowing you to go and visit Ada-1, which, when you visit her, she will then give you the next part of this quest, which is to simply complete the Izanami forge again.

This is one of the easiest forges that you can do, especially guys if you’ve got sleeper use that thing, because believe it or not the shot will ricochet from his shield and do even more damage. I think you can do between a third and a quarter. Damage per shot to the boss with a sleeper, so this thing makes it really easy so go out. There guys get your blast furnace and get your grind on, because you want to get in that god roll for this weapon. Believe me, this thing is a beast. Anyway, guys, I hope you found this video helpful, so if you did hit that like button and subscribe and I’ll catch, you next time see you, then Guardians

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