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Misfit GOD ROLL Review (The Furthest Reaching Rapid-Fire Auto Rifle) | Destiny 2 Season of Dawn


Ladies and gents, we are looking, I want to be farthest-reaching, auto rifles in the game misfit. So a few weeks ago we did a review on Valley Garden, which is also another 720 round per minute. Auto – and I mentioned that, zoom plays a huge role in extending the range here of these weapons, thus allowing them to compete in those mid ranges. Now misfit is one of the few auto rifles that actually come with scopes instead of barrel perks, thus allowing us to actually affect not only our range that, but simultaneously our zoom, that’s substantially increasing the amount of range we can compete with these auto rifles. Now, before we get in today’s video, we have a sponsorship.

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Now. Currently, right now for my new players clicking that link below will reward you 100,000 silver and a free champion. Death chanter so feel free to click that link below guys and again, all of these rewards will be present in your inbox. Now I’ve got a couple of rolls here in front of us today. The first row that you see game play off is a very similar role: dust on d1 site. This actually gives us a 6 they’re in range, as well as a 3 they’re in zoom. Also comes with high caliber rounds, quick-draw and rampage now damage fall-off for this weapon actually begins somewhere around 30 meters, which is not too shabby, especially for a 720 Auto. Now this roll is really good. For a number of reasons.

I throw on a rampage spec to allow me to hang on to those rampage stacks. Some pretty nice increases there and damage, but I want to outline two things on this Auto rifle that I found very interesting in simultaneously very beneficial up, quick-draw, normally a perk that you don’t really put on a weapon, but like sacred Providence, there is something about the Handling speed being increased substantially, so there were quick-draw that just about in every engagement you find some benefit from that like when you notice, when you slide around a corner. You know, there’s like a small delay there, where your weapon is ready right. Quick-Draw allows for that. Immediate readiness at all times, and it’s not just when you’re swapping weapons but simply just base handling speed when maneuvering around the mount.

This allow for my misfit to always be ready to participate in gunfights now. The other part that I found really beneficial is high caliber rounds now high count. I really think it gets a twisted man he’s a lot of people go. Oh hi Cal doesn’t do anything. I think flinch in general. It’S just really bonkers in this game. Flinch can actually help your enemy, kill you, yes, you shooting your enemy, can actually not the reticle off of your face and then, if you shoot them again, it can knock the reticle back onto your face again, which is why you see people multiple times still dome. You, even though you get the first few shots on them. This is actually because you are helping your enemy land, that reticle gift, and it’s due to light bullet. Magnetism aim assists multiple factors there that actually allows your opponent to still dome you for some reason.

High-Caliber rounds, even though visually it doesn’t seem like it flinches you all that much. I actually think it just serves one purpose, and that is actually just to keep the reticle from popping back onto your face when you flinch that opponent off of you again, there’s going to be a lot of testing, I’m sure fallout at some point will get a Video together about hi Cal as of right now, and though on this 720 round per minute Auto, I very much enjoyed it and move it on to our next role. This row is like my max range role.

It comes with the dust scope deep to sight. This is a very long zoom bar range scope, attacks on plus eleven range and plus six zoom. Now granted, it hurts are hidden in there at minus six, but it greatly tacks on the range there. It also comes with ricochet rounds snapshot and rampage now snapshot. Honestly, it’s not needed misfit in terms of that ad s, speed is already pretty quick, so that traits not necessary. I think the only reason why we wanted to see how this auto rifle did was simply to see how much it actually extends that range. It turns out pretty good bit at 34 meters, 34 meters for an auto rifle that has less range than the previous role. I just showed you and that’s simply because of that zoom on that scope to understand guys it’s a two-way street. When we talk about zoom. Yes, you extend the range of that weapon but, like I said in previous videos visually extending that zoom and extending that range lurches. You forward, when you aim down sights, does resulting in some close quarter, combat scenarios being somewhat visually chaotic and considering that the muzzle flash on this weapon is already chaotic, all on its own taggi, on that extra zoom, yes, offers its benefits. But to me, I think, there’s a middle ground and that’s actually that dusty one side that previous scope to me guys is the perfect middle ground. It gives you more range and more zoom without substantially lurching you forward and messing with you when you’re going in and out of dueling situations.

