How to use SENTINEL Titan, a Sentinel 101 guide on how to use the Barricade and Sentinel Super


Hi Guardians, the Sentinel is the new subclass for the Titan and in this video I will break down all the elements of the sentinel subclass that you should know. On the background you can see some gameplay of the sentinel with the infinite super glitch. In order to perform the glitch you will either need a pike or a sparrow . And when you have your super, activate it and at the same time jump on your pike, and switch weapons and if you have done it correctly you will now have infinite super. But now lets get into the abilities of the sentinel. Lets start with the jumps, this is pretty straight forward: High lift, gives you a higher jump Strafe lift, allows you to change direction quicker while you are in the air. And Catapult Lift gives you a strong initial burst of momentum. You will most likely switch between strafe and catapult lift, strafe lift is great for Pvp where you want to be mobile and strafe lift gives you that ability to change direction quicker which is useful for those high intensity moments where you need to switch quickly from one target to the other, and Catapult lift is great for Pve where you can move slightly faster throughout the map due to the strong initial burst in the lift.

There are three grenade options. First one up is the magnetic grenade which sticks to the enemies and explodes twice, this is great for the tougher enemies as the extra explosion can cause some potential extra damage. So great for single enemy damage not so much for lower level enemies as they will get killed anyways with only one explosion from the grenade, so you lose out on the potential damage from the second blast. But that is why we have the second option the Voidwall grenade, this is great for eliminating clumped up low level enemies. Upon detonation it will create a horizontal burning voidwall and any enemies that step in the void wall will be damaged. The last grenade is the suppressor grenade which will prevent enemies from using their abilities for a short time.

I mainly use the Voidwall grenade, not only does it have potential to deal with multiple enemies it has some great range on it as well, so you dont have to be precise with the placement of the grenade just throw it in the general direction and it will most likely hit the enemy. The third ability of the Sentinel is the Barricade. You have two options , the first one up is the towering barricade which creates a large barrier, and the second option is the rally barricade which is smaller but it allows you to hide and peek over it while aiming down sights, and while aiming from the barricade it will also instantly reload your weapon. The Rally barricade is great for PVE where you can create cover anywhere it is needed and it also has the added benefit of instantly reloading your gun for maximum dps.

The bigger barricade will be more usefull in PVP where you can block off certain areas as part of your engagement strategy or you can protect yourself from enemy fire when you are securing your power ammo. The super ability of the sentinel consist of two parts, if you hold L1 and R1 it will drop a Titan bubble around you. If you only tap your super button slightly it will go into the super roaming mode where you can walk around in your super and bash enemies with your shield. You have different attacks when you are in your roaming super. L1 will allow you to throw your shield towards your enemy, and a good throw will allow the shield to bounce off enemies and hit multiple targets. Hold L2 for a guard to shield yourself from any incoming attacks. And you will be dealing damage with R1 or R2 which deals a basic melee bash attack with the shield.

If you hit R1 or R2 three times it will do a combo attack ending with a Titan Dash attack. And you can combine all of this together by Guarding yourself until you are in melee range and then hit the combo and then guard yourself again for your next attack. Very usefull in PVE when you are surrounded by enemies and a lot of incoming fire. So that is all you need to about the Sentinel Titan Subclass. Go try it out for yourself.

I hope you learned something new today. Subscribe for more destiny content, and have a look at my recommended or latest video which you can find in the end screen. And as always I see you in the next video guardians!.

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