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How to Use Prismatic Facet | Destiny 2 Warmind | Eververse | Prismatic Facet Guide


Hey what?s up everybody, this video will be showing you what to do with the Prismatic Facet in Destiny 2. This item is traded in at the Eververse in the Prismatic Matrix for a chance at a set of items which are refreshed each week. Upon trading in your Prismatic Facet it will be consumed, so make sure you at least like some of the potential items.

You will not receive any duplicates, so If you already own an item on the list, it will be checked off. If you don?t like any of the items for the week, no worries. You can hold up to three Prismatic Facets to be used when the Eververse is restocked. I did receive one of the items from a bright engram so these items in the Matrix are not removed from the Bright Engram item pool. Alright everybody that?s going to wrap up the video. Thanks for watching. Good luck and I will catch you all later..

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