Yes, you could tack on all these other scopes that greatly boost that zoom, like that dusk up d2 or even like the devil scope d2, and if you can handle the weapon, then by all means, go right ahead. Me personally know the dust d1 was my favorite scope. Now, looking at the god rolls here or the different various roles that you get on this weapon, what would be considered the god roll first up? I did get to play with a Zen moment: rampage roll. Now the only downside about this roll there’s, nothing in that magazine column really helping it no high-caliber rounds and a ricochet rounds extended mag. It’S still very nice for PvE, though, but I would choose other options inside of PvE outside of Zen moment. Maybe some of my grave robber, quick-draw or even dynamics way reduction inside of PvP. Yes, that stability bump is extremely noticeable and I think it’s gon na be even more noticeable for controller users. The moment you make contact with your enemies zoom moment really levels. The gun, out again, this roll, would have been perfect for PvP had I had a different master work, maybe to a range or stability or even handling, as well as a magazine perk there to benefit us.

But if I was to choose the god roll, I would either go Zim moment, dynamics way or quick-draw. I know we see that light. Gigi right here has snapshot highlighted again to me guys, I don’t think it’s necessary. It does come at tap the trigger, which, I will say, is still very nice, especially if you’re using this auto rifle with, say a sniper. The problem in that scenario, though, is that now you’re, given a quick drop, which is like what I was using here, is using supremacy getting a sniper off on enemies and then immediately swapping to misfit. For that easy cleanup tab, the triggers still a very nice perk, but only look to see the benefits from it at the very initial pull. You’Ve got a lot of bullets.

You got a shoot out here guys. Yes, you reach that optimal time to kill of 0.83 seconds and nine crits and two bodies, so you’re gon na have to ask yourself: would you rather something help you on the front end of the gunfight or something to help you more on the tail in Zen Moment and dynamics way both of those will help you on the tail end and again, quick-draw is just one of those things. That’S just beneficial all around the board, depending on what you’re rocking it with especially a sniper. Now that final column, I, like rampage, rampage rampage, SPECT extremely nice, another burger line is moving target. Moving target combined, would say something like tap the trigger or Zim moment, or even something like dynamic, sway reduction. All of those things would be a great combination on a 720 rounds per minute, Auto what I did try.

I actually tried slide ways: I’ve got another misfit roll and I immediately threw it back in my vault. I try sly ways and, yes, it boosts that handling speed as well as that stability. Personally, I think sly ways is majorly inferior to slide shot. If this happened to be slide shot, I would 100 % recommend it. A slide. Shot boosts not just the stability but also the range. So to me guys, I just don’t think sly voice is the way to go, but rampage extremely nice high impact reserves is something that’s also highlighted. I would say if you’re going, the axiom war rig route and you’re staying unlike the bottom half of that magazine and have an axiom reload, your auto rifle for you for my PvE players. High impact reserves could definitely be something here.

You can utilize so guys. That is misfit, I’m a huge fan of 720’s and in terms of like the most consistent 720, I would say in the short range valley get in and still feather or probably steal your best options. But if you’re looking for an auto rifle to tangle up in those mid to long ranges, misfit is an incredible option and for my PvE players, that’s looking for an auto rifle that almost behaves similar to like recluse, but does art damage. This is a great option. Reload speed on this weapon is very solid, even in comparison to other auto rifles and remember this season. We have unflinching rifle perks as well as enhance rifle loaders, so there’s multiple perks out right now that are benefiting anyone, that’s using a rifle based weapon which greatly benefits misfit here. Well, fellas and ladies thank you all for coming and watching and as always, it’s nothing like button. Like your momma taught you right, [, Music, ],

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