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The New Fishing Event Can Save You Hours of Grinding: Destiny 2


Hey everyone emtash here and i wanted to talk about the fishing event going on the lunar realm because it actually might be a lot better than you think, especially if you haven’t done much of the fishing yet in game. In fact, the less you fished the more valuable this event is to the point where it can save you hours and days and potentially weeks of fishing, depending how interested you are in getting the catch and r5 in the catch. It is a very big time, commitment doing all of this farming and this fishing, while getting primo gems and some experience books, some artifact experience and mora. You can also get yourself the catch quite a bit faster. Now it’s going to take some time until we get further into the days, but each day has a different fish that you need to uh fish.

I was gon na, say farm but you’re not on a farm you’re in a fish. But the thing is: is the pools that you’re catching these? These all count towards your limit and your inventory, but also it is an almost unending supply. It’S about 50 fish are available in each pond, meaning that, instead of having to change the time of day or join other people’s world, you can just catch a bunch of these and even this basic fish right at the beginning. You need this to access all the different bait, that’s available in case you want to farm other fish and you’re gon na need to do that, because you’re gon na need a ton of the koi you’re gon na need a ton of the puffer fish and you Just won’t have enough bait to start out unless you can craft it so right.

There you’re gon na need a bunch of these perfect. You’Ve got 50 of them sitting there, but you also need 40 koi 20 of each color just to get the catch, and then you need, like 40 of each colored puffer fish to do all the refinement, and so that is a ton of world swapping or time Changing or both or simply waiting in game three days for your fish to respawn in order to get it, and so when it is up on these other days, you have a massive boost where you can just sit there pressing the trigger. You know throwing in your fishing line and catching a bunch of these fish back to back to back. Without any of that hassle and uh, i mean i think that that’s a it’s kind of a nice little treat you’re getting all these rewards while being able to focus farm what you need for the catch on the days that aren’t fish that you need. You can just do them in bare minimum, don’t worry about it, but on the on the other ones, you can save yourself days of fishing and uh.

You know, on top of that. Obviously we got a bunch of primo gems and this other stuff, but the other. The other thing is, you know this reads, this reads: identical to the other fishing uh rods that are available, and this doesn’t seem to have any stipulations on where you can use it. There’S a monstat leeway, there’s an enozuma fishing rod and you got ta farm a bunch of fish to get each of those, but this one it says the exact same thing: the ideal tension zone all that, but it’s a universal fishing rod. So this just power creeps all those other ones.

So if you got the other fishing rods, i’m very sorry that you put in that time and now this came out. But if you haven’t put any time you’re gon na get yourself a god. Roll fishing rod right from the start that if they ever bring this event back down the road you can benefit, and that is another thing i wanted to say they do bring events back so down the road. There probably will be another fishing event or multiple. This is a permanent feature in game and so mihoyo was most likely going to take it decently serious and make sure to put other fishing things in game, whether it’s a little challenge or another farmable weapon or something, and so getting this thing i don’t know if They’Ll bring the moon the moonstringer back, but this is going to be like a best in slot fishing rod for you down the road if you plan on playing this game long term.

I know you probably know some of this stuff, but it really is awesome that you can go to these spots and there’s so many of this fish available, because you do need to catch a lot of these and um. You know you do have to you know, put in some time and effort even just to get your bait and get some of the basic upgrades early on. You can literally just avoid all that if you pick up fishing today and do this event, you can go to this pond, get everything you need. I i think you need three for each type of bait and then you need a couple more for some other things, but just getting the bait you’re saving it, and i got seven of these within the time limit. I almost got everything i needed the first time.

I did it in like two minutes, so i’m a big fan of this overall and as soon as the koi and puffer puffer fish are available. You should just spam them out and uh and make sure you get the catch because it truly is a remarkable weapon. So i know fishing isn’t the most fun thing ever, but at least you can take advantage of this and honestly, i kind of wish i would have known this uh before i farmed out the catch myself. I think this would have been you know more efficient, but hey i got it done. I don’t have to worry about it too much.

I could just kind of peter my way through this and get some free primo gems. Now, if you are a whale and you don’t need the catch, i mean you can always skip it, but i do think that it is pretty damn good on a ton of characters and potentially future characters. If you are free to play, i’m not saying that it’s a priority, but it’s kind of a priority. It is that good and uh. I think that you there’s very limited situations where you probably have a better weapon.

I don’t care if you’ve got a fuvonius lance with a bunch of refinements or dragon’s bane the catch. Is that good? That’S all i’m gon na say thank you so much for watching this, but i have one other very important thing i want to say, and i i got ta thank you, so you might be looking at these views. Almost a million views in the last 48 hours. You would think that this is the main channel.

This is the clips channel that i just started. You guys are making this channel go viral, pretty much everything i post has been getting insane views and i just wanted to say thank you so much. I still am doing a giveaway for belle. I haven’t picked a winner, yet i know i should have done it a few days ago, but i’ve been very busy. Just getting the channel running, i’ve been doing some stuff.

I’Ve been filming some sponsored stuff with my brother. Actually, we we’re doing kind of a funny collab together and uh. My son just started school and hockey and it’s just i’ve been busy. I’Ve been really busy. Also, i am working on my deck because i’m getting a hot tub and i got to get that finished.

So i just i haven’t had time to do anything other than the bare minimum. I haven’t even posted a video on the main channel in a couple of days, but i just wanted to say thank you so much. This is honestly amazing, and the support you guys have shown is truly incredible. We’Re already monetized on the channel. We have 20 000 subs already uh, which i think is pretty damn cool some of these videos.

150. 164. 000. So you know you guys are badass. Thank you so much for subbing to the mtash clips channel and if you haven’t already make sure you do because some of these clips are are popping they’re, funny, they’re cool and maybe you’ll even learn something, but that’s pretty much it that’s all.

I really wanted to say i just wanted to say thank you and tomorrow um we’re go. I got something a little different in the morning i have an hour and a half long reaction to the archon quest. My editor edited it all together. I know that it’s very long, but i was thinking of doing a premiere tomorrow morning, so it’s going to be at about 6 a.m.

7 a.m, mst, which is around like 8 a.m. Uh 9. 00 a.

. Eastern time now i have a very large audience in the philippines, india all around europe. Thank you guys for one for watching me uh, but i know that when it’s 6 a
M for me, it’s much later in the day for you, so hopefully you guys can watch it. It says that a large portion of my audience is online around that 6 a.m.

Time for me, if you don’t see the premiere and you don’t see it live, it will still be a regular video, but it is just a long reaction to the quest all of the best moments all of the bs cut out for the most part, and so It is a longer video, but i think there’s some really funny moments in there and some good reactions, and i think it will be a pretty entertaining thing. I think i’m gon na call it like gentian impact. The movie are conquest, uh finale. I don’t know i don’t know what i’ll call it we’ll figure it out, but uh stay tuned for that tomorrow. Thanks again have a good day and i’ll see you soon.


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