How To Get The CHAPERONE Exotic Shotgun Destiny 2


What’S up everybody welcome back to my channel today we are back in destiny 2 and in this video, I’m gon na be showing you how to get the exotic shotgun. The chaperone I’m gon na try to make this a very short and easy-to-follow guide, so you can get this weapon for yourself very quickly. So let’s just hop right into it. Now, to start the quest for the chaperone exotic shotgun, you will need to receive the first quest step called the Holliday family history.

This quest is completely random. It’S very hard to predict when you’re gon na get this, and I don’t think there’s any way of increasing your odds of getting this quest. Basically, you have a very small chance of getting it at the end of every crucible match you play. I don’t know if winning or losing affects the odds that you have. I have no clue. It took me a very long time to get this quest. I think I actually got this quest after I reset my valour for the first time in season 7. So it did take a pretty long time, so yeah go into crucible and play until you get this quest step now.

Once you get the holiday family history quest step, you will then need to go to the tower and talk to Amanda Holliday. She is in the hangar at the tower she’s not too hard to find, and she will start the quest line for you to get the chaperon first up. You’Re gon na need to get twenty shotgun kills and crucible. Getting twenty kills should be very simple. Now, once you complete that step, your next step will involve you getting arc void and solar damage kills. Two players in crucible, dying and crucible will set back your progress, so you want to try not to die.

That’S probably a very good tip don’t die now. What I did was, I picked one of the element types and I completed it, and then I moved on to the next one: don’t try to do three different element types at one time: that’s gon na be horrible. Switch your subclass to arc do all the arc. Then switch your subclass to void, finish void and then do the same with solar right now. The crucible activity is mayhem, so this is a great time to do this quest. You can hop in there and you can get your super over and over and over. Maybe like eight or nine times in one match which will really help you get this question done. When I did this quest for myself, I got a lot of kills with the hard light exotic Auto rifle.

This weapon is great for this quest step because you can change the element type whenever you want to so this weapon will actually do solar void and are so if you have that use that, for this quest step, it’s very simple, just get kills and try not To die again, I highly suggest to not mix up your element. Types stick to one finish it and move on to the next one. Once you hit a hundred percent with that element, you will not lose progress on it after you die after that quest step. You will then need to get 15 kills in gambit. I don’t know if gambit prime kills count. I didn’t try that out. I completed this step in one match. I really like to do the invading in gambit, so I invaded the other team and I killed four of them four times in one match, but if you don’t want to invade, you can kill the invader when they come to your map.

Again, it just depends on how you want to do it. If you want to get this quest step over and done with very quickly, I suggest invading and then once you get 15 kills and gambit. You can then return to Amanda Holliday and she will give you the chaperone. This was a very simple quest line to complete to get this gun and it’s a pretty cool, looking gun to be honest, anyways. I hope this has helped you and thank you for watching this video

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